Saturday, 18 April 2015


Molly Sterling won Ireland's national final - beating off stiff competition from the likes of Erika Selin, Kat Mahon and Nikki Kavanagh. Will Ireland make the final this year? Could Molly even be a dark horse? Here's what we think about Ireland's effort...

Ana: I think that this is one of the most underrated songs this year. Molly is only 16, she’s really talented and her voice has something special. She could do well in Vienna and be this year surprise if her team prepare a good staging and create an intimate atmosphere. 9/10

llkar: Molly may be only 16 but she's got a wonderful dark voice. The song is beautiful and she reminds (in a good way) of many wonderful voices from Kate Bush to Bette Midler. I like the piano driven arrangement. A real song by a real artist 8/10

Jack: Even though Molly wasn't my #1 favourite in the Irish selection, I am happy she won. Her song is beautiful and she's amazing live, especially when considering her tender age. The studio version and the live version sound almost identical... unfortunately,  we couldn't say the same about Nikki Kavanagh. ;-) I hope Ireland qualifies and reaches a decent postion in Vienna. Hopefully the curse of performing #2 won't dampen Molly's chances.. 8/10

Jess: Molly has such a wonderful voice, and her song is very beautiful! 7/10

John: Thankfully Ireland has broken the habit of following trends. Although this doesn't set any new trend it goes back to what Ireland does best at ESC but is modern enough not to be considered "dated" . I really like the melody and the depth of the lyrics. Molly is just 16 and surely has a bright future ahead regardless of the outcome at Eurovision. 8/10


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