Friday 23 October 2015


The sensational Emma Marrone has released Arriverà L'Amore this morning. It translates into Love Will Come. Love conquers all. That's the message of this video. Emma has produced yet another incredible song. What do you think though? Listen below:

Thursday 22 October 2015


Sorry Shy'm fans.. there's bad news. Shy'm won't be flying the tricolour flag in Stockholm. When asked in a recent interview regarding possible participation in the contest, she said:
Given the success we have and how we received and the political reasons and geographies do we never manage to achieve good rankings, it would be a huge risk. I do not want to take it now.
Unfortunately, this isn't a surprise. Like she says, France has been extremely unsuccessful in recent years... why would she risk her career?


Swiss paper 20 minuti launched a competition this autumn to find the perfect Swiss representative and damn, the result is awesome. Four singers were chosen to record a song together, each representing one of Switzerland's official languages. So klingt die Schweiz! The artists are; Anna Känzig for the German, Alejandro Reyes for the French, Make Plain for the Italian and rapper Snook (Gino Clavuot) for the Romansh. This song is so Swiss. And in a good way. It's already #1 on iTunes and me thinks it's one to watch... Enjoy!


BRTC have decided to do away with juries and will let the public decide their representative for next year. More details about Belarus's 2016 national final will be revealed very soon. BRTC are reportedly looking for a song in Belarussian for Stockholm. Wouldn't that be awesome? If televote alone was used this year, Belarus would've sent this to Vienna... 

Wednesday 21 October 2015


Wouldn't this be fab?! Anastasia Prikhodko has asked her fans on Facebook if she is worthy of representing Ukraine next year as she's keen to return to the contest. Here's a rough translation of her post:
Last year, Ukraine didn't participate in Eurovision. A lot of the statements were made, both bad and good. We all know the main reason is war and its consequences! But in my opinion a project like Eurovision is notable and important to each European country. Ukraine is Europe, and we need to confirm it. It’s the only way other European countries will perceive us as equals! So in my opinion this year Ukraine has to take part in Eurovision. In 2009 I was already on this forum, but as a representative of another country. My dream is try my hand at Eurovision again, but under the flag of my native country! What do you think, my dear friends? Whether or not Ukraine takes part this year, am I a worthy representative of Ukraine?
You'll regonize her from 2009, when she represented Russia... in Russia. Last year, she vowed never to sing in Russia again due to the ongoing conflict between her native Ukraine and Russia. Her latest song can be enjoyed below:

And who remembers this tune?

Friday 16 October 2015


The insanely talented Marco Mengoni has today released a brand new song. It was filmed in Iceland and the song is pretty damn perfect. I think I'm in love. Enjoy!

Marco has also recently been voted as the best Italian act in the MTV Awards, for the third time. 


Nargiz Zakirova is a Uzbek born singer who rose to fame in 2013 on Golos (The Voice of Russia). Her shaven head, tattoos and distinctive voice have earned her a following from across the globe. I love her. She's incredible.. and with the right song, could win Eurovision for Russia.

Russia came a very respectable 2nd place in Vienna and hopes are high for them next year. A song like this would be incredible. Just enjoy her amazing performances from The Voice...



It's very unlikely but not impossible. escXtra reports that the Lebanese broadcaster said the following when asked about possible participation in our beloved contest:
We are not sure yet, however we are working on it and will keep you updated.
Will we finally see them debut? Lebanon was set to enter the contest in 2005 although wouldn't broadcaster the Israeli entry and subsequently had to withdraw. Who knows if they would be willing to show Israel's entry next year IF they were to participate...


As always, Festivali i Këngës will consist of two semi finals and a final. The semis will take place on 25th and 26th December with the finale set for 27th December. RTSH, the national broadcaster, also announced the participants and there's some familiar names in the mix....

Egert Pano – Mos ik
Eneda Tarifa – Përrallë
Revolt Klan – Dashurinë s’e gjejmë dot
Kozma Dushi – Një kafe
Enxhi Nasufi – Infinit
Florent Abrashi – Të ndjek çdo hap
Dilan Reka – Buzëqesh
Evans Rama – Flakë
Sigi Bastri – Engjëll i lirë
Simbol – Artiste
Lindi Islami – Për një mrekulli
Egzon Pireci – Triumf
Aslajdon Zaimaj – Merrmë që sot
Nilsa Hysi – Asaj
Jozefina Simoni – Një det me ty
Genc Tukiçi – Sa të dashuroj
Erga Halilaj – Monolog
Teuta Kurti – Në sytë e mi
Klodian Kaçani & Rezarta Smaja – Dashuri në përjetësi
Luiz Ejlli – Pa mbarim
Renis Gjoka – Ato që s’ti them dot
Besa Krasniqi – Liroje zemrën
Flaka Krelani – S’je për mua
Andi Tanko – Dielli vazhdon të më ngrohë
Edea Demaliaj – Era
Adrian Lulgjuraj – Jeto dhe ëndërro
Kristi Popa – Ajo çfarë ndjej
Voltan Prodani – Dëgjoje këngën o Atë
Klajdi Musabelli – Ndodh edhe kështu
Niku & Entela Zhula – Muza

