Friday 31 October 2014

Montenegro: Knez to Vienna!

The first participant for Eurovision 2015 has been revealed by the Montenegrin broadcaster! Nenad Knežević, widely known as Knez, will represent the country in Vienna. The 46 year old has released a total of 11 albums and several singles - he's a big name in Montenegro and neighboring countries. Knez appears to be a decent choice. No information on his Eurovision song yet although you can enjoy his latest single below:

Thursday 30 October 2014

Switzerland: RTS reveal 26 candidates!

The French language Swiss broadcaster, RTS, has revealed the 26 candidates who have made it to the next stage of their selection process. Six songs, chosen by the broadcaster, will advance to the Expert Check. The Expect Check round will be held on 7th December and 18 acts will battle for a place in the national final. The acts who receive the most votes from SRF's selection (the German language broadcaster) will make it. That's the online portal where anyone in the world can enter. RSI, the Italian language Swiss broadcaster, will also select three participants internally. Do keep up, y'all! :-)

Here are the 26 acts who have made the 2nd stage of RTS's selection - you can enjoy the songs below:

Sosofluo participated in the Swiss national final back in 2012, however came last with this song:

Albania: Festivali i Këngës participants revealed!

Venera Lumani
28 participants are in the running to represent The Land of the Eagles in Vienna - and the lucky acts have been revealed today. The Albanian national selection is shaping up to be pretty awesome already. Firstly, Elhaida Dani won The Voice of Italy and is returning after a three year break from the contest. This blogger cannot wait to hear her song! Other popular name include Lindita Halimi, Venera Lumani, Rezarta Smaja and Saimir Braho. Here is the full list of participants:

  • Jozefina Simoni
  • Gjergj Leka
  • Marsela Çibukaj
  • Lindita Halimi
  • Rezarta Smaja
  • Mjellma Berisha
  • Revolt Klan
  • Julian Gjojdeshi
  • Erga Halilaj
  • Kozma Dushi
  • Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija
  • Ana Gramo
  • Agim Poshka
  • Florent Abrashi & Sigi Bastri
  • Bojken Lako
  • Kelly
  • Venera Lumani
  • Emi Bogdo
  • Klajdi Musabelliu
  • Besiana Mehmeti & Shkodran Tolaj
  • Andos Sinani
  • Offchestra
  • Elhaida Dani
  • Altin Goci
  • Saimir Braho
  • Grupi Aurora
  • Besa Krasniqi
  • Enver Petrovci

The 53rd edition of  Festivali i Këngës is due to take place on 26th, 27th and 28th December.

San Marino: Artist announcement next month!

The Sammarinese representative will be revealed next month. An announcement will be made after Junior Eurovision, which takes place on 15th November. Valentina Monetta has already confirmed she won't represent San Marino for the forth year in a row - so could it be Michele Perniola? Maybe! 

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Review 2015: Malta's national selection PART 2!

My review of the Maltese selection continues. Enjoy:

Deborah C - It's Ok
It's Ok is the cutest song ever! Oh I just adore it. Deborah C has been trying to represent Malta for a couple of years now and I think this is her strongest effort. I'd love to see her fly the Maltese flag. One of my favourites for sure. The lyrics are sweet and she looks adorable. 10/12

Lawrence Gray - The One that You love
Woah. This was a pleasant surprise. The One that You love is a delightful calm ballad, and the piano instrumental is beautiful. However I fear this song is too slow and thus I can't see him winning. I hope Lawrence Gray does well, though. It's a stunning song.. A great effort indeed! 8/12

Lyndsay - Home
Lyndsay song isn't the strongest but it's kinda cute. It's recently been revealed she will open the Maltese semi final on 21st November. She looks gorgeous and I wish her the best of luck. Hopefully Lyndsay's performance will be strong. Do you like Home6/12

Franklin - Still Here
Alexander Rybak composed Still Here. This blogger is very disappointed. Franklin's a fantastic singer and Alexander Rybak is naturally a very talented composer, but I feel so bored when listening to this song... Maybe he can win but it's unlikely with this. It is just isn't strong enough. Sorry! 4/12

Trilogy - Chasing A Dream 
Chasing A Dream is a dramatic ballad - performed by three great singers. This isn't my favourite in the selection but it's a good effort. Maybe they could do well on the night? However I don't think it will win. Not bad. 5/12

Stay tuned for part three! 

