Thursday 31 October 2013

Ireland: National final set for 28th February!

The Irish broadcaster, RTE, have confirmed that they'll hold a national final to select their next Eurovision representative. The date has also been confirmed too - it's 28th February. 5 acts will participate.

Billy McGuinness, Hazel Kaneswaran, Cormac Battle, Valerie Roe and Mark Murphy have been announced as the mentors. Each act will be mentored - like previous years. We'll find out who will enter the Irish selection at the end of the year. Ryan Dolan came last in Malmo, which was totally undeserved

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Switzerland: RSI ditches regional final!

 It's been announced that the Swiss Italian broadcaster will select their acts internally. There was going to a regional final although this idea has been scrapped. RSI have received around twenty entries and a jury will select the best three.

The lucky acts will be announced on 13th November. These acts will have to then sing in front of an expert jury, which will take place at the end of the month! In total, there will be 18 acts which will face the "expert check" with three acts from SRF, two acts from RTS and only one act  from RSI making the grand finale - that makes six acts in total.

Meanwhile, the Swiss French broadcaster will announce their acts on 18th November.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Switzerland: Recap on what's been submitted - PART 3!

Let's look into some of the entries which have been sent into La Suisse!
  • Daria Kinzer wants to return to Eurovision - yep, the 2011 Croatian representative aims to fly the Swiss flag with Somebody Like You. It's a typical ESC song but it's not cheesy, well I don't think it's cheesy, I really like it. A strong mid-tempo ballad which should make the final with any luck. Bravo Daria!
  • A lovely lady called Rebecca enters Let's try again. Great song! It's written by Rafael De Alba (the guy who wrote The Point Of No Return by Melissa, who came 4th in Switzerland last year).  
  • In 2010, Diva Fever were contestants on The X Factor UK, however they were knocked out early and nothing was heard from them after that... until now! The duo have entered Dancefloor Lover
  • Max And The Ducks feat. Anna-Kaisa are trying their luck once again with Misery. The song has charm, but it won't get anywhere. 
  • Annet Artani, the 2006 Cypriot representative, enters You Got What I Need. Nice track although we've heard it 100 times before. Will this get anywhere? Maybe...
Part 4 will continue sometime this week...

Copenhagen 2014: DR announce stage plans!

The Danish broadcaster has announced what they're planning for next years contest! One idea they have is an "island stage" which will be located in the centre of the arena. But is this going to work? Time will tell!

Claus Zier will design the stage, and has big plans for Eurovision 2014 - he wants to create something which has never been done (or seen) before. He's designed DMGP stages before as well as X Factor stages in Denmark. This is what he said:
"The stage has to be strong enough visually that no one is in any doubt that it is the same show, even though each country has a different expression. We have a fantastic anoubnt of height that we want to take advantage of, and we want to make magic in this space. We're going to do this!
They want to keep some rustic charms the arena has too - which will be wonderful. Next years contest will be among the be very best. That's DR's plan anyway. ^^

Monday 28 October 2013

Switzerland: Around 150 songs sent into SRF!

Wow, this is impressive! SRF has revived around 150 entries and if you want, you can watch them all here.There's some familiar names too - including Daria Kinzer (Croatia 2011) and Annet Arteni (Cyprus 2006). I'll review the songs more in a few days when I've listened to them more - so part three of my little series will continue then.

It's worth mentioning that voting will open 4th November... Switzerland's other two broadcasters, RTS and RSI, will choose their songs more internally. 18 participants will battle it out in-front of a jury, and then the best 6 will make the live final. SRF has received songs from the UK, Netherlands, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Finland, France, Poland... and more too probably which I'm yet to discover. Unfortunately Lys Assia won't enter this year, as she couldn't find the "right song".

Sunday 27 October 2013

NuVidz: Cezar, Andrea Begley, Alexander Rybak, Laura Mvula!

Cezar's performance was one of the most memorable in Malmo, and now he returns with a new track - entitled Painful Love. I like it. It also has a slight oriental feeling about it... shame about the high pitched sections though. The Voice 2013 winner, Andrea Begley, is Dancing In The Dark - a beautiful song. She's great and I plan to buy her album when it becomes available. Alexander Rybak's new track is called 5 To 7 Years and it's a pretty decent song. The incredible Laura Mvula performed Sing To The Moon on "The Johnathan Ross Show" last night and that's how I discovered this fantastic artist... She's just wonderful! <3 I could listen to her all day! 

Saturday 26 October 2013

Switzerland: Recap on what's been submitted - PART 2!

