Wednesday 30 April 2014

Portugal: Suzy robbed!

This is truly shocking... Suzy was robbed yesterday. Her handbag was robbed, which contained ID documents and money. It's also believed a member of the Portuguese delegation had their suitcase stolen, which had promotion material in it. Suzy has said that her spirits have not been dampened and that she's going to enjoy the rest of her Eurovision adventure! :-)

Introducing 2014: Italy!

Emma Marrone is one of my favourite Italian artists. I think she's awesome and I really love her voice. Therefore, I was delighted when it was confirmed that she was going to represent Italy in Copenhagen. Emma is massive in Italy and has had a number of domestic hits. La Mia Città was confirmed as Emma's ESC entry in January. It isn't something I expected... I thought Emma would sing a ballad although I was proved wrong! It's nice to see some rock/pop, because there are a number of ballads this year. Emma's voice will stand out in the final. I really want to see Emma achieve a respectable position - top ten would be great. I wouldn't complain if Italy held the 60th anniversary show. Buona fortuna, Emma!

That's it, folks! My introductory series has concluded. Unfortunately, I am not in Copenhagen although my friend Blogikar is and you can follow his blog at Life After Helsinki 2007. Stay tuned!

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Norway!

The grand finale of Melodi Grand Prix 2014 was held on 15th March. It featured a number of great songs... My two favourites were Silent Storm by Carl Espen and High Hopes by Linnea Dale. I would have been delighted with either of them winning. It was Carl who eventually won - and the lovely Linnea came a very respectful 2nd. Carl Espen (aged 31) used to be a carpenter and has done a lot of volunteer work for cancer research. His performance in the Norwegian selection was very good, and hopefully he's improved even more for Copenhagen!

Norway are among the favourites to win the contest. Oslo 2015? The juries will probably adore this song, it's just a case of whether the average TV viewer will... Carl will rehearse today for the first time.

Monday 28 April 2014

Introducing 2014: The Netherlands!

In 2013, Anouk was the first Dutch act to qualify for the grand final since 2004 - which was brilliant and very beneficial, as other big names from The Netherlands are now willing to do Eurovision. Consequentially, The Common Linnets were announced as the Dutch representatives back in November 2013. The duo consists of Ilse DeLange, and Waylon. Ilse DeLange is a household name in The Netherlands. She's one of my favourite Dutch artists, and has been on the music scene since 1998. I'm delighted she's finally going to Eurovision. Waylon is country/pop singer - who has tried to represent his country before, in 2005 although he wasn't successful. The band wasn't just created for Eurovision, but because they were working on a new album in America. Calm After The Storm was released on 13th March. I love the Dutch entry. It's one of my favourites and I really hope to see The Netherlands qualify. This is quality music and it deserves to be in the final. 

Sunday 27 April 2014

Romania: "Miracle" video-clip released!

The official video-clip of "Miracle" has been released. Paula and Ovi are among the favourites to win in Copenhagen and the Romanian stage presentation has cost approximately 300.000 Euros, so the Romanians are in it to win it. You can watch the video-clip here!

Introducing 2014: Armenia!

Aram Mp3 was announced as the Armenian representative on 31st December - and the song he'll perform in Copenhagen, Not Alone, was released in March. Armenia will open the first semi-final. Although this doesn't matter whatsoever, Armenia are the main favourites to be victorious in Copenhagen. The song has clocked almost 2.3 million views on YouTube and Armenia are #1 with the bookmakers. I really like the song. The lyrics are great and he does have a good voice. But why is this song the favourite? Don't get me wrong, I like it very much, although I feel there are other songs that are better and stronger... I'm sure Armenia will be top five and it could indeed win. Looking forward to seeing this on stage. 

Saturday 26 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Malta!

Firelight won the Maltese national final on 8th February with Coming Home. It was a strong selection. Favourites of mine included JessikaDavinia and De Bee. I didn't really appreciated De Bee's song until after the selection.. she came 2nd and would have been an awesome Maltese representative. It was such an unusual yet charming song. But the winning song is also great. Firelight are a very talented band which consists of Michelle Mifsud, Richard Edward Micallef, Tony Polidano, Daniel Micallef and Leslie Decesare.