Montenegro: Representative to be revealed on Friday!

On Friday 31st October, the Montenegrin artist will be announced during a special press conference at 13:00 CET. Montenegro will therefore be the first country to reveal their act for Eurovision 2015. I'm also hearing Hari Mata Hari will be confirmed as the Bosnian representative on Friday - but we'll see if that's true. Exciting times, eh?

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Malta: Running order decided!

The running order for Malta's upcoming selection has been determined. Lyndsay will kick off preceding and Ekklesia Sisters, aka The Nuns, will close the show. Amber and L-Aħwa both have a good draw however Jessika isn't as lucky. She's drawn at #5, although I'm sure she will qualify will ease and achieve a respectable position.. maybe even a winner? Here is the running order in full:

  1. Home – Lyndsay
  2. Could Have Been Me – Iona Dalli
  3. Still Here – Franklin
  4. Rush – Christabelle
  5. Fandango – Jessika
  6. Closed Doors – Chris Grech
  7. 12, Baker Street – Karen Debattista
  8. Something In The Way – Daniel Testa
  9. Breakaway – Glen Vella
  10. Stop Haunting Me – Raquel
  11. Take Me As I Am – Domenique
  12. The One That You Love – Lawrence Grey
  13. It’s Ok – Deborah C
  14. Close Your Eyes – Danica
  15. Secretly – Corazon
  16. Beautiful To Me – L-Ahwa
  17. Warrior – Amber
  18. Chasing A Dream – Trilogy
  19. Once In A While – Dominic
  20. Love & Let Go – Ekklesia Sisters

Photograph - TVM

I will continue my reviews tomorrow....

NuVidz: Emma, Ruth Lorenzo, Molly, Softengine!

Some many awesome songs have been released recently. Firstly, the video-clip of Resta Ancora Un Po' has been released today and it's stunning. Emma's songs just get better and better. Gigantes is Ruth's new song. She's doing very well in the Spanish charts as it has already peaked at #6. This song is the second single on Planeta Azul - after her Eurovision entry. Great tune! Molly might have flopped in Copenhagen but this hasn't stopped the Leicestershire born singer. She's back with Lock Up Your Daughter. Sign up to her mailing list and you can download the song for free. Oh Molly, your voice is gorgeous. And finally, The Sirens is the third single on Softengine's new album - We Created the World. Some fantastic tracks on this album. I really love it. These guys are the best thing to come out of Finland since Lordi!

Austria: National final on 13th March!

The Austrian national final will be held on 13th March. It's been reported the Austrian selection will feature a total of four shows - these will be held on 20th and 27th February and 6th and 13th March. 20 acts will compete and the best six singers will advance to a creative workshop with Austrian and foreign composers. Six acts will then perform two songs each in the grand final. Who will follow in the steps on Conchita?

Luxembourg: No plans to return in 2015!

Luxembourg Wort reports The Grand Dutchy won't be present in Vienna. Maggy Nagel nodded and said "yes" when Linda Martin asked her about whether Luxembourg should return to the contest - however she's recently said in a press conference that it was all just a misunderstanding. I knew it was too good to be true. Therefore, Luxembourg will not return to Eurovision. Meh.

Ireland: Newly formed girlband aim for Eurovision!

Leanne Moore, Kim Hayden and Michele McGrath have formed a new girlband, hoping to break into the Irish and European charts. They also have their sight set on representing Ireland in Eurovision 2015. This new girlband, who are still nameless, would be a very interesting option indeed. Can't wait to hear their song :-)

Source and photograph -

Monday 27 October 2014

Switzerland: Submission period closes, 206 songs recivied!

Woah! A total of 206 songs have been revived by the Swiss broadcaster. Artists from around the globe have sent in their songs - hoping to make the next round. I haven't paid much attention to Switzerland's online portal so far.. but I do love Kitty's song! Kaya from Malta also submitted a song, after getting rejected in the Maltese selection. It's a nice ballad. You can listen to all the songs here.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Luxembourg: Minister of Culture hints about a comeback to Eurovision?