Let's look at what else has been submitted into Switzerland!
  • Patric Scott is no stranger to the Swiss selection, and this year he returns with Alive. A really modern track which could do really well with a good performance. I think this one will go far...
  • Another song I like is Another Day Alone - sung by the lovely Tanita. I don't think this will progress any further in the competition but I still like it very much.
  • Crystal Ball enter External Flame. I love it so much - I really hope it does well. Such an AMAZING song! <3
  • C'est fini is a funky French song - it's sung by Sand Lato. I've got a feeling this will make the national final and that wouldn't be a bad thing either.
  • Finally, I have to share this. Iris Moné, Gisel de Marco and Ricardo Sanz aka 3 For All (they were finalists on The Voice Switzerland) have released Together Forever. This has a really cool summer vibe about it... My gusta! 
Part three will come within the next couple of days! ^^

Friday 25 October 2013

Copenhagen 2014: Official participants list to be released in January!

It's been announced that the official list of participants for 2014 be will known in early January. There's still time for Cyprus to change their mind then! :D

...and there's also time for Bosnia, Poland and Portugal to decide what they want to do. Meanwhile, what''s happening in Greece? Good question! The EBU is doing all the can to get them on-board for ESC 2014. However a Greek newspaper reports there's a 99% chance of withdrawal. Mainly due to the economic crisis and that NERIT, a new national broadcaster, won't be fully ready to apply for EBU membership hence unable to participate in Eurovision. This could go either way.

I also wonder what Slovenia will do - as they were close to withdrawing last year and they did come last in their semi. Hmmm... It's just a waiting game now to see what happens!

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Ukraine: National final to take place on 21st December!

NTU, the Ukrainian broadcaster, have confirmed Ukraine will select on 21st December. Therefore the Ukrainians will be the first to hold their national final. Albania will choose their representative the following day...

Submissions have opened today and will close on 6th December. A casting will take place on 7th December where a jury will review all applicants and whittle it down to 20 participants - they will be the lucky ones to make the final! Ukraine rarely disappoint me and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer this year.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Latvia: National final moved to 22nd February!

The Latvian broadcaster have decided to change the dates of their selection - with the grand final taking place on 22nd February, while they'll be two semi finals on 1st and 2nd February. The final was originally going to be held on 1st February, with the semis being held a couple of weeks beforehand...

Sergejs Nesterovs, from LTV, states:
"The change of the dates will the Latvian audience an opportunity to enjoy and receive a better broadcast of their  Eurovision national selection, hence giving the broadcaster the chance more time to prepare and organize a better show, which will require great technical work. Latvia is geared up for many changes next year. On the 1st of January 2014  Latvians will have a brand new currency the Euro, which is followed by the grand event in our capital, Riga"
The deadline for interested artists/composers is 20th November.

Switzerland: Recap on what's been submitted - PART 1!

SRF opened submissions a few weeks ago so I thought it's time to look into what has been sent in. Anyone can enter and therefore many international artists have submitted offerings hoping to fly the Swiss flag. This is the first part - and the songs here are only songs that have been sent into SFR, not the other two broadcasters. There are some pretty decent songs. Some pretty crap ones too though...
  • Firstly, I have to share this. Männerchor Steili Kressä entered a song about IKEA last year and they return with Coupe Danmark. They're dressed up as vikings. It's quite a catchy little tune - well the flute sections are catchy.
  • Ilary also enters the Swiss selection for the second year in a row. Her song is great. Could April Il Tuo Cuore make Kreuzlingen? This blogger would be delighted if she did... 
  • Michael James enters a catchy dance song entitled It's Not Impossible! He wrote a few NF songs last year including "I Need A Hero". I wish him the best of luck. 
  • Jerome Mevis will try and fly the Swiss flag with All We Can Do. A beautiful acoustic ballad - one of my favourites in this years Swiss selection, so far... 
  • Gosia, from Poland, is trying her luck with I'm not afraid - it's clocked almost 100,000 views on YouTube. Pretty impressive, huh!
Part 2 will come in a few days... ;) 

Monday 21 October 2013

NuVidz: Celine Dion, Nathalie, Witloof Bay, Sinplus!

The Canadian star, Celine Dion, releases a new uptempo number entitled Somebody Loves Somebody. This isn't her usual style but she still does an awesome job. Meanwhile in Italy, Nathaie is back on the music scene with an enchanting song - Anima di vento. The video-clip is so weird but I do like it very much. She was one of the favourites to represent Italy in 2011 although the special jury at Sanremo didn't pick her. You'll ever love or hate this next one - Witloof Bay release Elle S'en Va. I think it's great and the 2011 Belgian representatives will release a new album too. I might pop over to Belgium just to buy it ;) Sinplus release Phoenix from the Ashes and their new album will come out in January!

Saturday 19 October 2013

Switzerland: Lys Assia won't enter the Swiss selection!

Lys Assia has announced through her Facebook page that she won't be entering the Swiss selection for 2014. This is because she hasn't found the right song for it. Fair enough I guess but I would've loved to have seen Lys on the Eurovision stage once again!

