Wednesday 31 July 2013

Spain: Chenoa would go to Eurovision - if she can select the song!

Every year Eurovision-Spain asks their readers who they would like to see represent Spain the following year, and Chenoa's name always comes up! This blogger thinks that she would be a great choice for Spain... and Chenoa would love to represent Spain but on one condition, she would select her song alone.

This means that TVE would go 100% internal - in recent years they've selected the singer internally then held a mini national final to choose the song. Chenoa informed:
In public polls I’ve been chosen almost every year, which I’m flattered by. Would I like to do Eurovision? Of course yes, provided they let me chose the song
If TVE have any sense, they'll bite her hand off! Watch her here live with Sergio Dalma...

Austria: Internal selection for 2014?

Sources in Austria are reporting that an internal selection may be used next year. This would be a good idea I think - it will save costs and ensure (hopefully) that they send a decent representative to Denmark.

Back in February the Austrians selected Natália Kelly but she only managed a disappointing 14th in her semi final hence failing to qualify. I did have her as a qualifier but the performance was kinda boring so I wasn't surprised it bombed... although her vocals were great. Austria returned (after a three year break) in 2011 with Nadine Beiler and came 18th in the final - then Trackshittaz came last, and deservedly so in Baku! Maybe an internal selection is what Austria needs now. It's worth mentioning that Austria picked internally in the "old days".

So who would be a good choice next year? I think Yela! She was runner-up in the selection this year, and would defiantly appeal to juries...

This news has not been confirmed by OFR.

Sunday 28 July 2013

Wishlist #3: Electric Fence!

There are several artists throughout Europe which I adore but have never participated in ESC - so I've decided to share my thoughts on them with you all. I'll be doing this throughout the summer and I hope you all enjoy reading these posts. Let's go...

Next up in the series is Electric Fence - a fantastic Romanian group. They've participated in the Romanian selection twice now, in 2012 and 2013, and came runner up on both occasions. The sound this group creates is really something quite special, I can't really put my finger on what genre it is - that's the beauty of it. So, why do I think they'd be a good choice for Romania at Eurovision? Hmmm.... Because they are awesome. The group consists of Elena Vasile, David Ciente, Dan Andrei Alexandru, Tudor Rotarus and Alex Misu!

Many won't know this but they tried to represent Romania in 2010, with a song entitled I'm The Biggest Star - it can't be found on YouTube however you can listen to it here, and even download if you wish. Last year, they participated with Sun-ta and came 2nd. A crazy song in every right. I really do hope they plan on participating next year. Elena, the lead vocalist, has a rather distinctive yet powerful voice. Romania sent a pretty awful song this year but hopefully they're be on track next year. Check out their official website here. Or like them on Facebook! They're pretty popular in Romania and hold regular concerts all over he country.

Enjoy Emilia...

Saturday 27 July 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina: BHRT intend on returning for 2014!

Here is some good news! It's very likely that Bosnia and Herzegovina will return next year - they withdrew last year thanks to financial difficulties....

Nothing is confirmed yet, but we should get a final decision within the next few months. The Bosnia's have sent some fantastic entries throughout the years, hence they've qualified every year. I reckon they'll be back - now we have to await official confirmation from Poland and Turkey, both of which intend on returning. I was really sad when Bosnia withdrew last year, it was a big shock indeed although I understand the decision behind it...

Bosnia has never won the contest, although they did come close a few times.

Friday 26 July 2013

Summer Nights...

This is rather off-topic but I felt like sharing this fantastic photo I took recently. I wish everyone a good weekend... <3

I plan on continuing my Wishlist series this weekend with a Romanian artist!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Germany: Jennifer Braun is interested again!

After coming runner-up in the German NF in 2010, she's announced that she wants to represent Germany next year.

I remember listening I Care For You and I loved it instantly, god that seems a long time ago - it even reached #10 in the German charts and #68 in the Austrian charts. It would've been a great representation. Braun's one of the candidates for next year - she's expressed her interest to the broadcaster already.

It's not official how Germany will select their entry - maybe they will go internal? Or if they do hold a national final again, will she be selected to participate? Her voice is very nice but I think she needs a strong song to stand out. Here's Jennifer in action...

Luxembourg: No return for 2014!

No surprises here. Luxembourg won't be returning next year blaming a low budget... Another year without The Grand Dutchy.

It was 20 years ago, Luxembourg withdrew and the micro-state hasn't returned since. A shame as they used to present some really decent entries - they've even won the contest five times. RTL stated that there is not enough money and that there's a lack of manpower. However the broadcaster didn't rule out a return in the future - that's something I guess.

