Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Belgium: Eurosong details announced, final on 16th March!

It's been announced that Belgium will pick their entry on 16th March. After Roberto Bellarosa came 12th in Malmo, the Belgians are really taking the contest seriously once again!

There will be casting shows, semi finals, a second chance round and the grand finale. The new selection will start on 2nd February, an will run through into mid-March. Belgium's selection is going to be in two stages - firstly by selecting the singers, then matching these singers with songs (a special jury will choose the best songs). These are the dates when Eurosong will take place:

2nd Febuary - Casting show #1
9th Febuary - Casting show #2
16th February - Second chance
23rd February - Semifinal #1
2nd March - Semifinal #2
9th March - Semifinal #3
16th March - FINAL!

I've got a weird feeling Belgium may do very well in 2014... ;)

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