Sunday 27 July 2014

NuVidz: Sebalter, Indila, Dima Bilan, Janet!

After coming 13th in Eurovision and achieving Switzerland's best result since 2005, Sebalter has been recording songs for his new album - and his latest track is Saturday. Indila's S.O.S has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube and it's a lovely song. She's one of France's biggest stars - so, wouldn't it be fantastique if she represented France next year? I'm a big fan! Meanwhile, Bolyen toboy is Dima Bilan's latest single and this blogger likes it very much. Most Eurovision fans aren't too keen on him but I enjoy his music. Nice song! Maybe we'll see him return to the Eurovision stage soon? He did enter the Russian selection in 2012 with Julia Volkova but the grannies were unstoppable! Janet came 3rd in the Belorussian selection with You Will He Here and she's recently released the official video-clip. Beautiful. I doubt this song would've qualified in Copenhagen although it's charming! :')


  1. The Sebalter link goes to Kallay Saunder's Juliet instead of Saturday :'(

    1. Thanks for letting me know :) that mistake has been rectified!

  2. Dima's song is amazing!! and i am eurofan too :P


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