Malta will open the 2nd semi-final. I think Malta will probably qualify... yeah, the juries will love it and I'm positive it will get enough support from the televote. A top ten position is possible - but the performance will have to be strong and convincing. Another decent entry from Malta.

Friday 25 April 2014

UK: "Children of the Universe" video-clip released!

Molly has released the official music video of "Children of the Universe". Y'all can watch that here! It's awesome. The video-clip was even featured on Daybreak a few days ago - which is a British TV program. #TeamMolly!

Introducing 2014: Poland!

Poland returned, after a two year break, and decided to select their representative internally. Donatan and Cleo were confirmed as the Polish representative on 20th February with the song My Słowianie - We Are Slavic. The song is a massive hit in Poland - and even peaked at #2 in the Polish Airplay Charts. The original version of this song has clocked over 40 million views. The video-clip itself has caused controversy. The BBC even published an article, as the music video mocks Slavic stereotypes.

Donatan is a famous rapper and music producer in Poland and Cleo is a singer, who took part in the Polish version of X Factor. She's been working with Donatan since last year - and they have recently released a new song, entitled Cicha Woda. It was released two days ago and has received almost 2 million views... very impressive, indeed! I really want Poland to qualify.. Poland haven't qualified for six years, and it's about time we saw them in the final. I hope the juries won't ruin their chances - like they did "Igranka" last year.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Copenhagen 2014: The stage officially revealed!

Photographs of the stage were today released! It looks great. The cube section has received mixed reactions and I'm not too sure what I think about them at the moment. More photos here!

Photographs - and DR. 

NuVidz: Tolmachevy Sisters, Sanna Nielsen, Donatan & Cleo, Adel Tawil!

The Tolmachevy Sisters have released the official video-clip of Shine. The video-clip has a black and white theme throughout... Me likes! There has also been a slight revamp. Sanna Nielsen is one of the favourites to win ESC 2014' and today we finally got to see the official music video of Undo. I'm slightly disappointed with this video, I feel no emotion. But the song is great - and that's the most important thing! Donatan and Cleo have also released a new music video, too! However this video-clip isn't their Eurovision entry - just a new single. Watch that here. Adel Tawil is a well-known singer in Germany. I've only discovered his music recently although I'm already a fan. His latest single is Weinen. Enjoy! 

Introducing 2014: Spain!

I was absolutely thrilled when I heard Ruth Lorenzo would participate in the Spanish final...I've been a massive fan ever since she came 5th on The X Factor UK in 2008. The Spanish selection featured five very strong songs. The fans were torn between Ruth and Brequette... I was #TeamRuth although I still absolutely adored Más. Ruth's entry is entitled Dancing In The Rain. The performance she gave in that national final was superb. I'm in love with Ruth and her entry... An official video-clip was released on 14th March and features Italian dancer, Giuseppe Di Bella dancing with Ruth. The video-clip also includes underwater scenes. Additional English lyrics were also added so more people would understand the meaning of the song.

Ruth has already promised a memorable performance in Copenhagen. When Ruth was on The X Factor, she gave an amazing performance of Purple Rain - and she wants to create another amazing moment, similar to that. There's no denying it - Spain are my favourites this year. I'd love to see Ruth win... will she? There's a chance. I hope she manages to achieve top ten, at-least! Buena suerte, Ruth! ♥

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Slovenia!

The Slovenian participation was in serious doubt this year - the EBU gave them two extended deadlines to get their finances in order, and thankfully they confirmed their participation on 17th January. It was later announced the Slovenian entry would be chosen through EMA. The national final was held on 8th March where Tinkara Kovač won with Spet/Round and Round. The best song defiantly won. But I also had a little soft spot for Muff's Let Me Be Myself. Tinkara Kovač has tried to represent Slovenia three times already - in 1997, 1999 and 2001. The song has been criticised for the flute comparison to "Only Teardrops", but Tinkara has said that she's been playing the flute before Emmelie de Forest was even born!