She tried to represent Switzerland in 2012 with C'était ma vie - a sweet nostalgic ballad. Then things went a little crazy the following year! She teamed up with a rap group and Siegel once again and they came up with All in your head. It didn't even make the live final and thankfully so. It was terrible - I'm sorry Lys :'(

So, what's been sent into the Swiss selection so far? Many bad and boring songs although I do like this one from Ilary. I bet we will start being some great songs soon though as the deadline is fast approaching.

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Belarus: National final set for early January!

Submissions have now opened in Belarus as BTRC, the Belorussian broadcaster, has announced this through their official website. There will be a national final which is set for January.

About 10 to 15 acts will compete and the winner will represent Belarus in Copenhagen! That's if they don't change their minds and send another song - this is Belarus guys so who knows?! LOL! All interested artists and composers must apply before 24th November.

Sunday 13 October 2013

Hungary: "A Dal" to select entrant for Copenhagen!

Hungarian broadcaster, MTV, have announced that they will hold a national final to select their representative for next year. The rules for "A Dal" have also been released...

Take a look here on to see these rules and how to apply. I wonder if the interest will be higher this year due to ByeAlex achieving 10th place in Malmo... not that he deserved that! Yes, it was a pretty nice song but it should not have ended that high on the night. The deadline for interested artists to apply is 1st December. There will be semi finals again like last year, with a national final set for early March.

NuVidz: Valentina Monetta, Samira Said, Kaisa Vala, Alyona Lanskaya!

It's all about the ladies this week! While we wait for her 2014 song, Valentina Monetta releases a jazzy tune entitled  L'amore verrà. I love it, everyone loves it, so with any luck Valentina will be singing a jazz song in Copenhagen. Meanwhile the only Moroccan entrant to grace the Eurovision stage releases the much anticipated Mazal! Samira Said never fails to amaze me. I love her! Caught in Translation is the new track from Kaisa Vala. It's actually quite fabulous! ...and last but not least we have Alyona Lanskaya! She presents You're The Lucky One and it's a pretty decent song. She also released a Russian version entitled Сказка о любви. I much prefer the Russian version and I wish we heard Russian more in Eurovision. One of my favourite languages!!!

Friday 11 October 2013

Estonia: Birgit Oigemeel gives birth to a baby boy!

The Estonian singer, Birgit Oigemeel, has given birth to a baby boy!!! This blogger sends massive congratulations to Birgit and her partner Indrek Sarrap. Birgit posted this onto her Facebook account...
My dearest friends and fans! I’ll take a little break from singing and I’ll be back for you in December. This year was really exciting and eventful and I want to thank you all for sharing this special time with me! See you soon :) Birgit

Wednesday 9 October 2013

San Marino: Valentina will release a new album in January, it'll contain her ESC entry! reports that Valentina Monetta will release a new album in January. It will contain her Eurovision entry for the 2014 contest, too!

This new album will feature a total of 12 new songs, some written by Ralph Siegel, and some written by Valentina herself. Valentina and Ralph are currently working on songs for the album - and one song will be the 5th Sanmarinesse entry! No dates have been released although we know we'll hear it in January. I hope her Eurovision song will be jazzy and catchy... and in Italian!

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Lithuania: National final on 8th February, several shows beforehand!

A few days ago it was announced that Lithuania select their entry for 2014 through a large scale national final. The fun will commence on 14th December - as that's when there will be a special Jubilee concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lithuania's participation!

The producers will choose what song each artist performs - this is what Moldova did thus year, and it was quite controversial. Anyone interested in flying the Lithuanian flag has until 15th November.

NuVidz: Veca Janicsák, Rod Stewart, Ilse DeLange, Roberto Bellarosa!

Veca Janicsák was my favourite in the Hungarian selection this year with "Új Generáció" and she's now released New Generation - the English version of it. Fantastic song!!! It's about 100 times better than the rubbish they actually sent. I've also discovered Rod Stewart's new album this week and my favourite song from it is It's Over. Really sweet song indeed. Anouk's rival, Ilse DeLange, has a new track out entitled  Blue Bittersweet - I like it. Roberto Bellarosa is also back on the scene with Suivre mon étoile. It's been quite a busy week!

Monday 7 October 2013

Cyprus: Another broadcaster is willing to help!

There's still hope in Cyprus, y'all! A commercial broadcaster, SIGMA TV, have said that they are willing to work together with CyBE to ensure the Cyprus sends an entry to Copenhagen. Eeeek!

It's still early days but this does look very promising. Mr Dimitris Tsokaris, the Deputy Chief of SIGMA TV, said:
“We are willing to produce the national selection and the necessary expenses for the song and the artist like MAD TV did for Greece last year… it’s never too late for CyBC to change their minds, there’s still time.”
Indeed there's still time. We should also find out what Slovenia are doing within the next few weeks.

