Tuesday 31 December 2013


2013 has been a very fun and eventful year. Thank you to everyone who follows my blog and I'm delighted to see that so many of you guys are enjoying it! I put all my efforts into this blog and will continue to do so!!!

I want to thank all my friends and family for making this year so good. Hopefully 2014 will be another awesome year. Remember y'all, the Armenian representative will be revealed tonight! Who's excited? ^^

Sunday 29 December 2013

Wishlist #6: Shany Zamir!

The last time Israel qualified for the grand final was in 2010, but maybe that could change next year. I've always had a soft spot for Shany Zamir. She would be the perfect choice for Israel!

She did actually try to represent her country in 2013 - as she participated in KDAM with Forever. The Israeli public clearly liked her as she won the public televote, although the "professional" jury didn't award her a single point. Overall she came 6th. An unplugged version has also been released. It's absolutely beautiful. You can take a look at on her personal YouTube channel for some great covers - my favourite covers from her include HurtAdagio and Lost.

IBA, the Israeli broadcaster, has announced that their 2014 representative will be chosen internally - with a national final to decide the song itself. It begs the question, will Shany be selected for Copenhagen? The Israeli public clearly liked her in KDAM and she does have an amazing live vocal. It would be fantastic if she did go to Eurovsion... Support her by clicking "like" on her official Facebook page!

Oh and I've just found an awesome cover of Euphoria!!! <3

Photograph from Shany's official Facebook page. 

Saturday 28 December 2013

Albania: Hersiana Matmuja will take "Zemërimi i një nate" to Copenhagen!

Hersiana Matmuja has just won the 52nd edition of Festivali i Këngës with "Zemërimi i një nate" and will thus represent Albania in Eurovision!

She's no stranger to Festivali i Këngës as she's entered the competition on four occasions - in 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012. I like the song - and it could be great with a revamp and some English lyrics although I feel there were better choices tonight. Rezarta Smaja was my ultimate favourite - although I did enjoy Blerina Braka and Klodian Kacani too! The hashtag #FiK52 was trending here in the UK... pretty impressive, huh?

Emmelie de Forest performed "Only Teardrops" and "Hunter and Pray" tonight, although she was lip syncing because she was feeling sick, apparently. Here are tonight's results:
  1. Herciana Matmuja - 69 
  2. Klodian Kaçani - 45
  3. Sajmir Braho - 40
  4. Lindi Islami & Venera Lumani - 37
  5. Frederik Ndoci - 33
  6. Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija - 28
  7. Rezarta Smaja - 25
  8. Grupi NA - 25
  9. Renis Gjoka – 22
  10. Luiz Ejlli - 20
  11. Marjeta Billo – 18
  12. Blerina Braka - 16
  13. Besiana Mehmedi & Shkodran Tolaj - 12
  14. Edmond Mancaku & Entela Zhula - 10
  15. Grupi LYNX - 6
  16. Xhejsi Jorgaqi – 0
Okay, this blogger needs sleep - goodnight folks! <3

Albania: Festivali i Këngës to be held tonight!

The 52nd edition of Festivali i Këngës will be held tonight and a total sixteen acts will compete in the hope to represent Albania in Copenhagen.

I unfortunately haven't heard any of the songs as it's been a hectic week - although I will watch it tonight so I'll be hearing the songs for the first time then. I know Rezarta Smaja, Hersiana Matmuja and Luiz Ejlli are favourites so I'm looking forward to hearing their offerings. Emmelie de Forest and Elhaida Dani will perform as special guests - this blogger cannot wait for both of those performances! Elhaida Dani won The Voice of Italy earlier this year. A special jury will select tonight's winner. Here's a live-stream for tonight's show - it'll start at 20:45 CET.

These acts will compete tonight:
  1. Hersiana Matmuja – Zemërimi i një natë
  2. Besiana Mehmeti & Shkodran Tolaj – Jam larg
  3. Luiz Ejlli – Kthehu
  4. Frederik Ndoci – Një ditë shprese
  5. Grupi Na - Jehona
  6. Klodian Kaçani – Me ty
  7. Venera Lumani en Lindi Islami – Natë e parë
  8. Blerina Braka – Mikja ime
  9. Xhejsi Jorgaqi – Ëndërrat janë ëndërra
  10. Xhejn en Enxhi Kumrija – Kur qielli qan
  11. Lynx – Princesha
  12. Marjeta Billo – Ti mungon
  13. Sajmir Braho – Grua
  14. Rezarta Smaja – Në zemër
  15. Edmond Mancaku en Entela Zhula – Vetëm për ty
  16. Renis Gjoka – Mjegulla
Who will represent Albania?

Friday 27 December 2013

NuVidz: Harel Skaat, Natalia Barbu, Sam Bailey, Valentina Monetta & Joshua de Cadenéx!

Israel's 2010 representative, Haral Skaat, has released a new song entitled Now. It's pretty decent. Natalia Barbu has released a "homemade" video of Confession - the song she tried to represent Romania with. Natalia is fully naked in a bath and on a balcony... It was actually uploaded on Christmas Eve. I guess that was Natalia's present to us fans ;) Sam Bailey won The X Factor and was Christmas number one here in the UK with Skyscraper. It's a fantastic version! Hopefully we'll see an original album from her soon. Finally, Valentina's Christmas gift was a sweet duet with Joshua de Cadenéx. A Kiss is a great song - showcasing both Valentina's and Joshua's fantastic vocal talent. It was recorded and produced in London, San Marino and Rimini. It will feature on her new album - which will be released next month.