Luxembourg last competed in Eurovision 22 years ago however Maggy Nagel, Minister of Culture, has allegedly said "yes" when asked about the Luxembourg's return to the contest. Last night, a Eurovision Gala Night was held in the country. Linda Martin was a guest performer and when she asked isn't it time Luxembourg returned to Eurovision? It's time to raise the funds and get Luxembourg back where it belongs in Eurovision! The Minister of Culture reportedly nodded her head and replied yes! Even though Luxembourg initially said they won't return, this is promising!! I know I'd love to see them back!

Source - Luxembourger Wort 

UPDATE - has also reported about Luxembourg's possible return! 

OGAE Second Chance Contest 2014: Helena Paparizou wins!

The OGAE Second Chance Contest is a competition organised by OGAE to select the best song which failed to make Eurovision. This is held every year and this years winner was Helena Paparizou. As you all remember, she tried to represent Sweden with Survivor. She received a whopping 259 points. Brequette came a very respectable 2nd place and the lovely Catarina Pereira from Portugal managed to achieve 3rd. The full results:

01. Sweden: Helena Paparizou - Survivor (259 points)
02. Spain: Brequette - Más (Run) (253 points)
03. Portugal: Catarina Pereira - Mea Culpa (197 points)
04. Israel: Mei Finegold - Be Proud (149 points)
05. Denmark: Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez - Wanna Be Loved (136 points)
06. Norway: Linnea Dale - High Hopes (122 points)
07. Finland: Mikko Pohjola - Sängyn Reunalla (79 points)
08. France: Joanna Lagrave - Ma Liberté (63 points)
09. Greece: Krystallia - Petalouda Stin Athina (62 points)
10. Albania: Klodian Kacani - Me Ty (58 points)
11. Germany: MarieMarie - Cotton Candy Hurricane (57 points)
12. Belarus: Daria - Starlight (45 points)
13. Ireland: Eoghan Quigg - The Movie Song (41 points)
14. Romania: Anca Florescu - Hearts Collide (38 points)
15. Hungary: Bogi - We All (32 points)
16. Iceland: Ásdís María - Amor (31 points)
17. Lithuania: Mia - Take A Look At Me Now (23 points)
18. Slovenia: Muff - Let Me Be Myself (20 points)
19. Belgium: 2 Fabiola feat. Loredana - She's After My Piano (16 points)
20. Malta: De Bee - Pin The Middle (1 point)

Poor Malta. Many of these songs did feature on my Wishlist series :-)

Saturday 25 October 2014

Ireland: Ryan Dolan wants to return to Eurovision!

Ryan Dolan represented Ireland in 2013 and came last place - which was totally undeserved and very disappointing. Anyway, he's keen to perform on the Eurovision stage once again. The Irish singer posted this message on Facebook earlier:

Would you like to see him represent Ireland in Vienna?

Friday 24 October 2014

Italy: Emma's "La mia città" certificated gold!

La Mia Città - this bloggers favourite song from Eurovision 2014 - has been certificated gold. The gorgeous and super talented Emma tweeted this:

Emma's new tour will start on 8th November. She's also recently released a new song, you can listen to that here:

Thursday 23 October 2014

The Netherlands: Participant to be revealed in late November!

The Dutch representative will be revealed in late November. The Netherlands will therefore opt for an internal selection, once again. Reports state Alain Clark has been chosen.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Albania: Participation in 2015 very likely!

According to ESCToday, Albania's participation in Vienna is very likely - however their presence is not official yet. If the country does compete, their entry will be chosen through Festival I Kenges once again which is due to be held in late December.


Review 2015: Malta's national selection PART 1!

Twenty acts are in the running to fly the Maltese flag, and I've decided to review every song in the lead up to Malta's selection. It would be a bit tedious to review all twenty songs in one hit so I'll be doing it in four parts. Here's part one!

