Friday 30 November 2012

Serbia: National Final set for March!

It's been announced that a National Final will select the Serbian 2013 entry, in March! Beosong 2013 will consist of 2 nights - a Semi Final and then the Grand Final.

Duška Vučinić-Lučić, the PR of RTS informed:
"The citizen of Serbia will choose our entrant for Malmö, during a two-day festival “Beosong 2013″ in March next year. In the semi final of the national selection, there will be no more than 15 songs, and through televoting the best five will proceed to the final. In the final night, the Serbian entry will be chosen out of those five finalists. According to the financial situation, “Beosong 2013″ will be organized in RTS’ studio."
The deadline is 20th January 2013. Serbia came 3rd in 2012, I loved their song!
Update - The dates have been confirmed! The Semi will be held on 2nd March then the Grand Final in the 3rd of March!

Russia: National Final to select entry! t.A.T.u. to return?

Lena Katina Yulia Volkova (L) and Lena Katina of the band t.A.T.u. perform during the show after the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Semi Finals at Olimpiysky Arena on May 12, 2009 in Moscow, Russia. The 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Finals will be held on May 16. (Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Epsilon/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Lena Katina;Yulia VolkovaIt's been announced that Russia will hold a national final to choose their 2013 entry, according to ESCWebs, and they are calling for songs!

So why could t.A.T.u return? Because next years contest will be the 10th anniversary of their participation. and Julia Kolkova participated in the Russian National Final back in March, with Dima Bilan where they came 2nd. They are celebrating this anniversary with re-releasing their debut album and even Julia has stated how she would love to return to the contest, apparently. 

It would be amazing if they did come back! But if they did compete in the NF, they still may not win as we all though that Dima and Julia was going to win by far. I must stress, nothing is confirmed however several blogs have reported this news! Will they be back? What do you think?

t.A.T.u came 3rd in 2003 with this song...

UK: Girls Aloud selected?

Girls Aloud are arguably one of the biggest girl groups in the world and they could be represent the United Kingdom in 2013! OMG!

Nothing has been announced by the BBC yet, as per, but it seems that they could have already been selected! Today the London Metro reported...
"Girls Aloud may have missed out on a no.1 comeback...but it appears Eurovision is in their sights!"
They have had a 10 year successful career and it seems the group may celebrate that with ESC! They have stated how they would like to do Eurovision - and sources to the BBC have said a big name has been selected! I can;t believe it - it will be amazing if they did go. 

Enjoy their come-back hit, and pray the BBC will send them! They UK could do well again!

Greece: Participation back in danger!

We all thought that Greece had decided to participate, but it seems economical problems may sway to country to withdraw. Cyprus is also in the same position.

According to ESCToday, they are very likely to pull out of the contest. A decision will be announced very soon however a withdrawal does seem probable, apparently. Cyprus - another country who thought had decided to participate, may also withdraw but that is to be decided soon. I personally feel Cyprus will participate but Greece may indeed withdraw....

Enjoy the Greek 2012 entry...

Monday 26 November 2012

Portugal and Poland: Withdrawals hits headlines across Europe!

Sky News.
Portugal has confirmed their withdrawal from the 2013 contest because of financial difficulties, partly, and it seems that this has grabbed attention all over the continent.
Well known newspapers like the Daily Mail has covered this news meanwhile Sky News stated how Portugal and Poland just "cannot afford Eurovision". Poland is also mentioned saying how they won't return after leaving last year. However it's not only British pres reporting this news - Portugal withdrawing has spread across Europe including being mentioned in French, Romanian and Irish press. Shaun Walker, from the Irish Independence says how hosting ESC is the last thing on a countries wish list and he also said...
"The annual festival of camp is becoming an expense too far for cash-strapped European countries trying to implement austerity measures."
To celebrate their participation, so lets enjoy the highest scoring Polish and Portuguese ...

Sweden: Line up for Melodifestivalen 2013 announced!

