Tuesday 29 July 2014

Czech Republic: No return in 2015!

Is anyone surprised? Czech Republic will NOT return to Eurovision next year it seems. The landlocked country withdrew in 2009 due to poor results low viewing figures - and they haven't returned since. The Czech broadcaster Ceska Televize, did say they haven't ruled out returning in 2016.. Monaco, Slovakia and Andorra have also already said that they won't be sending a representative to Austria. Here's my favourite song from the Czechs:

Monday 28 July 2014

Missed Opportunities 2014: Spain!

Mira quién va a Eurovisión was one of my favourite selections of the 2014 national final season.. I actually liked all the songs - my favourite was the winning song, but who else would have been a worthy Spanish representative?

La Dama - Estrella Fugaz
La Dama was certainly the underdog of the competition and unfortunately she came last - but this blogger has always had a soft spot for Estrella Fugaz. I knew she wasn't going to win, though... it's a decent dance track although I feel this would have only achieved about 20th in Copenhagen. Still, I like it! Muy agradable

Brequette - Más
Brequette's live performance was underwhelming and and this would probably have flopped in Eurovision - but Más was such an amazing song! I loved Brequette's voice. She was the juries favourite to represent Spain however the Spanish public preferred Ruth and therefore she was declared the winner instead. The whole Eurovision fan community was either #TeamRuth or #TeamBrequette on Twitter that night! Great memories! The song was composed by Thomas G:son and Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson. G:son also composed Euphoria, Quédate conmigo and Waterfall

Sunday 27 July 2014

NuVidz: Sebalter, Indila, Dima Bilan, Janet!

After coming 13th in Eurovision and achieving Switzerland's best result since 2005, Sebalter has been recording songs for his new album - and his latest track is Saturday. Indila's S.O.S has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube and it's a lovely song. She's one of France's biggest stars - so, wouldn't it be fantastique if she represented France next year? I'm a big fan! Meanwhile, Bolyen toboy is Dima Bilan's latest single and this blogger likes it very much. Most Eurovision fans aren't too keen on him but I enjoy his music. Nice song! Maybe we'll see him return to the Eurovision stage soon? He did enter the Russian selection in 2012 with Julia Volkova but the grannies were unstoppable! Janet came 3rd in the Belorussian selection with You Will He Here and she's recently released the official video-clip. Beautiful. I doubt this song would've qualified in Copenhagen although it's charming! :')

Italy: Marco Mengoni would return to Eurovision!

Marco Mengoni has recently been interviewed by VIM Magazine where he's said that he would love to return to Eurovision one day. He said Eurovision gave him the opportunity and exposure to break into the Spanish market. Would you like to see him make a comeback? He said (English translation):
Yes, because it is a very strange, very fun experience. It is a world that leaves you speechless, because it involves reaching a European festival in which are represented all European nations, and each takes his music. It is a form of union, and although there are some absurd things, the organization is amazing, like you're in NASA. There is so much emotion, everything is organized to the last detail. It's fun and would do it again.
He came a very repsectable 7th in Malmo with this fantastic ballad:

Thursday 24 July 2014

San Marino: Antonello Carozza and Michele Perniola for 2015?

San Marino historically made the final for the first time ever in Copenhagen with Valentina Monetta. Naturally, a lot of people have discussed whether she'll represent the country for the forth time although it appears this won't be the case. SMTV are yet to confirm their presence in Austria - however sources close to the broadcaster say a decision has already been made regarding their act for next years edition...

Michele Perniola represented Europe's oldest state in JESC 2013, and even announced the Sammarinese votes in ESC 2014 - so naturally, he's been tipped to represent San Marino next year. Could it be him? Meanwhile, Antonello Carozza is an Italian singer, songwriter, composer, record producer, pianist and vocal coach. He has recently announced on his Facebook page that he's going to be busy in November working on JESC, and also busy in May... it's possible that he will produce Perniola's for next years Eurovision. Or maybeeeee Carozza will be their representative? Antonello Carozza produced San Marino's JESC entry last year and even competed in the Russian selection, back in 2010 with Senza respiro. He came 8th. We'll see how this one pans out.