Will they ever return? I'm not optimistic! *sighs*

Latvia: Participation likely for 2014!

It's not official at the moment although it is very likely that there will be a Latvian entry next year. The national broadcaster, LTV, have informed that they indent to participate.

Latvia isn't the most successful countries however they did win in 2002. Recently, they've sent some pretty awful songs (and thus have failed to make the final since 2008). Hopefully they will send something good - it's been a long since I've liked a Latvian entry! They did have a good national final though - however picked one of the worst songs in it!!! If Latvia does participate, I would recommend they ditch the NF's and pick internally. PeR's "effort" was one of the my least favourites this year. A shame...

Confirmation is due soon, I believe! :)

Sunday 21 July 2013

Wishlist #2: Emma Marrone!

There are several artists throughout Europe which I adore but have never participated in ESC - so I've decided to share my thoughts on them with you all. I'll be doing this throughout the summer and I hope you all enjoy reading these posts. Let's go...

This time I'll be taking a look at the fabulous Emma Marrone. She's participated in Sanremo a few times and even won it in 2012. I think she's one of the best Italians artist out there and it would be awesome if she did participate in Eurovision. Emma shot to fame in 1993 and has remained in the public eye ever since. The 29 year old has released about 12 singles, 2 albums and 1 EP - these have gained the singer 2 Multiplatinum's, 9 Platinum discs and 1 Gold discs. So why is Emma so popular? I guess it's because of her raspy yet powerful voice - you can identify Emma's voice instantly. And I love it!

Her most popular songs are Dimentico Tutto. Amami,  Cercavo Amore, Calore,  Sarò Libera, Io Son Per Te L'Amore and  Non è L'inferno! It was Non è l'inferno she won Sanremo 2012 with - and that song became a big hit in Italy. Apparently RAI asked her whether she would be interested in representing Italy, although she declined the offer - maybe she wasn't ready or maybe she doesn't care for ESC. After Marco Mengoni gave a decent Italian representation this year and regained Italy's faith in the contest, maybe she would be up for it. She's won loads of awards too including the TRL Awards 2012" and the "Kids Choice Awards". One of her most recent singles is a rock song entitled Chimera! That song would be perfect for ESC - and could land Italy a win after all these years.

Oh, I forget to mention her 2011 Sanremo effort with Arriverà - she have a powerful and emotional duet with Moda. Take a look here....

This blogger would love to see Emma represent Italy soon! <3

Saturday 20 July 2013

Iceland: Participation confirmed by RÚV!

Another day, another confirmation! Today we get news from Iceland - RÚV, the national broadcaster, have informed that they plan on sending an entry to Denmark next year.

How will the Icelandic representation be selected? It's not been announced but I guess they'll hold a national final - like every year. Eythor Ingi had the honour this year and came a very honourable 17th place this year. I enjoyed Iceland's entry and was shocked Birgitta Haukdal didn't win although I'm kinda pleased she didn't - the song just wasn't good enough.

I wish Iceland the best of luck next year! <3

Spain: Pastora Soler releases "Te despertaré"

The Spanish beauty, Pastora Soler has released a new single today entitled Te despertaré - which translates into English as I'll Wake. It's the first song to be released that will feature on her upcoming album.

Her album will be released in September and I intend to buy it as soon as it comes out. The album is called "Conóceme" - which means "Know Me". Soler wants more and more people to know about her and her music, hence the album being called "Know Me"...

Enjoy Te despertaré here!

Denmark 2014: Eurovision will take place on 6th, 8th and 10th May!

Earlier this week the EBU announced that next years contest will be held a week earlier than scheduled. Therefore the first semi final will be held on the 6th May, the second semi final on the 8th May and the grand final on the 10th May.

So... this means that rehearsals will start in April! I don't plan to attend ESC next year but I will be around, unlike this year where I had to jet of to Italy for a few days. This is what Jon Ola Sand had to say...
The Host Broadcaster DR explored all options, and came to the conclusion that they keep maximum flexibility in chosing a venue and host city by scheduling the Final for the 10th of May
The host city for next years contest will be announced in a few weeks. I'm hoping for Horsens!

Portugal: Decision to be taken in August/September!

It's looking very likely that Portugal will return next year - final confirmation is due within the next couple of months. RTP really want to make a return to Eurovision, although financial pressures may force the country to miss another year.