Today, in a press conference, SVT have revealed the full list of participants for Melodifestivalen! Not many big names but there are some I recognise. The following will participate:

Cookies N Beans – Burning Flags
Mary N’diaye – Gosa
YOHIO – Heartbreak Hotel
Jay-Jay Johanson – Paris
Anna Järvinen – Porslin
David Lindgren – Skyline
Eric Gadd – Vi kommer aldrig att förlora
Michael Feiner & Caisa – We’re Still Kids 
Joacim Cans – Annelie
Anton Ewald – Begging
Sean Banan – Copacabanana
Rikard Wolff – En förlorad sommar
Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli – Hello Goodbye
Felicia Olsson – Make Me No 1
Pernilla Wahlgren, Hanna Hedlund, Jenny Silver – On Top Of The Worrld
Louise Hoffsten – Only The Dead Fish Follow 
Eddie Razaz – Alibi
Amanda Fondell – Dumb
Körberg, Rabaeus, Malmberg & Ronander – En riktig jävla schlager
State of Drama – Falling
Janet Leon – Heartstrings
Caroline af Ugglas – Hon har inte
Martin Rolinski – In and out of love
Elin Petersson – Island
SEMIFINAL 4 – 23.02.2013 – MALMO
Ralf Gyllenhammar – Bed on fire
Therese Fredenwall – Breaking the silence
Behrang Miri – Jalla dansa salwa
Lucia Piñera – Must be love
Army of Lovers – Rockin’ the ride
Ulrik Munther – Tell the world I’m here
Sylvia Vrethammar – Trivialiter
Robin Stjernberg – You

I doubt anything will beat Loreen! :D

Croatia: Selection methord announced!

Croatia has announced their selection method for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest! A Klapa will be the genre which will represent the Balkan country, this is traditional Croatian music! Who the singer will be? That will be decided by a national final.

Croatia has opted for a more traditional approach to the contest. HRT have announced the full details of their selection process. All willing songwriters can send their demos in until 25th December. A 3 member professorial jury will select the best and that will be the Croatian song, the artist will be selected by a mini National Final. The Croatian broadcaster, HRT, have been criticised for not sending traditional entries to ESC. The Croatians have not made the final since 2009.

It's very similar to how The Netherlands selected their entry back in 2010. A Klapa is going to represent the Croatians but who the singer will be, is going to be decided at a later date. No dates have been confirmed for this as of yet. I wish Croatia the best of luck next year! The winner is promised a promotion tour and a music video will be made. I think this will be interesting however most fans are not keen on this idea...

Songwriters can send their demos to the following address:

Hrvatska radiotelevizija
Hrvatska televizija
Zabavni program
Za odabir hrvatske pjesme za - Eurosong  2013.“
Prisavlje 3
10000 Zagreb

I loved their 2012 entry....

Sunday 25 November 2012

Slovakia: Participation still undecided...

What do you think Slovakia will decide?
Will Slovakia participate? Will they withdraw? This is one of the most common questions ESC fans wonder each and every year.

Slovakia announced they would withdraw in 2011, then stayed, and also said how they would leave the contest in 2012, but confirmed participation last minute! Now this year, they haven't released any information but rumours are rife, saying how the Central European country will withdraw from Eurovision. Oikotimes reports about the Slovakian withdrawal also. Its clear the broadcaster is experiencing financial problems...

On the other hand, I also have heard that STV have signed an artist willing to participate however again, nothing is set in stone! ESCToday stated how Slovakia are "likely" to participate in next years Eurovision Song Contest...

Good luck Slovakia, weather that's participation or a withdrawal. A final decision expected in December.

Portugal: The real reason for withdrawal....

Next year's contest will not have a Portuguese entry, it seems not just because of financial difficulties. Apparently RTP wants "more tradition" in the contest.

I must say, I completely agree with this statement however what can the EBU do about this? Nothing, unless they bring back the learning rule but then that would feel like a step back for more broadcasters. Will they return for the 2014 edition? It doesn't look likely...

I want more songs like this beauty in ESC! You will be missed so much Portugal...

Here is a fan made video, after they announced their withdrawal...

Saturday 24 November 2012

Croatia: Klapa to be selected internally?

It seems that Croatia will once again select their entry internally, according to Klapa, a cappella group, are being hinted by many sources close to HRT, they could fly the Croatian flag in Malmo!