This is not official - only speculation at the moment...

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Austria 2015: Eurovision dates confirmed!

It's been confirmed that next years Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 19th, 21st and 23rd May 2015. EBU and ORF officially confirmed this news earlier today. The semi finals will therefore take place on 19th and 21st May - and the final itself will be held on 23rd May, naturally. It's recently been announced that we'll find out which city will get to host the event. Vienna seems to be the favourite with Eurovision fans - although Innsbruck is giving the capital a run for it's money... the final decision will be revealed early August.

Sunday 20 July 2014

Missed Opportunities 2014: Latvia!

Latvia's national selection Dziesma featured a number of fantastic entries. The winning song wasn't necessary the best song in my opinion, but it was quite sweet. Aarzemnieki's Cake To Bake failed to make an impact in Copenhagen - Latvia only came a disappointing 13th place in the semi final. Who should Latvia have sent instead?

Dons - Pēdējā vēstule
Dons was without a doubt the favourite to win the Latvian national final. He gave a stunning performance of Pēdējā vēstule but it wasn't enough, unfortunately. The professional jury favoured him and he did come a very respectable 2nd place. His voice is fantastic and this song was really beautiful... This blogger doesn't understand a word but good music has no language. Dons would have fared very well with the juries in Eurovision! Predicted result in Copenhagen: 6th - 14th place in the final.

Samanta Tīna - Stay
Samanta Tīna came 3rd in the selection with Stay. This is possibly my favourite song of the 2014 national final season... it's amazing! I was gutted when she didn't win! She's tried to represent Latvia in on numerous occasions. Can't they just select her internally next year? I love her voice! She's beautiful and I think she would be a fabulous choice for Latvia next year. This would have made the final in Copenhagen - but who knows once in the final?

Photograph from Samanta's Instagram

Friday 18 July 2014

NuVidz: Jessika, Who See, Giorgia, Kovacs!

Jessika was the favourite to win the Maltese national final this year, and she even won the public vote - but the jury preferred Firelight. Anyway, she has released the official music video of Hypnotica. Great stuff! This song would have been awesome in Copenhagen! Montenegro's 2013 representatives, Who See, have released a new video-clip. Nemam ti kad was filmed in Bangkok. Not as good as their Eurovision entry but it's okay, nevertheless. This blogger is still gutted they didn't make the final... who doesn't love Nina Zizic and astronauts? Giorgia's latest track is Io fra tanti. Another amazing song from this beautiful and talented singer! And finally, I'd love to share My Love by Kovacs. Dark, mysterious, unique and simply fantastic!

Switzerland: Selection details revealed, final on 31st January!

We have some news regarding the Swiss selection for Eurovision 2015! SRF, Switzerland's German-language broadcaster, has announced the Swiss national final will be held on 31st January. The final show itself will feature six participants. But before all that, there is going to be an Expert Check where a special jury will select the best six songs for the final. The expert check round will feature nine candidates from Switzerland's German-language broadcaster (SRF), six act from the French-language broadcaster (RTS) and also three participants from the Swiss Italian-language broadcaster (RSI).

SRF will once again use an Internet platform to decide their hopefuls for the Expert Check and absolutely anyone can enter this. So, who's going to represent Switzerland? Sebalter did a fantastic job this year! :')

Tuesday 15 July 2014

FYR Macedonia: Participation confirmed, national final on 13th November!

FYR Macedonia has officially confirmed they will participate next year. Fabulous news! It's also been announced a national final will be used to select their entry for Austria. Skopje Fest is going to take place on 13th November - which is in only a few months time.. The winner of Skopje Fest won't just have the pleasure of flying the Macedonian flag, but will also be awarded 30.000 Euros.

MRT released this statement:
After conducting a survey on the website of MRT past month and a half, where as a public service to social responsibility have asked the opinion of the citizens of our (non) participation or mode of selection of the Macedonian representative at this prestigious event record number of voters who participated in the survey were quite divided on this issue. However, with the huge number of sound and constructive thinking by citizens, it seems that the public still does not want to give up on Eurovision and no matter what – have faith and desire to see Macedonia on the big stage, before the eyes of the European family and the world.
Source - MRT

Denmark: Emmelie De Forest's 'Rainmaker' is certificated gold!