Raquel - Stop Haunting Me
Firstly, we have Stop Haunting Me by Raquel. This song is different and I like it. She looks stunning. Maybe this could be a dark horse? I really think Raquel could do well. The Maltese jury will love this and if the public get behind her, too - she could indeed be the one heading to Vienna. 10/12

Glen Vella - Breakaway
Glen Vella returns after representing Malta in 2011 with One Life. This blogger doesn't exactly love Breakaway but it's better than I expected. Don't think he'll win the selection but Glen has a chance to do well, if the live performance is good. 6/12

Dominic - Once in a While
Sorry, but Once in a While is absolutely ghastly. Sounds like it could have been Malta's entry in 1989. Don't like this one at all. Really hope it won't even make the final on 22nd November.. Do you like it? I give it 2/12

Danica Muscat - Close Your Eyes
Danica Muscat's entry isn't very memorable, I'm afraid. Close your Eyes is a gentle ballad however I don't think she will win... I doubt Danica even make the final itself but she has a lovely voice. Pleasant although it won't make any impact. 5/12

Ekklesia - Love and Let Go
What can I say about this one?! I appreciate the song has a good message and the nuns look so sweet - but it's 2014... The lyrics are cringe-worthy but the tune somehow stays in my head. Could this one win? Maybe. I don't think the juries will like it, though. If they do win, they'd have to ditch the nuns costume anyway because as religious material isn't allowed. 3/10

Stay tuned for part two!! 

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Moldova: International artists allowed to compete in national final!

TRM, Moldova's broadcaster, has invited international artists to compete in the upcoming Moldovan selection - maybe this is due to a low number in submissions from domestic artists? Normally only Moldovan are allowed to compete. Anyone interested has until 15th December to submit their songs.

Monday 20 October 2014

Malta: Songs released in full!

PBS Malta has published all the competing entries in full - and jeez, there are some amazing songs here! Amber's song is incredible. It screams winner! Jessika's entry is also great. L'Ahwa are very sweet, too. I like that one. The weakest song, in my opinion, is Love and Let Go by The Nuns. Ewww. Hopefully Malta won't opt for this... Stay tuned as this blogger will review these songs within the next couple of weeks!

Cyprus: Full list of participants revealed!

Today, RIK finally revealed the full list of participants that will compete in the upcoming Cypriot selection. A whopping total of 60 acts are still in the running to represent the sun kissed island in Vienna. Televised auditions will be start on 7th December - Cyprus's selection is gonna be a lengthy one, folks! Ivi Adamou will apparently host the national final. No familiar names here.....

01. Yuri Melikov – Victorious 
02. Anastasia Liberow – Unicorn 
03. Lucy Sofroniou – Lonely
04. Olivia Sofocli – Miracle
05. Nelena Paparisva – Run Run Run
06. Valence – Scared
07. Flirt – Let Your Mind Free
08. Nicolas Leventis – Chlomi Selini (Pale Moon)
09. Yannis Karayannis – One thing I should have done 
10. Kostas Karaiskos – Rainbow
11. Minus One – Shine
12. Hovig – Stone in a river
13. Eva Diva – Come and fight for freedom
14. ApolloNia – Don’t Give Up On Me (Just Yet)
15. Yorgos Kyriakos – Shake Dat
16. Christina Papaioannou – You can’t stop love
17. Emily Charalampous – Right In
18. Nicolas Mavromichalis – Ena Kafe Mazi (A coffee together)
19. Panagiotis Koufogiannis (Without Your Love)
20. Doody – Magic
21. Myria Pampori – Find Me
22. Elena Panayi – No money No honey
23. Kostas archontous – Steko Akoma (Still standing)
24. Maria Evangelou – Still
25. Maria Evangelou – Play me like a pop song
26. Chrystalla Patsia feat. DJ Cyprus Karaviotis – My aura is bright
27. Pieros Kezou - Said it all before
28. Adrenaline by Kristi Koupatos – Live your myth
29. Stephano Prunabelli – Call on love
30. Stephano Prunabelli – March to doubt
31. Ioanna Protopapa – Beat of my heart
32. Stella Esmeralda Konstantinou – World One
33. Eleni Heracleous – Dawn
34. Evagoras Evagorou – Chorevo Mambo (Dancing Mambo)
35. Maria Pavlou – Tha sou tragoudiso (I will sing for you)
36. Lady Ava – Until the end of time
37. Nikos Trikki – Eimai edo (I’m here)
38. Gore Melian – Your Love
39. Konstantinos Michaeloudis – Stand Up
40. Christos Rialas – Meine (Stay)
41. Charis Savva & Nearchos Evangelou – Deila den agapo
42. Lady Ava – The key is love
43. Eleni Savva – Real You
44. Eleonora – Heaven on earth
45. Lefki Stylianou – All in love
46. Stella Stylianou – Tha gino ouranos
47. Stella Stylianou – Thelo na chatho
48. Christodoula Tsaggara – Kori tis mesogeiou
49. Lefki Stylianou – Lonely nights
50. Christina Matsa – I don’t know
51. Dimitris Iakovou – When I look at you
52. Josef Charalampous – Call for me
53. Josef Charalampous – I wanna dance (I say tempo)
54. Groove Therapy – #Is this real life
55. Yorgos Moesis, Maria Moskofian, Christiana H”Ioordanous
 - Sailing ships, pirates and dragons
56. Christina Tselepou – In these arms
57. Konstantina Georgiou – When we used to be
58. Ifigeneia Loukaedou feat. Lyrical Eye – Remember my love
59. Marios Liasides – Just another guy
60. Neofytos Stratis – Rebound