If selected, Klapa are not your typical Croatian act! I think they would be interesting but their song would have to be really good! But cappella didn't work for Latvia in 2006. Klapa means "group of friends"! They are also known by over in America! Nothing is confirmed yet I stress.

An announcement regarding their entrant is expected next month. Here is one of Klapa's songs...

Italy: Fans vote for Marco Mengoni!

Italian broadcaster, RAI, launched a Facebook poll to see who fans want the Italians to be represented by and it appears the Italians want an X Factor winner, Marco Mengoni!

Even though RAI are yet to confirm the selection method, it seems that they could go internal. When Italy decided to return in 2011, Marco was among the favourites to represent Italy along with Nathalie. He is the clear favourites with not just Italian fans, but also ESC fans all over the globe! Who would you like to see?

The 23 year old looks promising, judging by some of his work - he also participated in Sanremo, back in 2010! Buona Fortuna Italia...

Here is one of Marco's songs, Enjoy! :D

Friday 23 November 2012

Germany: Entry to be selected Valentines Day!

The German national final is planned for 14th February and it will take place in the city of Hannover!

12 acts will fight for the right to represent the Germans in Malmo, apparently there are going to be some established artists in the selection. The winner will be selected by televote/jury/Internet voting - as the songs are expected to be released a week for the grand final is expected to take place. I wish Germany the best!

Here is their 2012 effort, and a very good one..

Slovenia: Participation not decided...

Will they enter?
Yesterday was such a sad day, because we learnt that Poland will not be returning and of Portugal withdrawing. Still in pieces over dear Portugal... But it seems that Slovenia is now also in doubt.

The reason being? Well financial difficulties of course! RTVSLO will decide Monday whether they will enter to contest next year. Apparently (according to they are closer to withdrawing that participating. Rumours are also spreading around the net that Slovakia may also not participate, and even news that Carlos Costa may fund the Portuguese participation - but I will find out more about that ;) This is going to be a very interesting few weeks!

The deadline for participants in 15th December! Enjoy a song from the beautiful nation...

Thursday 22 November 2012


I am so upset to be reporting the news that one of the oldest countries in ESC has decided to withdraw! Such a shame...

It's not much of a surprise, as they are having lots of money difficulties and haven't achieved good results recently! I just can't believe it. I really am sad! Today has been a very busy day as Poland has also confirmed that they won't participate however Montenegro have confirmed they will send an entry to Malmo! More on this news tomorrow. I'm so upset for all my Portuguese friends.

Here is their entry from 2012... :(

On a more positive note, they didn't rule out a 2014 return!

Montenegro: Confirmed their participation!

Moments ago it was revealed by ESCToday that Montenegro will participate in next year's contest! Great news, we now have 42 confirmed participants!

They returned in 2012, after 2 years of absence, and many thought that their participation was in doubt! This is not the case however and I am looking forward to hearing their 5th entry! How they will choose the entrant is yet unknown however my guess would be internal! Now it's only Portugal left to decide, as they will announce their intentions tomorrow! C'mom Portugal...

Montenegro has never won but that's down to sending average/awful entries - hope that can change in 2013! Best of luck Montenegro. This is what they returned within Baku...

18:00 CET - I hear bad things coming from Slovakia and Slovenia, stay tuned! :/
19:30 CET - Now nothing has been confirmed in Slovakia, so that could go either way! Slovenia, a decision is expected to make Monday! Portugal are in real danger... Let's hope they will all stay!

France: Fabrice Mauss selected?

Fabrice Mauss has been rumored that he will represent France for a couple of weeks now but he apparently confirmed his participation on radio a few days ago. It seems very weird he would say this if it wasn't true so it's likely he will represent the country in Malmo, next May.

He stated how he will represent his country next year by saying "I'm very happy and honored to have been chosen, but I am also scared after the rather poor result achieved by Anggun this year". I think he would be very good for France in Eurovision however as I said - nothing is confirmed! Good luck France anyway, choose wisely! 

France 3 are yet to announce anything regarding the 2013 contest. Here is one of his most well known songs...

Switzerland: Finalists confirmed!

Switzerland will hold a National Final 15th December - where 9 acts will try and represent the country! I must say that the overall standard is low but there are two songs which I adore! Lys Assia and Magdelena Tul failed to make the final - Lys wasn't too pleased about this...