Congratulations, Emmelie! Rainmaker has received over 1.3 million streams, and has therefore been certificated Gold. Nice! The song was the official anthem of Eurovision 2014, and was eve included on the official album. Emmelie's performance in Eurovision was fantastic... and wasn't it lovely to see all the participants dancing together on stage? Let's relieve that fantastic performance! 

Monday 14 July 2014

Cyprus: Return officially confirmed!

Welcome back, Cyprus! You've been greatly missed! It's been officially confirmed that Cyprus will return to the contest next year. A national selection, similar to the style of Melodifestivalen, will be used to determine the Cypriot entry. There will be two semi finals, one second chance round and of-course the grand finale! The national final is set to take place in January. Cypriots interested in competed have until 5th September to submit their offerings! :-)

Saturday 12 July 2014

Malta: National final to be held on 22nd November!

I wasn't expecting this! PBS, the national broadcaster, has announced the Maltese national final will take place on 22nd November. A semi-final will be held the day before, on 21st November. The selection will consist of 20 participants. Junior Eurovision takes place a week before in Malta Shipbuilding, Marsa - which is the same venue that'll host the national final. The Maltese broadcaster has said this decision has been taken so they can ensure a very high quality performance is showcased in Austria. The winning song may be revamped, or changed all together. 

Friday 11 July 2014

Missed Opportunities 2014: Hungary!

"A Dal" returned as Hungary's selection, where the standard of songs were very high indeed. The best song did win - but here are a couple of other songs that would've made a decent Hungarian entry.

Bogi - We All
This blogger didn't really appreciate We All until after the Hungarian final. It's a little repetitive but insanely catchy. I liked the performance itself, too. Her vocals were good. She came 2nd in the jury vote - the actual televote results weren't revealed. I don't think the juries would've liked appreciated this although it would have made the final with ease.

Polyák Lilla - Karcolás
Karcolás was my favourite song in the Hungarian selection! Oh, I loved this! She was eliminated in the semi-final so didn't even make the national final itself. A travesty! Fantastic vocals, amazing song and the Hungarian language is beautiful. Why didn't Hungary send this?

Thursday 10 July 2014

NuVidz: Kállay Saunders, Oonagh, Anton Ewald, Vaidas Baumila!

The amazing and super talented András Kállay Saunders achieved 5th place in Copenhagen with "Running" and he has enjoyed lots of success in Hungary since Eurovision. His latest single is entitled Juliet. The video-clip is lovely, and I feel this guy could really become a big star internationally. He's also been flirting with the notion of representing Hungary next year...Oonagh is amazing! Y'all have got to listen to Orome. She's just great and this blogger really loves the video-clip itself, too! Fantastisch! Anton Ewald has recently released This Could Be Something, along with Medina. It's mainstream and generic - not very special. He's already said he has no plans on returning to Melodifestivalen in 2015... but I'm sure his fans will enjoy this song anyway. Finally, Vaidas Baumila has released a laid-back tune entitled Free Love. A feelgood song where the FIFA World Cup is mentioned! This guy should soon represent Lithuania in my opinion.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Ireland: Jedward to return - but for another country?

Following their terrifying ordeal at sea, Jedward have said they would love to do Eurovision again although they wouldn't represent their homeland - they would represent another country instead. Apparently, the Irish twins have been approached by several broadcasters. They previously represented Ireland in 2011 and 2012, with a top ten result in 2011. Jedward stated:
We had every single country coming up to us going, ‘Can you please write a song for our country? Can you please represent our country?
Would this be a good idea? Also, what broadcasters have approached them?

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Denmark: DMGP 2015 to be held on 7th February!

Some details regarding next years Danish selection have been announced. Denmark will select their entry in Gigantium Arena in Aalborg, on 7th February 2015. The arena seats 5,000 people. DR, the Danish broadcaster, has already opened submissions and foreign songwriters are allowed to send their entries. More details will be revealed very soon!
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