Friday 28 June 2013

Bulgaria: Sofi Marinova releases her new single!

I've always had a soft spot for Sofi! Her new single is awesome, it was released earlier today and is entitled  Promyana V Plana - which translates to Change of Plan. 

Sofi represented Bulgaria in 2012, and almost qualified to the final but Norway's Tooji just squeezed through unfortunately leaving Sofi in the semis. I'd love to see her return to Eurovision - Bulgaria haven't been having much luck, they always seem to be underrated with whatever they send - I mean they really should have qualified this year!!! Anyway, Love Unlimited remains one of my favourite songs from last years edition.

Enjoy her latest track here...

Denmark 2014: Parken Stadium withdraws its bid!

This came as a shock! Parken Stadium has withdrawn it's bid to host Eurovision next year - this is due to logistical and statistical reasons. Copenhagen still has two other venues which want to host the contest so I'm guessing one of them will host the contest next year.

I'd love to see next years contest in a prison - could that happen? Maybe! Although I'm guessing some fans wouldn't be keen on it, the ones which are planning on going that is. The CEO of Copenhagen, Lars Bernhard Jørgensen, informed...
We are obviously sorry that Parken has decided to resign, but we are very hopeful compared to the two strong and unique venues, we still have on hand, namely DR Byen and B & W Building
Oh, and Fredericia withdrew too as it couldn't live up to the EBU's expectations. A shame but I'm not surprised with this. Y'all noticed I've changed the blogs name a few times and that I haven't been round much but this blog will continue. The road to Denmark 2014 is gonna be a good one! Thank you to everyone who follows this blog. :)

Thursday 20 June 2013

The Netherlands: Armin van Buuren to fly the Dutch flag?

Armin van Buuren, one of the most famous DJ's in the world, has expressed his interesting in representing The Netherlands next year! I didn't expect this.

Anouk came 9th in Malmo, which is the best Dutch result for many years, but will their success continue next year? If Armin van Buuren is selected then Holland will probably do even better - maybe even win? This is exactly what they need if they want to make the final once again next year. When has was contacted by the 3F producers, he informed...
“It depends a bit on whether I will be able to have a good singer on stage, because obviously I cannot sing. I can easily write songs but it would not be very pleasant for you to hear me sing. But if I have something, why not? It would be a dance record. If there is a good record and I get the green light, who knows.”
He'd be fantastic! I love this kinda music, something which we never really hear in the contest and when we do it's of a poor quality. Armin is probably the most famous DJ in the world so if he was to compete - maybe this would even benefit the contests credibility. It's all very exciting, innit? Here's a song he produced with Sharon den Adel - and it's clocked 135 million views on YouTube!

FYR Macedonia: Representative to be announced tonight?

Apparently Macedonian television will announce their 2014 representative tonight! Who's it gonna be? I would love to see Kaliopi return. Maybe this news is false but I somehow doubt that. I hear it's going to be an established female - so could it be Kaliopi?

UPDATE - It seems this was indeed just false rumours. We'll have to wait a little longer to discover who will fly the Macedonian flag...

Wednesday 19 June 2013

San Marino: Valentina Monetta will represent her country for the third time!

After failing to make the final in 2012 and 2013, she's gonna try again next year in a pursue to take her country into the grand final. Therefore we have our first entrant for the 2014 edition, the countdown now officially begins...

The news was confirmed earlier this afternoon as she has signed the deal with SMRTV... and she's bringing Ralph Siegel with her once again - he'll compose the entry she takes to Denmark! I don't know if this is a good thing or not but I guess we'll know next year, eh? He did a pretty good job this year. Fabrizzio Raggi will also return as Artistic Director. I'm pleased Valentina is gonna be back for a third year in a row - but shouldn't someone else have a go soon? It's been announced her entry will be something jazzy - finally that's what I've wanted, if it's true that is. Lys Assia wishes her all the best...
Wishing Miss Monetta and my friend mister Ralph Siegel all the best for 2014! I'm sure they will create an interesting sound again. Let's hope Mister Siegel has got two songs in the coming edition of our beloved Eurovision Song Contest
...two songs in the coming? Is she planning on returning? Hmm! Anyway here's her 2013 effort, which came 11th in her semi-final...

I'd love to see something like this from here in Denmark!

Ukraine: Anna Hodorovskaya sets her sights on Eurovision!