I hope Slovenia manage to qualify. I think there's a good chance they will. Another borderline qualifier.. Semi-final two is incredibly hard to call as everyone has a fair chance of making it. We'll see in a couple of weeks! The official video-clip was released a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful.

Monday 21 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Switzerland!

Switzerland held their national final on 1st February. Six acts battled for the ticket to Copenhagen - and Sebalter won! Sebalter's Hunter Of Stars was defiantly the best song on offer. I loved Au Paradis by Christian Tschanz, but the live performance was underwhelming. Yasmina Hunzinger came 2nd with I Still Believe. She would have been a worthy Swiss representative but I guess the song wasn't strong enough.

I think Switzerland is a borderline qualifier. The song is very nice, and the whistling section is really infectious - however the Swiss are often underrated and I fear this will just miss out. Hopefully the live performance will be strong enough to push this through to the grand final.

Sunday 20 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Moldova!

Cristina Scarlat (aged 33) will represent Moldova in Copenhagen with Wild Soul. She won the Moldovan national final - and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought Boris Covali would have won, but it wasn't his year. There was some controversy surrounding Boris Covali's song choice.... anyway, the national final itself was rather weak. My favourite was "Wild Soul" but Forever by Edict was also a great song - and that would have made a great entry for Moldova.

Moldova will probably qualify in Copenhagen. I think it's a borderline qualifier, actually... The performance will need to be strong and convincing. The national final performance wasn't that strong. I'm sure we'll be seeing Moldova in the final!

Saturday 19 April 2014


Wishing my dear followers a fantastic and happy Easter! My introduction series will continue tomorrow. 

Friday 18 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Hungary!

András Kállay-Saunders won the Hungarian selection process with Running. The song has been a firm favourite to win the contest, before it was even chosen to represent Hungary. It isn't hard to see why people like this. The song is absolutely fantastic. András Kállay-Saunders's vocals in the national final were great - and the performance fitted the song perfectly. He's already tried to represent Hungary before in 2013 with My Baby, where he came 2nd respectively.

I thought the Hungarian national selection was incredibly strong - many great songs. I loved Catch Me by Radics Gigi and Karcolás by Polyák Lilla. Both of which didn't even make the final... The official video-clip of "Running" has been controversial. It features scenes of domestic violence, and the lyrics are the song are rather depressing. It has a strong message. Regarding Copenhagen, I think Hungary are the ones to watch. This song will qualifry with ease - and a top five position is almost guaranteed. Brilliant entry from Hungary!

Thursday 17 April 2014

Azerbaijan: Dilara Kazimova releases her entry in Azerbaijani!

Dilara Kazimova has released the Azerbaijani version of her Eurovision entry. Simply stunning. Azerbaijani is such a beautiful language and I really would love to hear it in Eurovision someday. Dilara has very busy promoting her entry - she's spent time in Lithuania and Hungary, where she got the opportunity to meet Vilija Matačiūnaitė and András Kállay-Saunders. She also visited Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago where she attended the Eurovision In Concert event and performed "Start A Fire" live. And here's the Azerbaijani version of "Start A Fire"...

Introducing 2014: Sweden!

Sanna Nielsen won Melodifestivalen with Undo. The grand final was held on 8th March and the quality was very high. I loved the majority of songs - favourites are mine included Ace WilderEllen Benediktson and Helena Paparizou! As always, an international jury of music experts influenced the results. Ace Wilder won the jury vote... however the Swedish public favoured Sanna and therefore Sanna is heading to Copenhagen. Ace and Sanna are both great artists - so I would have been delighted with either of them winning. And I'm really happy that Sanna gets the chance to represent Sweden in Eurovision. She's already participated in Melodifestivalen seven times so it was lovely to see her finally win.

