Monday, 7 January 2013

San Marino: Artist to be announced 31st January!

Who will represent San Marino? It seems we will know by the end of the month! According to Il Giornale their entry will be released in a press conference! SMTV are in talks with four acts and two are "internationally acclaimed" Exiting!

A few days ago Lys Assia announced she wouldn't represent the country, so we know it won't be her! Whatever happens I wish Madam Assia and San Marino the best of luck! Who would you like to see fly the San Marinesse flag in Malmo?

Personally I would love to see San Marino represented by Giusy Ferreri but I doubt that will ever happen... Still, we can dream! Their goal is to make the final, I hope they can do it!

Update - A press conference will be held on 30th January!

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