Ukraine has a thing for women with big voices, don't they? The country has sent female singers since 2008 and that may continue for another year to come if Anna Hodorovskaya has anything to do with it! Her dream is to represent Ukraine in ESC! 

She's just won the Ukrainian version of The Voice and has shot to fame overnight because of this - could she be a likely candidate to fly the Ukrainian flag? 

This is ironic - her mentor on The Voice was Oleksandr Ponomaryov, who was actually Ukraine's first representative in 2003. In an interview about her future dreams with, she told them...
"Eurovision: this is my dream"
NTU may go down the same route the Russian broadcaster did this year - after seeing Dina come 5th. Ukraine is one of the most successful countries in Eurovision and if Anna is sent to Denmark, I reckon they'd achieve another respectable result! She's awesome! Ukraine hasn't actually confirmed yet but that's expected in due course. 

Would she be a good choice for Ukraine? Jude for yourself here...

Denmark 2014: Where will the contest be held?

There are four cities in the race to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. It was five, until Aalborg withdrew last minute. So where is the contest going to be held?

Copenhagen looks the best bet - thanks to it's Parken Stadium which can seat up to 50,00, that's where the 2001 contest was held. I think it'll be Copenhagen but last year I was sure it was gonna be Stockholm, everyone did, and looked what happened... If not Copenhagen, then I reckon Herning stands a good chance. Herning's Boxen can hold up to 15,000 - it also hosted the Danish national final this year. And it did a grand job! Maybe Fredericia will play host? It's possible as there is a town next door which has a large number of hotels and transport links. I would love Horsens to host the 2014 contest though - Eurovision in a prison would be amazing. It would have a glass ceiling and prison blocks as commentary boxes. I love that idea - I just think it'll be so much fun!

We will find where it's gonna be in a few months. If I had to take an educated guess, I'd go with Copenhagen even though I'd like the prison!

Saturday 15 June 2013

Lithuania: Here's something for y'all!

See what I did there? I love a good old pun. The official video-clip of the Lithuanian entry has been released. There's something very intriguing about this song - I did it again haha, but the video-clip is kinda disappointing...

What's with the paint? I really don't get it. Anyway, why did they wait until after the contest to release it? Same with Denmark, I would have thought that they would've released something months ago but hey ho! I still love this song but I don't really know why - it doesn't really go anywhere (sorry Andrius) but there is something I quite adore about this entry.

Here it is! Can you see his shoes? ^^

Friday 14 June 2013

Montenegro: Sergej Ćetković already selected?

It's only June but there have already been reports in the Montenegrin press that RTCG have internally chosen Sergej Ćetković to represent their country in Denmark next year. He was offered the job last year apparently, but didn't have the time...

Judging by some of his work, he'd be a great choice for Montenegro. Some of his ballads are really fantastic, it's about time Montenegro sent something classy, in my opinion anways!

Sergej is one of the most popular singers in the Balkans and he's 37. RTCG haven't said anything about this - they haven't even confirmed their participation for next year yet... but I'm sure they'll be there! I see no reason why they would withdraw.

One of his finest songs...

Greece: ERT closed by the government - more than 2,000 people get fired!

The Greek broadcaster, ERT, has been closed by the government in an attempt to try and save money. ERT stopped broadcasting in Greece on Tuesday and as a result of the governments decision - about 2,500 people have been fired. informed...
Sources said that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has already taken the decision to pull the plug on the broadcaster in its current form
ERT is the only broadcaster in Greece which is a member of the EBU, this mean that there's a big chance Greece will withdraw from next years edition. But the broadcaster will be re-opened towards the end at the year but it's gonna be much smaller. Will Eurovision be important to them in these hard times? I doubt it. It's to save money - but could the EBU reduce their fees or something to keep them interested? Eurovision without Greece, Turkey and Portugal would be awful. The EBU stated this on the matter...
While we recognize the need to make budgetary savings, national broadcasters are more important than ever at times of national difficulty. This is not to say that ERT need be managed less efficiently than a private company. Naturally, all public funds must be spent with the greatest of care. 
Europe is with you Greece! <3

Denmark: Official video-clip of "Only Teardrops" released!

Only Teardrops, the song which won ESC for Denmark this year, has it's official video-clip now! I don't know why they didn't bother making one before the contest though...

