Friday, 17 April 2015


The Lithuanian selection seemed to go on for months and months.. although the winning combination isn't a bad one at all. Actually, it's one of Lithuania's best. Check out our reviews below...

Ana: Vaidas and Monika are “feeling love round in their hearts” and they make me feel it too.  This song just makes me feel happy and I really love the way they perform. They will stand out in Vienna with a different style among so many ballads. It’s a very sweet song non-apt for diabetics. 9/10

Ilkar: They finally did it. Together. And this song is better than any of their effort before. They have a great chemistry, they look and sound great together, the song works and they do great job with it. This could surprise us all in Vienna if they keep the good thing going and not spoiling it with some weird staging. 7.5/10

Jack: The Baltic's are really bringing it this year. I love Lithuania's song! As John says below, it probably isn't going to be a contender for victory although I do hope Vaidas and Monika achieve a decent position in Vienna. Please let this qualify! It's a great opener to the 2nd semi final. Their performance during the national final was gorgeous - that kiss <3 !!! It makes me happy and that's good enough for me. 8/10

Jess: This song is very catchy, and it's a song that I listen to quite a bit. 8/10

John: Rather like a country song that has crossed over into mainstream pop, this is a pleasant song but stops short of being anything more. It is unlikely to be a threat to many of the other contenders. 5/10

OUR VERDICT - 37.5/50

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