Sweden are hot favourites to win the contest itself next month - and I wouldn't mind if Sweden did win. It's an amazing song. Maybe Ace would have had more international appeal, though? I don't know. Anyway, Sanna will defiantly qualify and a top five position is very likely. Lycka till!

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Montenegro!

Sergej Ćetković was internally chosen to represent Montenegro in November 2013. The song he'll perform in Copenhagen is beautiful - it's a Balkan ballad entitled Moj Svijet. Sergej Ćetković is extremely popular in Montenegro and he's had numerous hits. He was a great choice. I love Montenegro's entry! When the song was released, I found it a little boring and old fashioned - however my opinion changed soon after listening to it a few more times. It's a classy song. Sergej's style of music is very similar to Željko Joksimović's style - and that is NEVER a bad thing.

I cannot wait to see the stage performance next month. Regarding Copenhagen, I'm pretty sure Sergej will qualify! Montenegro have unfortunately never qualified though... They should have qualfied in 2007, 2009 and 2013 in my opinion. Montenegro have a great draw and his vocals are always very strong. Plus the juries will probably love it. Watch a live performance of "Moj Svijet" here.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Copenhagen 2014: The stage...

A photograph has emerged of the stage. I think it looks stunning. The blue area is where the participants will go after they've performed... yep, I am really loving this! Remember, rehearsals kick off in a couple of weeks. I'm sure this will come across great on camera. 

Introducing 2014: Finland!

The Finnish representatives were chosen through the selection "Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu" (UMK) and this selection consisted of many great songs. The final itself was held on 1st February and Softengine won with Something Better. Softengine have signed an album deal with Sony Music - which is a great achievement as these guys are only between 17 and 19 years of age. I wasn't surprised when this won - it's a great song and I believe Finland will stand out in Copenhagen. However, did Finland have anything better on offer? Yeah.. Other favourites of mine included Hukka ja MamaJasmin Michaela and the lovely Hanna Sky. Although for me, there was only one winner and that was Mikko Pohjola. His ballad is spectacular. I cannot understand a word yet I adore this song so much... The juries would have loved this too and Finland would have achieved top ten, at-least! I'm curious to see if Softengine will qualify. I think it's borderline.

Monday 14 April 2014

Russia: Rui Andrade joins the team!

The Russian entry has been written and composed by an international team and now it's been revealed Rui Andrade will join the Tolmachevy Sisters on stage as a backing vocalists, who's Portuguese. Rui came 3rd in the Portuguese national final although he still gets the chance to shine in Eurvosion. ;-)

Meanwhile, with all the current problems in Crimea - what will happen when people there vote? Will the vote be counted as part of the Russian or Ukrainian vote? It'll be interesting to see how that develops.

Introducing 2014: FYR Macedonia!

Tijana Dapčević was internally selected to fly the Macedonian flag in August 2013. Expectations were high and in late February, we finally got to hear To The Sky. Some information regarding Tijana's stage performance in Copenhagen has been revealed, we know that  Tamara Todevska will be a backing vocalists. Tamara represented FYR Macedonia in 2008 and she is Tijana's sister. Meanwhile, Dimitar Andonovski and Nikola Perevski will also join Tamara as backing vocalists - and there will be a dancer on stage, too! The dancer is Dejan Kolarov.

I really like the Macedonian entry. I've also seen several interviews with Tijana and she seems such a lovely person! Last week, Tijana performed her entry at the Eurovision in Concert event in Copenhagen. Her vocals were 100% live and I thought she was fantastic! The official video-clip was revealed yesterday. So, will FYR Macedonia qualify for the grand final? It's hard to say for sure but I'm pretty confident that Tijana will make it.

Sunday 13 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Lithuania!

Vilija Matačiūnaitė won the Lithuanian selection with Attention. A very contemporary entry from Lithuania. Vilija Matačiūnaitė isn't just a songwriter, she's also an actress. The Lithuanian national final started in December 2013 and finally came to an end on 1st March. The final show was even postponed a couple of weeks because of the high ratings. I didn't really follow the Lithuanian national final, however I did manage to watch parts of the final. The final featured the three remaining acts performing the same song - and then the Lithuanians decided which interpretation they preferred.

