Monday 6 January 2014

Romania: Krystal Mills joins forces with Mircea Cioclei!

Krystal Mills, who unfortunately didn't make the cut in Switzerland, has confirmed that she will try to represent Romania. Maybe we will see Krystal in Copenhagen after-all?

Mircea, a popular Romanian musician, approached her and asked her if she would duet with him - with one of his own tracks in the Romanian selection. The Welsh singer spoke to ESC Insight and this is what she had to say:
""The song has been beautifully written and is great Duet/Ballad sound. I hope to sing it on that huge stage in Copenhagen to the millions of viewers. Lets hope the Romanians enjoy our new track!"
Romania are yet to confirm if they will hold a national final although it looks likely one will be held. Paula and Ovi have already announced their interest in representing the country - and so has ┼×tefan Stan, who won The Voice Romania 2011.

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