Wednesday 7 November 2012

Breaking News: Running order WILL be determined by the producers!!!

The draw for Eurovision 2011 - Semi Final 1.
A bombshell has hit all Eurovision fans today as have announced that there won't be a draw to select the running order but the producers of the show will do this! This has caused lots of controversy!

Positives - It will make the show more interesting because there won't by loads of ballads at one point, for example. SVT will mix it up therefore the show won't boring, they say. It will be good to see how they deal with this and who get's the "unlucky" slots.

Negatives - If a country is drawn early and does really bad then the broadcasters will moan and kick up a storm. This could come back to bite the EBU on the arse also as countries such as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and those kind of countries won't be impressed if they get a bad draw!

However one country will be selected by draw alone and that's the host, Sweden. All the other countries slots will be selected by the producers. It begs the question, will Montenegro perform st in the First Semi Final again? Will Denmark and Norway get a good draw? Will the UK be performing first again? Will the favourites be drawn around the start of the show? This will be so interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how this will plan out.

The majority of fans are not impressed by this as they think it could cause problems (well, it will!) between broadcasters who get an early draw, especially if they are drawn early in the semi and final. Norway and Denmark will perform in different semi finals - this has been confirmed! But is the draw that important?

Remember the 2012 draw? We won't be seeing that next year!

So what do you think about this? Let us know! :D


  1. Oh dear...
    Eurovision is supposed to be fair, and there is so much scope for the producers having influence over the results. I'm sure Sweden will base it on the song rather than how they want countries to do, but other countries in the future might not. And broadcasters are bound to make a fuss when they get rubbish draws. Anything involving human decision won't be fair. - One of the things written in here is that ESC is much fairer than reality shows because the draw is random. So much for that...
    Awful decision :(

    1. I kind of agree here Fifi! And thanks for that link, its very interested! :D


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