Emmelie de Forest looks fantastic - but doesn't she always? It was filmed in a forest and on a beach. Most people see to be disappointed with the clip but I really like it - it does remind me of the Euphoria video-clip! Michael Sauer Christensen directed the music-video. I haven't been round much this week but not that much is going on and I've been really busy. But that's life, eh? Life's quite unpredictable at times.

I hope to see more from Emmelie in the future - I think she's awesome! Enjoy it here...

Friday 7 June 2013

Poland: Decision to be taken in October/November!

Magdalena Tul, Poland's most recent representative. 
Poland hasn't participated for two years now, after blaming financial reasons for their withdrawal - but will they return and send an entry to Denmark? We'll have to wait!

The EBU have promised to work hard on bringing non-active counties back into the contest - I hope they manage to persuade Poland to come back. I've loved most of their songs and I do miss them - but like their Central European neighbours, they're always underrated. I wouldn't like to guess, I thought they were set to return last year but I was wrong. Slovakia will announce their participation plans, in September! TVP informed...
The Board of TVP will make decision not earlier then in October – November 2013.
I've got a feeling they won't come back - I don't think their that bothered about ESC anymore. On another negative note, it's unlikely Andorra will be back because their budget won't allow but nothings official yet! Enjoy Poland's most recent offering...

Tuesday 4 June 2013

San Marino: SMRTV wants the EBU to organise juries!

Mr Carlo Romeo, the General Director of SMRTV, has stated that he wants to see the EBU organise the professional juries themselves - as he thinks it will resolve the many problems we had this year. I think he's right and I hope the EBU take real notice of what he's saying. We all don't want a repeat of this years drama...

This is what he stated during a television broadcaster...
'Every year rumours about jury voting spread on the internet. EBU receives a lot of criticism regarding the the voting method and for potential opacity of this or that country. Maybe we should turn the Eurovision Song Contest  into a more modern and transparent contest by organizing the national juries - which represent 50% of the final vote - keeping out the broadcasters from the organization'-
Anyway, SMRTV have confirmed that they will participate next year and it's possible we could be seeing the lovely Valentina again!

Denmark: "Only Teardrops" video-clip being filmed!

The official video-clip of Only Teardrops is currently being filmed. Emmelie de Forest posted several photographs onto her Facebook account - Michael Sauer Christensen directed this clip. I bet this is going to be awesome, Emmelie looks fantastic! <3

Emmelie's video-clip is set on a beach and in a forest - it all looks ever so professional! I can't wait to see the finished product. It's due to be released in the coming weeks Emmelie posted this on her Facebook account...
Finally home after a hard days work... I want to thank the whole team for an amazing experience! It has been great to be a part of my first music video  
Stay tuned! ^^

Monday 3 June 2013

Ukraine: The performance that never was!

Apparently SVT rejected the performance for Ukraine (which I have posted below) because it was technically to much to arrange - which is fine but now more unconfirmed, and I stress the word "unconfirmed" suggestions are circulating that SVT wanted Denmark to win the contest so didn't give Zlata this amazing performance as it could have stopped Emmelie from storming to victory.

Instead the Ukrainian performance was not up to the standard of this newly released video - even though I think the final performance was still really good. Maybe there is some truth in what the rumours have been saying? I still think the giant ruined Ukraine's chances, it was not needed and looked kinda stupid - in my opinion ofcourse. I'm gonna say that nothing is confirmed with any of this - pure speculation!

Here's the newly released video, this ending could've won the contest for them IMO...

Belgium: "Eurosong" returns for 2014!

Sorry I haven't been round much recently, I've had a hectic weekend and there isn't much to post anyway this time of year - but today I can bring y'all news from Belgium! The country which makes lovely
chocolates... <3

It's been announced by VRT that they are planning on bringing back "Eurosong" - but with a bit of a revamp. The selection will be stretched over several weeks. The last time VRT hosted a national final was in 2008, when Ishtar won "Eurosong", which infuriated many ESC fans! I hope Belgium will provide us with some great songs next year, they are getting back on track now! VRT was the broadcaster which selected Iris in 2012 and Tom Dice in 2010. Belgium has two main broadcasters thus they take it in turn to select Belgium's entry - RTBF has the "odd years" and VRT has the "even years". VRT spokesman Björn Verdoodt informed...
“Eurosong will be back but it is a completely new formula, we do not expect a copy of the previous format. It will be a show that will be spread out over several weeks”.
This is a fantastic song from their 2011 selection!

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