Luiz Ejlli (2006) and Adrian Lulgjuraj (2013) are back. Will we see one of them represent Albania again? Other familiar names include Kozma Dushi, Lindi Islami, Teuta Kurti, Rezarta Smaja, Flaka Krelani and Klajdi Musabelliu. Albania produced my favourite entry in the 2015 contest.. will they do it again next year? :-)

Thursday 15 October 2015


Iceland will celebrate 30 years of participating in Eurovision next year and so will naturally be looking for a decent result in Stockholm. Some rules regarding the upcoming Icelandic national selection have been released. 12 artists in total will participate where six will qualify, plus one wildcard, meaning seven acts will battle it out in the final for the Icelandic ticket. Söngvakeppni will take place on the following days:

Semi Final 1 – February 6
Semi Final 2 – February 13
Final – February 20

All songs must be sung in Icelandic during the semi finals, although acts can perform English or bilingual versions of their entries in the final.

Wednesday 14 October 2015


Måns Zelmerlöw is planning on entering Melodifestivalen next year - but as a composer. He told WiwiBloggs, that he has submitted two songs for the competition. Måns plans on releasing a new EP next spring too and is currently touring Europe.. According to Swedish reports, he's going to host Eurovision although official confirmation is still to come. Now the question is - who will be singing Måns's songs?


Will Ruth Lorenzo return to Eurovision? According to Spanish press, it's not impossible. Ruth always said she'd happily return to Eurovision as it was an incredible experience etc. and even said she would return with an uptempo song. Read more here.. Listen to her new song below:

This is the proposed song. It's 3 minutes long, released this month (so it complies with the EBU's rules...) And Ruth is loved. #RuthLorenzoAEurovision was a trending topic last weekend on Twitter. The people want her but what about TVE? Ruth is still appearing on Tu cara me suena and has also released an official video-clip for 99. Enjoy!

Tuesday 13 October 2015


Iveta Mukuchyan has been announced as the Armenian representative for Stockholm! In 2010, she placed 5th on Hay Superstar (Armenian Pop Idol) and also has appeared on The Voice of Germany. Watch her blind audition below.. y'all might regonise the song :-)

I am really excited to hear her song! Great choice, Armenia.

Monday 12 October 2015

UK: Conchita chats to Lorraine!

Ms Wurst was a special guest on ITV's Lorraine this morning to promote her new album. You Are Unstoppable. It will be released on Friday in the UK. During Conchita's mini interview, Lorraine called her an inspiration and Conchita revealed she never gets tired of singing Rise Like A Phoenix. Watch the interview here.

Friday 9 October 2015


Of course there are numerous acts who I think would make brilliant representatives for us next year but the name who I want to see the most for the UK is Fleur East.

Last year, she came 2nd on The X Factor and subsequently earned herself a massive fanbase. Fleur signed to Syco Music earlier this year and will release her first single, Sax, later this month. It will feature on her debut album which will be released next month. As previously reported, the BBC will hold an open national selection aimed at undiscovered talent so it's unlikely we'll see Fleur in Eurovision but one can dream. Her version of Uptown Funk became a number one on iTunes. See why below..

She sings, raps, dances and with the risk of sounding like Louis Walsh - she has the whole package! Wouldn't it be awesome if she took the plunge, entered our national selection and won?

Bosnia and Herzegovina: No participation in 2016?

Despite announcing their intention to participate some weeks ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina has unfortunately decided to withdraw and therefore 2016 will be the forth year in a row they miss. There's still a glimmer of hope though.. The EBU has granted BHRT until the end of October to find a sponsor who can foot the bill. Maybe Bosnia will be there after all? Maybe.

Wednesday 7 October 2015


Damn. Portugal won't participate in Eurovision 2016. I'm so saddened. Portugal therefore becomes the first country to withdraw from the contest. OGAE Portugal reports that it's financial difficulties that have lead the country to withdraw. An official statement from RTP is still to come so stay tuned... Many Eurofans need to listen to this now.

Source - Eurovoix


There's so much potential when considering Finland's act for Stockholm. Antti Tuisku, Haloo Helsinki!, Jenni Vartiainen... and as much as I love them all, I think Robin would be the ideal candidate. 

Robin (full name Robin Packalen) is only 17 years old and has had a string of domestic hits. Back in 2009, he represented Finland in New Wave Junior Contest in Moscow when he was only 11 years old. He has also often be refereed to as "The Justin Bieber of Finland" - that bit isn't helping my argument, is it? :-) In fairness, Robin is already ranked among the 70 best selling artists in Finland of all time and with a decent song, he would be brilliant. Rumour has it that he's wanting to break into the international market... What better way is there of entering Eurovision? 

Tuesday 6 October 2015


Poland confirmed their presence in Stockholm only yesterday and there's one lady who I'd love to see represent them. The incredibly talented Sylwia Grzeszczak.

She is arguably one of Poland's biggest and most respected musicians. Sylwia has three albums to her name already with the last two been awarded double platinum. They subsequently occupied the 1st and 4th place on the list selling albums in Poland. This girl is big, y'all! I think she would be a fantastic option for Poland next year. Come in TVP, sign her up! Enjoy some of her biggest hits below...