I liked all the version, actually. It's a very good song. Mia's version was very classy and sophisticated, meanwhile Vaidas's version had a more relaxed atmosphere. But Vilija composed "Attention" and I think she was a worthy winner. Will Lithuania make the grand final in Copenhagen?! I expect so... I think Lithuania has a very good chance this year.

Saturday 12 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Iceland!

Söngvakeppnin was held once again to decide the Icelandic entry. This selection was probably one of the weakest this year.. I only liked a couple of entries. My favoutite was Ásdís María Viðarsdóttir with Amor and I also rather enjoyed Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir's entry which was entitled Lífið kviknar á ný. She made the super-final although Pollapönk won with Enga fordóma - which was soon translated to No Prejudice. I don't dislike it, I just think Europe will see this as a joke entry. Maybe it'll be the surprise qualifier? But I hope not... I understand the importance of the message they are conveying but I just think the song itself is terrible. A good message but an awful song. Sorry Iceland, but you are my least favourite this year...

Friday 11 April 2014

NuVidz: Tijana Dapcevic, Chachi ft. Natascha Bessez, Tinkara Kovač, Adelén!

The Macedonian video-clip was revealed this afternoon and it's awesome. The video-clip of To The Sky features several shirtless men... I really like Tijana and I think it's one of the best Macedonian entries ever! The lovely Natascha Bessez has recently teamed up with American DJ Chachi - and here's the official video-clip of Heart is a Warrior. I love this song <3 Natascha is fabulous and she deserves massive success. And... she should have represented Denmark! Yesterday, Tinkara Kovač released the official video-clip of Round and Round. There have also been slight changes to the song, which makes it even stronger. Finally, we have a new song from the gorgeous Adelén. Enjoy Always On My Mind!

Introducing 2014: San Marino!

In 2012, Valentina Monetta flew the Sammarinese flag with The Social Network Song although failed to qualify. Then she decided to give it another go with Crisalide (Vola) - and she didn't make it, although she was close. Therefore, Valentina decided to give it another shot this year! She'll perform Maybe in Copenhagen. The song is actually my favourite entry from Valentina - and I really would love to see San Marino in the grand final. Maybe that would encourage other microstates (like Monaco, Luxembourg and Andorra) to return in the near future. She's recently released a new album, entitled Sensibilità.

The Sammarinese was composed by Ralph Siegel with lyrics by Mauro Balestri. Valentina will sing the English version in Copenhagen - although she has recorded an Italian version. Normally I support songs in the native language, but I feel Valentina and her team made the right choice when deciding to sing in English. There have been little details revealed about Valentina's performance in Copenhagen. I would be thrilled to see San Marino make the final.. You can read my exclusive interview with Valentina here! Buona fortuna, Vale! <3

Thursday 10 April 2014

UK: Laura Whitmore to commentate on semi-finals, with Scott Mills!

It's been confirmed that Scott Mills and Laura Whitmore will co-host the BBC's coverage of the semi finals in Copenhagen. She's best known for hosting I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! NOW! on ITV2. Here's what the Irish presenter had to say:
"I am going to be in Copenhagen doing some bits for BBC Three for Eurovision so that will be pretty cool. It's a tough life!"
Ana Matronic, from Scissor Sisters, commentated on the semi finals last year in Malmo (with Scott, of-course) although has had to pull out because she's busy touring. 

Introducing 2014: Portugal!

Portugal withdrew last year due to financial difficulties however they are back - which is awesome!! The Portuguese entry was chosen through Festival da Canção, and Suzy emerged as the winner with Quero Ser Tua. It was a controversial choice. Following the results, Catarina Pereira and Rui Andrade (who came 2nd and 3rd respectively) raised their concerns about the outcome of the contest. These concerns involved suspicions that Emanuel, the composer of the winning song, influenced the televote in favour of his entry. Anyway, the final itself consisted of five songs. The main favourite was Mea Culpa by Catarina Pereira. I would love to see her fly the Portuguese coulours in Eurovision one year - maybe she'll be selected internally?