I will post my favourite 3 songs from this selection and my least favourite (this is what I will do before National Finals). I understand not everyone will agree with me but I hope you can appreciate it! The winner will be decided by 100% televoting - how scary :O

1st. Chiara Dubey - Bella Sera!
The best from the average NF! I adore this beautiful song - her vocals are extremely unique and I also find her a lovely person (I'm friends with her)! I think she would be an awesome choice for Switzerland! And who knows? She did come 3rd last year - I just hope she will stand out! 9/10 <3

2nd. Carrousel - J'avais rendez-vous!
Love it! I find this a very cool funky song - It's great! I would love for them to be represented by the duo. However I don't know how this will look on stage as its more of a radio song. It's fun and I hear that many people like it. But will they Swiss? I don't think they will. 7/10

3rd. Melissa - The Point of No Return!
I loved her in the Spanish National Final back in 2011 and I love her now! I find the song pretty good but I don't know if she will be able to pull it off live! Melissa is actually half Swiss, half Spanish - in case you didn't know! But Switzerland does like international starts representing them! Good luck! 6/10

9th (LAST). Anthony Bighead - Do The Monkey!
Never in my life have I heard something so stupid! What a poor excuse of a song - if it can even be called that! If Switzerland sends this mess to Malmo, it will be another dent in the ESC reputation. If they don't choose this - it will still be a NF victory! Even Lys Assia was better than this monstrosity... 0/10

All the best Switzerland - please send Chiara Dubey or Carrousel! 

Moldova: Natalia Barbu has a song for 2013!

Natalia Barbu is one of my favourite Moldovan artists so I'm thrilled that she is willing to represent her country once again! In 2007 she placed 10th in the Semi Final and Final...

She stated to a Romanian radio show...
"I have a superb song and planned some great show elements which are suitable for it"
It seems that Moldova will hold a National Final in either February or March next year and she is more than willing to participate! She won't say anything else about her song apart from it being "powerful". I wish her the best of luck, enjoy her 2007 entry...

Malta: 69 songs make the second phase!

Who will represent Malta in Sweden next year? I really have no idea but 69 participants have been revealed! There are many artists returning - here including Fabrizio Faniello, Claudia, Raquela, Kaya and Richard Edwards. On 30th November the 24 Semi Finalists will be announced and the songs will be made public.

Here is the pretty heavy list:

  • Ally - It’s All about a Boy 
  • Amber - In Control 
  • Anna Azzopardi - Here I am 
  • Annabelle Debono/Sean Vella - Silence Broken 
  • Annalise Ellul - No Way! 
  • Badine Bartolo - The Question 
  • Baklava - Fuego 
  • Ben - Reach the Light 
  • Chris Grech - Never Walk Away 
  • Claudia Faniello - When It’s Time 
  • Corazon Mizzi - My Stranger Love 
  • Corinne Caruana - 24 Hours 
  • Danica Muscat - Fantasy 
  • Danica Muscat - Fearless 
  • Daniel Micallef - Radio 
  • Dario Mifsud Bonnici - The Thief 
  • Davinia Pace - Betrayed 
  • Deborah C - Love-o-Holic 
  • Derrick Schembri - Starting Over 
  • Dominique Azzopardi - Too Little too late 
  • Dorothy Bezzina - Starting from the End 
  • Estell Fenech Imbroll - Ride 
  • Fabrizio Faniello - An Everlasting Dream 
  • Fiona Cauchi - All My Love 
  • Francesca Borg - Captivated 
  • Franklin Calleja - Let your heart talk 
  • Gianluca Bezzina - Tomorrow 
  • Gianni Zammit - Us Against the World 
  • Gloriana Arpa Belli - For all those times 
  • Ilaria Aquilina - Crying my Heart Out 
  • Ioana Dalli - Could have been me 
  • Janice Debattista - Perfect Day 
  • Janice Mangion - My Love is Dead 
  • Janvil - Give a little More 
  • Jessica Muscat - Ultraviolet 
  • Jessica Muscat - Serenità 
  • Jessica Muscat - In Your Kiss 
  • Jos - Dancing in the Rain 
  • Julie Pomorski - Tabula Rasa 
  • Karen Debattista - Cold Whispers 
  • Kaya - Immortal 
  • Kevin Borg - Needing You 
  • Klinsmann Coleiro - The Remedy 
  • Laura Bruno - Ready for Love 
  • Marilena Gauci - Overrated 
  • Melanie Zammit - Loverdose 
  • Michelle Micallef - Will you be there 
  • Miriam Christine - Closer to You 
  • Nadia Vella - Forbidden Love 
  • Nadine Bartolo - High 
  • Petra - No One’s home 
  • Petra & Richard Edwards - Wonderful Today 
  • Rachel Tedesco Triccas - Take Me As I am 
  • Raquela - Keep Believing 
  • Richard Edwards - Her Song 
  • Richard Edwards - Fall Like Rome 
  • Roger Tirazona - In Our love 
  • Romina Mamo - You belong to me 
  • Romina Mamo - Sublime 
  • Romina Mamo - Kiss Our Dreams Goodbye 
  • Rosman Pace - Unbelievable 
  • Saska Hunt - Dress Rehearsal 
  • Scar - Superstar 
  • Stefan Galea - Meant for More 
  • Tiziana Calleja - Silent Tears 
  • Vanessa Gatt - Vendetta 
  • Victorio Gauci - Naked 
  • Willaim Mangion - Somewhere Under the sun 
  • Ylenia - Tides of Illusion