Sunday 19 October 2014

Slovenia: National final to select 2015 representative!

EMA will be used once again to select Slovenia's participant for Eurovision. More details will be revealed next month, though. Who would you like to see fly the Slovene flag? Maja Keuc would be my preference.

San Marino: Valentina Monetta WON'T return!

The beautiful Valentina Monetta recently announced on her personal Facebook account she won't represent San Marino for the fourth year in a row.
Soooo...San Marino asked me if i wanted to participate again but i said NO already from mey... the lates news about me is not truth,i'd like to write a song for next year but no one asked me..actually this is the real truth...
Anyway, who will get the honour of representing San Marino next year? Maybeeee Michele Perniola?

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Cyprus: Selection details revealed!

The Cypriot national final will be held on 1st February with two semi finals taking place the month before. Constantinos Christoforou (1996, 2002, 2005) is composing a song for Stefanos Christoforou, his brother, and Valanto Trifonos has also submitted a song! More details will be released in due course. So stay tuned my friends!

Moldova: National final on 28th February!

O melodie pentru Europa, Moldova's selection for Eurovision 2015, will consist of two semi finals and a grand final. The final will take place on 28th February, which is slightly earlier than normal. Moldova's entry will be decided by a televote a national jury. So, who do you want to see represent Moldova next year? Cristina Scarlat has actually hinted about a return if she has the right song.

Sweden: Who will participate in Melodifestivalen 2015?

Sean Banan recently announced his interest in participating in Melodifestivalen next year but now some other names are also in the mix. Aftonbladet revealed Rickard Söderberg, Charlotte Perrelli and Lili & Susi are all tipped to compete in the Swedish national selection. Charlotte Perrelli returned to Melodifestivalen a couple of years ago but failed to make an impact with The Girl. I've also heard Helena Paparizou is planning on returning - however this is to be confirmed.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Ireland: Jedward and Mary Byrne in the race!

Jedward's return to Eurovision has been rumoured for sometime - but it has finally been confirmed that they are planning on submitting a song into the upcoming Irish selection. Another name in the mix is Mary Byrne. She participated on The X Factor back in 2010 and came 5th.  This is what she had to say regarding Eurovision:
Eurovision is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s an honour to have been put forward.
Kark Broderick, a Eurovision veteran, will write her song. I'd love to see Mary in Vienna. But Jedward? No thanks.. Ireland recently opened submissions for Eurovision 2015 - and the deadline for interested parties to submit their offerings is 31st October.

Friday 10 October 2014

Missed Opportunities 2014: Belgium!

My Missed Opportunities series finally finishes today. I didn't include Greece, Israel, France, Portugal or Moldova because I believe the best song in their respective selection was picked. So, this only leave us with Belgium! This blogger did like Axel, but the rest of Europe didn't....

Sil - What's The Time In Tokyo?
What's The Time In Tokyo? was a beautiful elegant ballad. Sil's performance was stunning - so why didn't the Belgians select her? She only achieved 5th place in the national final. Underrated!! Shakespeare Sister, Marcella Detroit, co-wrote the song.