NuVidz: Loreen, Sam Smith, Annalisa, Maraaya!

Pretty much everyone adored Loreen's new song - I'm In It With You - when it was released a couple of months ago however the same can't be said for her video-clip. Yes, it's weird. A multicultural group of girls just go around destroying things.. To be fair, I've always admired Loreen but her latest video is just a big no no. Shame as the song is excellent. Judge for yourself here. Sam Smith's Writing's On The Wall has also had a pretty bad reaction but this blogger thinks it is gorgeous. Imagine something like this representing the UK in Eurovision? It's a dream. Unless you've been living under a rock these past few weeks, you would've heard the song is the official theme tune to Spectre. The new James Bond film which will be released at the end of the month.Meanwhile Annalisa's Splende has an official video-clip and y'all can enjoy it here. Finally, Marjetka from Maraaya has lost her headphones for their new single. Living Again. Actually I kinda love it. 

Lithuania: National selection for Stockholm!

A national selection will be used to decide Lithuania's entry for 2016. Submissions to compete close on 1st December and all entrants must be Lithuanian. Naturally. The dates remain unknown...

Sunday 4 October 2015


Regarding Spain 2016, all eyes are on Marta Sánchez and as much as I love her and think she would be a brilliant representative there's someone else who would be even better. Malú!

Malú is arguably one of Spain's biggest and most successful singers. has released 11 albums (many have been awarded multiple platinum) and her 12th is expected to drop in November. The 33 year old has sold 2.5 million albums in total. Her latest single became number one on iTunes within hours of its release. Her name is often mentioned on people's 'wishlists' - will 2016 be the year we finally see her in Eurovision? It's unlikely but it's good to dream...

Saturday 3 October 2015


Ahh Italia! There's so many Italian artists who would be incredible in Eurovision so this was a pretty difficult choice however I think Annalisa would be the best choice for Italy next year.

Annalisa (also known as Nali) took part in Sanremo 2015 with this beautiful song and finished 4th:

In 2011, Nali rose to fame on the Italian talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi where she placed 2nd. Since then, she has had numerous hits, participated in Sanremo twice, received 3 Platinum discs and 3 Gold discs and has sold 225,000 singles. Europe would love her. She is always perfect live and could rock that stage in Stockholm with something like this VinceròSenza riserva is also beautiful. And so is Tra due minuti è primavera. Actually all of her songs are fabulous! Italy are really trying to win. Marco Mengoni, Emma, Il Volo... Will Annalisa be next? Unfortuantly, I think it's rather unlikely because she participated in Sanremo earleir this year - would she do it for the 2nd year in a row? Would she want Eurovision? Let's enjoy her latest single below...

Friday 2 October 2015


The pop-rock trio, Highway, will represent Montenegro in Stockholm. Tonight the Montenegrin broadcaster announced they had internally selected them following some speculation about a possible withdrawal by Montenegro... Remember the drama with their juries votes? Highway rose to fame on The X Factor Adria and came 4th overall. The trio consist of Peter Tošić, Marko Pešić and Luka Vojvodić. No information regarding their song yet.


This little series is dedicated to artists from across Europe who I want to see represent their country in Stockholm! And we start with Denmark...

It's probably an obvious choice but I love her. Medina is one of Denmark's biggest artists having sold over 500,000 singles and 130,000 albums. She's won the MTV Europe Music Award for being the Best Danish Act three times and also several other music awards in Denmark. Medina, who has Chilean roots, shot to fame in 2009 with Kun for mig, which was later translated to You And I. The single was released in the UK' too actually and was ranked an A-list at BBC Radio 1. You And I also entered the American Billboard Chart “Hot Dance Airplay” at #6 as well. Germans love her too. “Welcome to Medina” (her first international album) sold 100,000 copies there. So there's some German points for Denmark if they ever do send her! Denmark won the contest in 2000 and 2013 when Sweden hosted Eurovision, with her a hat trick is more than possible :-) Enjoy some more of her music below!

Do you think she would be a good option for the Danes?

Italy: Winner of Sanremo to Stockholm!

The winner of Sanremo 2016 will be asked by RAI to represent Italy in Eurovision, Obviously, whoever wins can down the opportunity but every artist who participated in Sanremo 2015, apart from Lara Fabian, said they would take up the challenge and fly the Italian flag. RAI Uno will broadcast the final - I guess the popularity of Eurovision is starting to grow in Italy thanks to Il Volo? In Vienna, Il Volo won the televote however because of the juries, only placed 3rd overall... Italy will no doubt want revenge :-)

France: Internal selection for 2016, no oldies please!

The French entry is going to be decided by an open internal selection. France2 has made an open call for songs and anyone can enter. Well, only if you're under the age of 50. I guess after Lisa Angell's failure, the French want to send some young blood to Stockholm. I think this is so discriminatory... But hey, what do I know? The French broadcaster wants to have full power in the presentation and marketing etc. even though the artists record label has to pay for it all themselves.... Meanwhile, English or any other language can be used in the song however 80% of the song must be in French. I wonder who will represent them? TAL would be my choice.

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