Rui Andrade was another favourite to take the crown, but his song was very underwhelming and thus he only came 3rd. Suzy is fantastic and actually lives in Dubai. I hope she'll make the final. She's recorded a new version of the song and it was premiered at the Eurovision in Concert event last week. There are only small changes. Boa sorte! 

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Sweden: Lyrical changes made to "Undo"!

Sanna Nielsen won the right to represent Sweden last month - and the song is one of the favourites to win the whole event in Copenhagen, although questions have been raised regarding the lyrics. The grammatically incorrect "Undo my sad" lyric has undergone a slight revamp. Fredrik Kempe penned the song and decided to make a slight changes to the lyrics. The lovely Sanna will now sing "Undo my sad love" as the last line in each chorus. You can listen to the new version here. Will these changes improve Sanna's changes of winning?

NuVidz: Mo, Jessica Mauboy, Shakira, Hind!

Mo came third in Melodi Grand Prix with Heal. He was one of the favourites to represent Norway - and it is a very nice song. Although I think Norway made the right choice! The lovely Jessica Mauboy will perform as the interval act in the 2nd semi-final, in Copenhagen. Her latest single is Never Be the Same. She could easily chart in the United Kingdom or America with this song. She's amazing!! I've am a massive fan of Shakira. Her new song is entitled Empire! This is an amazing song. It's clocked almost 19 million views on YouTube in one month. She also performed this song on The Voice UK. Remember Hind? She represent The Netherlands in 2008 although didn't manage to qualify. Well here's one of her latest songs - Make It Count. She recently gave an exclusive interview to my friend at Life After Helsinki 2007. :-)

Serbia: RTS to broadcast all three shows!

Unfortunately, Serbia are not participating this year due to financial problems although it has been confirmed that RTS will broadcaster all three live shows! I really hope they will return next year! The head of press at RTS, Duška Vučinić said:
Due to financial reasons, we were not able to send a representative in Copenhagen this year, but I strongly believe that Serbia will return next year. Our hope is to continue our tradition of participating in Eurovision, and to return our national selection, Beosong. 

Introducing 2014: Russia!

Back in September 2013, it was announced that Russia would hold a national final on 31st December. Although those plans were soon scrapped as the application deadline was extended to 28th February - and therefore the national final was then planned to take place in March. However, it was then decided that Russia would select their representative internally. Due to the political situation surrounding Russia and Ukraine etc. many fans were very eager to hear the Russian entry. The Tolmachevy Sisters were announced as the Russian entrants on 15th March. The song they'll perform in Copenhagen was released a few days later and it entitled Shine. Isn't that an original title? The song was composed by an international team consisting of Philip Kirkorov, Dimitri Kontopoulos, John Ballard, Ralph Charlie and Gerard James Borg.

According to media in Russia, Sergey Lazarev was initially going to represent Russia although decided to decline the invitation. I love the Russian language - and I've always been interested in Russian music, however "Shine" does absolutely nothing for me. It's a pleasant song. Nothing less and nothing more. Moscow 2015? I think it's highly unlikely..

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Romania!

Paula Seling & Ovi won the Romanian national final on 1st March. The courageous duo are returning in hope to bring the Eurovision trophy to Romania, after they placed a very respectable 3rd place in 2010... Miracle is one of my favourite entries this year. The duo recently performed a traditional version of the song - and it was amazing! Meanwhile, they also performed an acoustic version. #WOW.

The Romanian selection consisted of many great songs. Vaida won the televote with One more time. My favourite was Renee Santana feat. Mike Diamondz with Letting Go. Ştefan Stan feat. TeddyK would have also been worthy Romanian representatives with Breath. But it wasn't meant to be, as Paula and Ovi were unstoppable! Will they be victorious? I doubt it, however I do think they'll make the top-ten. The performance in the Romanian selection wasn't great. But Paula's vocals are amazing! That high note is just flawless!