2 Fabiola feat. Loredana - She's After My Piano
Finally, She's After My Piano didn't even make the final itself but it has become a hit in Belgium. This song defiantly should have represented Belgium in Copenhagen! The live performance was great, the song is fun and the lead singers vocal was fantastic.

Bulgaria: Plans to return abandoned!

Despise initially announcing their plans to return to the contest, it's finally been confirmed Bulgaria won't participate in 2015. The reason is because of financial difficulties.... San Marino will announce their participation or withdrawal tomorrow - let's hope they'll be in Vienna.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Spain: Pablo Alboran is the favourite for Vienna!, a popular Spanish Eurovision website, launches a poll ever year where they ask their readers Who do you want to see represent Spain in Eurovision? The most popular choice is 25 year-old Pablo Alboran. He was awarded a total of 2,566 votes. The 2nd favourite to fly the Spanish flag in Vienna is Roko - this blogger adores her. Edurne, Angy and Ruth Lorenzo also made the top five. Meanwhile, Spanish fans also voted for Pastora Soler, Diana Navarro and La Oreja Van Gogh. But what about Brequette? Wouldn't she be a good choice?! Information regarding the Spanish selection process is yet to be revealed...

Monday 6 October 2014

Switzerland: Kitty Brucknell to Eurovision?

In 2011, Kitty Brucknell took part on The X Factor and finished 7th but now she wants to do Eurovision! Her performances in The X Factor were always memorable and her voice is incredible - so I'm delighted to see her submit a song into the Swiss selection. Yearning is the song she will compete with. Charlie Mason wrote it, he was also the guy behind Conchita's Rise Like A Pheonix. Kitty will release her album later this month, it is entitled Glamour & Damage.

Sunday 5 October 2014

Malta: Semi finalists revealed!

The Maltese semi-finalists were revealed a couple of days ago. Many familiar names return - including Glen Vella (2011) and Gianluca Bezzina (2013), he is competing with his siblings under the name L'Ahwa. Jesskika and Daniel Testa both made it. I wouldn't mind seeing either of them win, but I'd rather Jessika. The nuns somehow qualified. Their song sounds terribly dated and boring. It's a thumbs down from this blogger, I'm afraid. Amber's entry is very strong though - could 2015 be her year? You can listen to the snippets of the songs below:

Glen Vella - Breakway
(Kevin Borg & Simon Gribbe)
Trilogy - Chasing a dream
(Paul Abela & Joe Julian Farrugia)
Karen DeBattista - 12, Baker Street
( Jan Van Duck & Emil Calleja Bayliss)
Franklin - Still here
(Alexander Rybak)
Deborah C - It's ok
(Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
Sisters (Ekklesia) - Love and let go 
(Philip Vella)
Lawrence Gray - The one that you love
(Elton Zarb & Lawrence Gray)
Amber - Warrior
(Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
Jessika - Fandango
(Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)
Daniel Testa - Something in the way
(Minsek & Charlie Mason)
Christabelle - Rush
(Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
Chris Grech - Closed doors
(Chris Grech, Edward Mifsud & Peter Cassar Torregiani)
L-Ahwa - Beautiful to me
 (Erik & Anjou)
Raquel Galdes - Stop haunting me
(Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
Danica Muscat - Close your eyes
(Elton Zarb & Emil Calleja Bayliss)
Lyndsay Pace - Home
(Boris Cezek)
Corazon - Secretly
Iona Dalli - Could have been me
(Philip Vella)
Domenique - Take me as I am
(Adrian O’Connor)
Minik - Once in awhile

(Elton Zarb & Rita Pace)

Friday 3 October 2014

Poland: TVP ask EBU to lower their participation fee!

Poland's participation in Vienna is not confirmed yet, however it is likely we'll see a Polish representative in Vienna. TVP, the national broadcaster, will participate but only if the EBU will lower their transmission fee. reports the news that negotiations are coming to an end.. 

Note - Albania, Russia and San Marino will reveal their plans very soon. 

Thursday 2 October 2014

Montenegro: Internal selection in 2015!

Sergej Ćetković managed to take Montenegro into the finals for the first time ever this year - and Montenegrin broadcaster, RTCG, really want this trend to continue. The lucky act will apparently be chosen before the end of the year. Who would you like to see represent the country in Vienna? Maybe the lovely Andrea Demirović should give it another go?
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