Friday 28 June 2013

Denmark 2014: Parken Stadium withdraws its bid!

This came as a shock! Parken Stadium has withdrawn it's bid to host Eurovision next year - this is due to logistical and statistical reasons. Copenhagen still has two other venues which want to host the contest so I'm guessing one of them will host the contest next year.

I'd love to see next years contest in a prison - could that happen? Maybe! Although I'm guessing some fans wouldn't be keen on it, the ones which are planning on going that is. The CEO of Copenhagen, Lars Bernhard Jørgensen, informed...
We are obviously sorry that Parken has decided to resign, but we are very hopeful compared to the two strong and unique venues, we still have on hand, namely DR Byen and B & W Building
Oh, and Fredericia withdrew too as it couldn't live up to the EBU's expectations. A shame but I'm not surprised with this. Y'all noticed I've changed the blogs name a few times and that I haven't been round much but this blog will continue. The road to Denmark 2014 is gonna be a good one! Thank you to everyone who follows this blog. :)

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