Monday 7 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Israel!

Back in January, Mei Finegold was internally selected to fly the Israeli flag in Copenhagen - and what an amazing choice! The song she'll represent Israel with is Same Heart. Defiantly one of my favourites this year. I love the switch between English and Hebrew. However, she hasn't performed this live yet so we have no way of knowing what the stage presentation will be like. The song itself was chosen through a mini-national final, which consisted of three songs. The other songs were Be Proud and Nish'eret iti. But I think the best song was selected!

Mei Finegold is a 31 year-old singer, who placed third on Kokhav Nolad 7, the Israeli version of Pop Idol. I think her voice is amazing and I really want to see Israel in the final this year... the last time they qualified was in 2010 and I believe Mei will qualify. This song deserves to be in the final, without a doubt.

Sunday 6 April 2014

Introducing 2014: United Kingdom!

After endless speculation and rumours it was finally announced that Molly would represent the United Kingdom in Copenhagen with Children Of The Universe. Molly Smitten-Downes is a 27 year-old who was discovered through the BBC Introducing platform - which was set up to discover new talented and unsigned artists. The British entry was revealed on 3rd March, during a special program on the BBC Red Button.

Molly is one of the favourites to win the contest next month, and of-course I would love that. The song is perfect, Molly is amazing and I just hope we get a good draw! If the UK are drawn in the second-half of the final, Molly really has a good chance of being victorious. I have a really good feeling about this. Molly has recently signed an album deal with Warner Music. Here's the official studio version. The song will be officially released on 28th April - with a video-clip, I believe! #TeamMolly!

Saturday 5 April 2014

Copenhagen 2014: Photos of the stage revealed!

All I can say is wow! Photographs of the stage have been revealed and it looks pretty amazing.. I am even more excited for Copenhagen now! Meanwhile, the annual Eurovision in Concert takes place in Amsterdam tonight which will feature unique performances from 25 acts. Stay tuned as tomorrow I'll take a look at some of the best performances. 

Copenhagen 2014: Lys Assia reveals her favourites!

The first ever Eurovision winner, Lys Assia, has revealed her twenty favourite entries from the 2014 contest. She took to Twitter and Facebook to share this. She said that Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Austria and San Marino gave her a special and touching feeling.
  1. Belgium
  2. Norway
  3. Denmark
  4. Austria
  5. Sweden
  6. San Marino
  7. UK
  8. The Netherlands
  9. Montenegro
  10. Armenia
  11. Latvia
  12. Malta
  13. Switzerland
  14. Russia
  15. Ukraine
  16. Hungary
  17. Israel
  18. Italy
  19. France
  20. Iceland
Iceland... seriously? I'm happy to see she ranked the United Kingdon 7th. :-)

Introducing 2014: Austria!

Conchita Wurst was chosen to represent Austria in Copenhagen with Rise Like A Phoenix. Conchita Wurst is the drag persona played by Tom Neuwirth. He is not a transsexual. This decision caused controversy, naturally. A Facebook page was set up against her participation - which currently has over 38,000 likes. Petitions were launched in Belarus and Russia, calling for the national broadcasters to edit Conchita's performance out. Oh dear. Some people are still living in the dark ages, aren't they?

Let's talk about the song. It is a song contest after-all! "Rise Like A Phoenix" is a fantastic ballad. The live performance was brilliant. In 2012, she entered the Austrian national final with That's What I Am. Another great song but her Eurovision entry is much better. Will she make the final? Semi-final two is very hard to call although I think Austria will make it.

Friday 4 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Latvia!

Dziesma, the Latvian national final, featured a number of awesome entries! Latvia selected their representative on 22nd February - where Aarzemnieki won with Cake To Bake. I like it. But Samanta Tina was my ultimate favourite... she's fantastic!! Stay would have been my favourite entry in Copenhagen, if Latvia selected it.. Dons came 2nd with Pēdējā vēstule. A very strong ballad in Latvian - and a domestic hit. I also really liked Revelation and Saule riet.