Austria: Internal selection for Conchita Wurst!

Conchita Wurst's song for next years Eurovision will be chosen internally. The controversial Austrian singer will present her song in February - and thus there be no national final to select the song. So the Austrian public will have no say in their 2014 representation.

Maybe it can work although she'll just be seen as a joke act regardless of the song. She does have a fantastic voice, judging from YouTube videos. Take a look at this! Austria haven't made the finals since 2011 and I doubt that will change next year.

Albania: Festivali i Këngës dates revealed!

It's been announced that Albania will hold their annual Festivali i Këngës on 20th, 21st and 22nd December. Therefore my friends, we will now the Albanian entry on 22nd December. Its looking likely that Albania will be the first to select their entry this year - after Switzerland are moving their final to February.

Adrian Lulgjurak and Bledar Sejko flew in Albanian flag in Malmo although failed to reach the final. It was a shame. A nice song which was brilliantly performed!

Saturday 5 October 2013

FYR Macedonia: Tijana's song to be presented 15th January!

It's been announced that the Macedonian entry will be revealed on January 15th. Another date to put on the calender! ^^

Tijana hasn't given any information away regarding the song or the authors yet so there's not much else to say about that. A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Tamara (who flew the Macedonian flag in Belgrade) will join her sister on stage although she'll just be a backing singer.

Thursday 3 October 2013

Cyprus: Withdrawal from Eurovision 2014 confirmed!

The Cypriot broadcaster, RIK, have confirmed that they won't be taking part next year due to financial problems. I posted that Cyprus might withdraw yesterday and unfortunately it's turned out to be true...

So with Croatia withdrawing, and no returnees yet, is there really going to be any need for two semi finals? I pray to god the EBU do something quick... soon there's going to be hardly anyone left. A statement was released earlier:
RIK announced the decision of the managment board to abstain from the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The board was led to this decision, after taking into account public opinion on the economic crisis. (The institute) took into consideration further cuts to RIK's budget for 2014, and the need for drastic cuts to spending for the programmes.
Could this be the nail in the coffin for Greece's participation? I doubt they'll be in Copenhagen either. It's worth mentioning that Lithuania have confirmed so all is not bad. ^^

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Cyprus: Withdrawal on the cards?

Indications are showing that Cyprus may be forced to leave the contest next year, due to financial problems, and a decision will be made in the coming weeks. Croatia has already withdrawn thanks to financial strains - and it's very likely Cyprus will follow them.

Greece are also going through hard times too, and could withdraw. They only participated this year because they found a sponsor to fund everything. I think they'll be less than 39 participants next year... Plus it doesn't help that Cyprus failed to qualify in Malmo.

Belgium: Eurosong details announced, final on 16th March!

It's been announced that Belgium will pick their entry on 16th March. After Roberto Bellarosa came 12th in Malmo, the Belgians are really taking the contest seriously once again!

There will be casting shows, semi finals, a second chance round and the grand finale. The new selection will start on 2nd February, an will run through into mid-March. Belgium's selection is going to be in two stages - firstly by selecting the singers, then matching these singers with songs (a special jury will choose the best songs). These are the dates when Eurosong will take place:

2nd Febuary - Casting show #1
9th Febuary - Casting show #2
16th February - Second chance
23rd February - Semifinal #1
2nd March - Semifinal #2
9th March - Semifinal #3
16th March - FINAL!

I've got a weird feeling Belgium may do very well in 2014... ;)

Tuesday 1 October 2013

UK: Participation confirmed for 2014!

Yipee!!! I'm so happy! The BBC have confirmed that they will be sending an entry to Copenhagen next year. I'm relieved as there have been a few rumours circulating saying that the UK would withdraw... thankfully that's turned out the be nonsense!

How will the British entry be selected? Internal selection is likely although this hasn't been confirmed. Ruth Lorenzo has already said she'd love to represent the UK in Eurovision. Apparently even TVE (Spanish broadcaster) asked her a few years ago although she felt she wasn't ready at the time and hence declined the offer. Maybe now she is..... ;)

Bonnie Tyler came 19th in Malmo - awesome performance, stunning voice, average song. Hopefully we'll send an awesome act next year <3

NuVidz: Krista Siegfrids, James Arthur, Within Temptation, Shany Zamir!

The 2013 Finnish representative returns with Can You See Me? - a beautiful ballad dedicated to her father who died when she was 15. A sweet song and a stunning video-clip and she's already doing well in the Finnish iTunes charts. James Arthur releases You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You. He won The X Factor in 2012 - a slightly weird track although I do enjoy it. He's got a really unique voice... Tarja joins forces with Within Temptation and they release Paradise. Fantastic song... they're releasing a new CD in January. The adorable Shany Zamir covers Caruso - one of the greatest covers I've heard of that song. Israel really missed out when they didn't select her for Malmo.
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