Sunday, 8 February 2015

Denmark: Anne Gadegaard - "The jury stinks to hell"

Anti Social Media won the right to represent Denmark in Vienna last night and this has been a rather controversial choice to say the least. Anne Gadegaard, who won the televote and came 2nd overall, said "The jury stinks to hell." More hereAnd when asked if the best song won, she said: 
That I can't say. If it was up to the Danish public, yes I am. But again, I think that's hard to say. I've got to know the guys from Anti Social Media well and I think they're really nice. I get on really well with them. So I can give them that.
This blogger did prefer Anne's song and I can understand her frustration although I'd like to wish Anti Social Media all the best. It isn't as bad as some people are saying and it is catchy as hell! Interestingly, we had a similar situation in Cyprus last week. Fan favourite Panagiotis Koufogiannis won the televote although due to the jury, he didn't win and this was not a very popular decision. What do you guys think? Was Anne the real winner last night?


  1. Of course Anne was the real winner of DMGP! Denmark has lost a big choice for a TOP 10 result in Vienna. It´s always a bad choice not to send the public´s choice!!

    1. That's true. I wonder if Denmark will fail to qualify with Anti Social Media? They're in a tough semi.. :/


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