Aarzemnieki will perform 2nd in the first semi-final.. therefore I think Latvia's chances of qualifying are very low unfortunately. The lead singer of Aarzemnieki, Jöran Steinhauer, is from Germany. Latvia deserve to qualify. The song makes me happy when listening to it, the lyrics are also very clearly written. Very nice representation from Latvia!

Thursday 3 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Belgium!

Axel Hirsoux won over both the Belgian public and an international jury with Mother. The Belgian national final was held on 16th March and Alex received 57.31% of the public vote, in a field of six participants. This is a very strong entry from Belgium. Probably one of their strongest entries ever. I wouldn't say I love it - however I do really like it. His voice is fantastic, the song is a little cheesy though especially the lyrics. Alex has previously entered "The Voice Belgique" - although he was eliminated in the second round.

The national final itself consisted of many great songs. Sil was my favourite with What's the time in Tokyo?. This is a stunning ballad and Sil's vocals are perfect throughout. I also really enjoyed Eva's entry which was entitled Nothing is impossible. Another great song was Need You Tonight, by Yass. However maybe his high notes weren't as strong as they should have been. The Belgian selection process featured a jury of music experts, including the lovely Ruslana. Her favourite was without a doubt Alex! She awarded him 100 points out of 100. Will this qualify in Copenhagen? I expect so, the jury will especially love it.

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Copenhagen 2014: Official CD to be released on 14th April!

The official 2014 Eurovision album will be released on Monday 14th April! Eeeeek! The official Eurovision shop is going through maintenance although you can always pre-order the CD on Amazon or UK delivery is free. Naturally, the CD will feature all of this years participating songs and it'll also contain the official anthem of the contest - which is "Rainmaker" by Emmelie de Forest.

Introducing 2014: France!

I wanna have a moustache! France are represented by Twin Twin, after they won the French selection process. The French selection featured three songs. Destan's song was pretty weak - just another clean cut boyband. I did originally love Joanna's entry however after a few listens, it was rather boring and wasn't that strong. Joanna would have probably been bottom five in Copenhagen.. So after two rather pleasant but mainstream (and boring) songs, Moustache defiantly caught everyone's attention. Whether it be for the right or wrong reasons ;-)

Before the selection, Twin Twin were practically unknown - the trio consists of Lorent Idir, François Djemel and Patrick Biyik. The song itself has caused controversy though... "Moustache" has been accused of plagiarism however I don't think there are many similarities. I personally like the French entry! It's wacky, unique and very catchy indeed. In Copenhagen, I predict France will finish near the bottom of the leaderboard although it deserves more. I really hope Twin Twin do well. Bonne chance, France!

Tuesday 1 April 2014

UK: Molly lands herself an album deal with Warner Music!

The lovely Molly has revealed that she's signed an album deal with Warner Music UK. More details regarding the album itself will be released in due course Congratulations, Molly! She posted this on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.
Over the moon to announce I’ve just signed an album deal with @warmermusicuk ! Can’t wait to make and share some more music with you all #dreamscancometrue #powertothepeople #childrenoftheuniverse #warnerfam #domgclassof2014

Introducing 2014: Denmark!

Basim (Anis Basim Moujahid) won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on 8th March with Cliche Love Song. Denmark is this years' host nation and I predict they will make the top ten with no problems. Basim will perform at #23 in the running-order. I'm not a massive fan of the song. It's pleasant and very sweet although I do feel Denmark had more to offer...

Michael Rune feat Natascha Bessez came 2nd with Wanna Be Loved! This song is fantastic and it would have been one of my favourite songs in Copenhagen, if Denmark had selected it... I was so gutted when this didn't win! Oh well. I know her vocals weren't that strong but it's still awesome! I also liked Your Lies, by Rebekka Thornbech. "Cliche Love Song" will probably do really well in Copenhagen although I don't think Denmark will be hosts in 2015..

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