Can't wait to hear Raquela's song! Here was her 2011 effort...

Portugal: Information about participation out tomorrow!

After Poland has confirmed that they won't make a return to the Eurovision next year, it begs the question even more - Will Portugal participate?

I am hearing rumors about an internal selection however I hear more rumors, even from friends of mine in Portugal, saying things are not good RTP and a withdrawal could be on the cards. I pray this is not the case however who knows? So far we have 41 participants confirmed and I just want to be able to reach 42! I did hear that they could opt for an internal selection, so let's hope that's the case!

Do you think they will send an entry to Malmo? Here is their 2012 entry!

Poland will NOT return to Eurovision!

I really thought that they would make a comeback but it seems that TVP really don't care about Eurovision no more.

They say they want to concentrate on other TV projects (who does that sound like?) and won't sent an entry to Malmo. Apparently this was only decided this week after long discussions. I fear they will never return now. Only Portugal and Montenegro to go - I just hope we can reach at least 42. No record will be broken next year...

Damn you TVP :(

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Ukraine: Another National Final set for December!

Why are there so many countries choosing in December? But I'm not complaining! I love hearing new songs all the time!

Ukraine will choose their entry for Malmo on 23nd December one night after Albania - who will represent the Ukraine next year? Who knows! I hope they select a good song as I feel they slipped up from their normal quality this year after not selecting Max. They were going to hold their final in Mid-February however changed their mind recently. 20 entries will be shown on the 23nd and the winner will be from jury and televoting,

So far Belarus, Switzerland, Belgium, Lithuania, Albania and also Ukraine will choose their entry in December!

Why not take a look at their 2012 entry (her awesome NF performance), good luck Ukraine! :D

San Marino: Confirmed participation!

Some more great news here... SMTV have announced that they will send an entry to Malmo next year!

How will they select it? Nothing is announced but an internal selection does look likely! As Lys Assia failed to make the Swiss final rumours have emerged that she could represent San Marino however these are just rumours... But if they can't find an artist - who knows? I wish them the best of luck! Now it's only Portugal and Montenegro who are yet to confirm, also we don't know whether Poland will return!

San Marino has never made the final. Here is their 2012 entry... *shudders*

Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa selected, radio final 16th February!

First of all, I have been away on holiday in Fuerteventura but now I'm back - YAY! And since I have been away the Belgium representative has been confirmed, and it's Roberto Bellarosa!

I have not heard of him but looking at his material he looks very good, but they must choose the right song, as they failed to do so last year! 3 songs will be presented and it will be down to the viewers and jury to decide what song he will sing in Malmo! The means that the 18 year old is the second artist to be confirmed after Anouk has been
confirmed for The Netherlands!