RPT wanted to send an entry to Malmo this year but due to major budget cuts, they withdrew. Will they come back? I do hope so! I was so disappointed they missed this years edition but I understand why they had to take the decision. One day Portugal will win, but they've gotta be in it to win it...

Let's look at their most recent attempt - and I wouldn't mind seeing her again actually...

Friday 19 July 2013

Malta: Participation confirmed for 2014 too!

It's been confirmed today that Malta will be present next year - as the national broadcaster, PBS, have announced they will hold the annual "Malta Song for Europe" to select their entry for the contest.

This is awesome! I love seeing Maltese entries - they rarely disappoint me and the selections are normally of a pretty high standard. Will we be heading to the Mediterranean island in 2015? Eurovision on the beach would be fabulous - the Maltese have promised ESC would be held outside if they was too win. More information regarding their selection will be announced towards the end of the year. Everyone know I wanna see Claudia Faniello - I even kicked off my "Wishlist" with her, that will continue soon with an Italian artist so stay tuned my friends! I also wouldn't mind seeing Chiara return... ^^

Georgia: Participation confirmed for 2014!

GPB, the Georgian broadcaster, have informed that they plan on sending an entry to Denmark next year! It hasn't been announced how their entry will be selected though...

I'd love to see someone like Katie Melua, although I know that's very unlikely. Georgia was represented by Sophie and Nodi this year, where they achieved 15th - which was a slight disappointing as many people thought Waterfall would fare much better. I normally love Georgian entries, apart from 2012. It's also been announced that Belarus are likely to compete however final confirmation is yet to come.

Thursday 18 July 2013

Switzerland: National final due to be held on 1st February!

I'm back from my holidays - the Canary Islands are lovely this time of year! So what's been happening? Well it's been confirmed that Switzerland will select their entry on 1st February, through a national final. Their selection will be given a revamp!

The German language broadcaster, SRF, will call for entries between 30th September and 28th October - anyone can enter this! Online voting will begin after this and a professional jury will also have a say. The best 9 will advance in the selection. The Italian language broadcaster, RSI, will pick 3 entries internally and the French language broadcaster, RTS, will choose 6 entries internally.

So we have 18 entries which have advanced but only six will make the grand final. These artists will have to perform in front of a professional jury and the best six songs will make the final on 1st February. Who would I like to see? I'd love to see Carrousell - they should have been the Swiss representatives this year, in my opinion...

Thursday 4 July 2013

Norway: NRK on the search for a decent 2014 representative!

There will be some changes to Melodi Grand Prix next year. It's been confirmed, by the broadcaster, that there will be no semi finals as they're going to concentrate all the efforts on the grand final!

Norway will be on the search for the "right song" to represent them in Denmark next year, as Vivi Stenberg will oversee the selection next year. She informed
"We will endeavour to tell more of a story around those who are participating so that the viewers can become much better acquainted with whoever is standing on stage and the individual entries. It is going to be very exciting but at the same time scary to make changes to something that has existed for over 50 years. We approach this task with reverence but that just makes it even more fun!"
So Norway is gonna send something new and exciting next year! Anyone interested can summit their efforts now - the deadline is 15th September! Maybe a traditional Norwegian song would be good?


Wednesday 3 July 2013

Russia: Listen to Serebro's new single!

The Russian ladies are back with a new song entitled Mi Mi Mi! It's incredibly catchy... It's kinda annoying but fun at the same time. I've been singing it to myself all day!

It's clocked a million views on YouTube so far - it was only released in last month. Serebro are having success in Italy and Spain, as well as Russia! What can I say about the music video? It's ridiculously insane. But if I have to be honest, I think that Mama Luba is much better. I loved that song last year - I even heard it when I was on holiday in Málaga.

Here's their new video-clip. I bet you will be humming this one to yourself all day long...

Spain: Are TVE going to select Diana Navarro?

It's July and there are already rumours about who may fly the Spanish flag in next years contest! A name which keeps appearing is Diana Navarro - one of the best vocalists in Spain!

She's been on the scene for about 10 years and has even announced her interest in representing Spain in Eurovision, if asked. Diana has a fantastic voice, and she's very beautiful too - in many ways, she's reminds me of Pastora Soler. This could be exactly what Spain needs to do, if they want to ensure another respectable placing after the disaster this year. ESDM only came 25th, out of 26, which was a massive disappointment for the group. Another thing which could ensure Diana's participation is that her record company is Warner Spain, this is where TVE have selected the previous two Spanish representatives as they both have an "annual deal".

Here's one of her most popular songs, what do y'all think?

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