The radio final will take place 16th December, one day after Switzerland! Good luck Belgium! Here is one of his songs...

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Breaking News: Running order WILL be determined by the producers!!!

The draw for Eurovision 2011 - Semi Final 1.
A bombshell has hit all Eurovision fans today as have announced that there won't be a draw to select the running order but the producers of the show will do this! This has caused lots of controversy!

Positives - It will make the show more interesting because there won't by loads of ballads at one point, for example. SVT will mix it up therefore the show won't boring, they say. It will be good to see how they deal with this and who get's the "unlucky" slots.

Negatives - If a country is drawn early and does really bad then the broadcasters will moan and kick up a storm. This could come back to bite the EBU on the arse also as countries such as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and those kind of countries won't be impressed if they get a bad draw!

However one country will be selected by draw alone and that's the host, Sweden. All the other countries slots will be selected by the producers. It begs the question, will Montenegro perform st in the First Semi Final again? Will Denmark and Norway get a good draw? Will the UK be performing first again? Will the favourites be drawn around the start of the show? This will be so interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how this will plan out.

The majority of fans are not impressed by this as they think it could cause problems (well, it will!) between broadcasters who get an early draw, especially if they are drawn early in the semi and final. Norway and Denmark will perform in different semi finals - this has been confirmed! But is the draw that important?

Remember the 2012 draw? We won't be seeing that next year!

So what do you think about this? Let us know! :D

Tuesday 6 November 2012

France have confirmed participation for Malmo!

Today French TV has confirmed that they will be represented in next years Eurovision! This is great news!

How the French will select their representative for Malmo is yet unconfirmed however an internal selection does look likely, this should be announced with-in coming weeks. This is another step to a record amount of participants as San Marino, Portugal, Greece, Montenegro and Poland are yet to confirm whether they will enter or withdraw. It's very likely Poland will return but confirmation has not been announced yet, that should be this week - according to a friend of mine...

Who will fly the French flag? Anggun didn't do very well this year and even got 0 points from the voting- OUCH!

Monday 5 November 2012

Finland: Tickets on sale for UMK!

Finland is due to select their entry 9th Febuary in Espoo's Barano Areena and today tickets for that event have gone on sale! Tickets can be brought here!

These tickets are not expensive as they start from £20. 12 songs will be announced 3rd December so then we can see if they have a good change on doing well next year! The first show is expected to be aired 27th December - yep, another early date. What is it with countries starting their selections so early? Not that I'm complaining, I love it! 

Finland sent this beautiful ballad in 2012!

Denmark: Lise Ronne, Sofie Lassen-Kahlke and Louise Wolff will host DMGP!

This year there will be 3 hosts for DGMP - it's been confirmed by Danish broadcaster, DR. This will be the first time that 3 ladies have hosted the contest.

Sofie is the only DMGP virgin here as the other two have previously hosted the contest before. All participants will be revealed on 16th January - 692 songs were received by the Danish broadcaster so they will have a lot of work on their hands to whittle it down to 10 for the final.

Denmark will select their entrant on 26th January 2013. Who will represent the country in Malmo? Who would you like? Here is a pretty good song from their NF last year, I hope Ditte will return!

Karolina Gočeva releases a brand new single - "Toj"!

F.Y.R Macedonia have been represented twice by this lovely woman and now she has released a new song. Many Macedonian and European fans will be pleased to hear that her new single has been released!

She is about to release her 9th album and a new song is entitled "Toj" - which is Macedonian for "Him". It's a very cool relaxing
song and I think she will do very well with it! Do you like it? Listen here!

Switzerland: Final line up to be confirmed 12th November!

Nine acts will fight for the Swiss ticket to Malmo but who will participate in that National Final? Well Ally and Chiara Dubey will be there as they won the RSI regional final.

Among favourites to get chosen are Lys Assia, Magdalena Tul, Melissa, LA Voices and Mariella Farre. I think it's a pretty strong line up however I suppose they will choose the worst song! Haha - Chiara Dubey is my personal favourite, and hopefully I will upload an interview here with-in the coming weeks! 

Enjoy the two songs which have already qualified for the grand final, 15th December:

Ally - Catch Me:

Chiara Dubey - Bella Sera:

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