Moldova: National final to be held on 15th March!

It has been announced by TRM, the Moldovan broadcaster, that Moldova's national final will take place on 15th March. There will also be two semi-finals beforehand on 11th and 13th March.

24 acts will battle it out for the Moldovan ticket to Copenhagen. I would love to see Geta Burlacu back - she's did actually try to represent Romania last year with The Other Side although failed to make the live shows. Interested candidates can submit their offerings until 23rd January.

Tuesday 24 December 2013


This blogger wants to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a great time and have lots of fun. Thank you to EVERYONE who takes the time to read this blog - I really do appreciate it!!! <3 I will probably be back towards the end of the week for the Albanian selection.

Armenia: Internal selection on New Year's Eve!

The Armenian representative will be revealed on New Year's Eve! The announcement will take place on Big Night Gala TV Show.

AMPTV, the Armenian broadcaster, has said they have already selected their entrant for 2014... who will it be? The song will be released in sometime in February. Many fans are hoping that either Sirusho or Lilit Hovhannisyan will have the honour of flying the Armenian flag in 2014. We will know next week!

Monday 23 December 2013

San Marino: Valentina Monetta to reveal a Christmas surprise!

Valentina recording her new album.
Valentina Monetta posted something rather interesting on her Facebook page yesterday. Could she be revealing her Eurovision entry earlier than expected? Hmm!

This is what Valentina said regarding tomorrows announcement:
Eurovision season is getting closer and Valentina Monetta has a special Christmas present for all Eurovision and her fans! Make sure to tune in on Christmas Eve 24.12.2013 in RTV San Marino's Christmas show Tombola di Natale at 20.45 CET. You can watch the show online here!
This blogger is very excited! Valentina has been in London recording songs, for her new album. Apparently the song she takes to Copenhagen will be a jazz tune... maybe she will release the album tomorrow and then keep us fans guessing as to what song she'll take to Eurovision?

Croatia: Lines and Colours in negotiations with HRT?

Back in September, Croatia announced they would be withdrawing from Eurovision 2014 due to financial problems. Although it seems there is still hope - as "Lines and Colours" are allegedly in talks with HRT about representing the country in Copenhagen.

"Lines and Colours" are an upcoming pop-rock hand in Croatia. HRT, the Croatian broadcaster, have until 7th January to decide whether they want to participate or not. Fingers crossed they do! I think these guys could easily bring Croatia back into the final. It's been 2009 since we saw Croatia qualify.

The groups latest song, entitled Beautiful Addiction, has been charting high in Croatia and neighbouring counties. It's an awesome song... take a listen below!

Source - dnevnik.hr.

Saturday 21 December 2013

Ukraine: neAngely react to their disappointing result!

I was certain that neAngely would win the Ukrainian national final this morning and represent their country in Copenhagen although they only managed an underwhelming 6th place.

Well they have released this statement, on their Facebook page saying...
"Our dearest friends, We thank you so very much for your support for NEANGELY in national finals for Eurovision Song Contest 2014! We value your every voice! Unfortunately, it seems not all votes were counted correctly. Our specialists have observed not typical votes count for some contestants, and blockage of votes for others.  It is not a shame to lose in fair competition. But foul play - is not our game.  We promise to investigate all details and come back to you!  To be continued..."
Maria Yaremchuk won the selection - although this result has already proved controversial in Ukraine and with Eurovision fans. Let the drama commence...

Malta: Full versions released!

TVM, the Maltese national broadcaster, has tonight revealed all the competing songs in full length. Some great tracks in the mix this year.

I need to listen to all the songs fully - but I can already say that my clear favourite is Jessika! I'll probably do a review soon. Chris Grech also sounds pretty decent too. And Davina's not to be undermined - she came 3rd last year and is rather popular in Malta, I believe! You can watch all of the participating songs here in full length. There's a variety of different genres this year.

Poland: Internal selection for 2014!

There is going to be no Polish national final. TVP's president, Juliusz Braun, has confirmed that Poland's 2014 entrant will be chosen internally as open national finals have not been successful in the past. I used to love Polish selections - there was normally so many awesome rock songs.

We should know the Polish representative by the end of February. Who are you hoping to see represent the country in Copenhagen? I'd like to see Edyta Górniak... it's been twenty years since she achieved 2nd place for Poland so could she be tempted again?

Ukraine: Mariya Yaremchuk is heading to Copenhagen!

Mariya Yaremchuk has won the Ukrainian selection with Tick-Tock. She received the highest amount of votes from both the televote and the jury. I am shocked. Truly shocked!

Many of the songs were very average but there were a few stand out performances. My favourite performances were neAngely and Viktoria Petryk. I was really convinced that Viktoria Petryk was going to win but unfortunately not although she did come 2nd. Could 2014 be the year that Ukraine don't qualify? There's nothing wrong with this song, it's just underwhelming and kinda boring... but Mariya is beautiful! I guess the song will get a makeover though before March...

Here is the full result:

  1. Mariya Yaremchuk- ”Tick-Tock” – 24 points
  2. Viktoria Petryk- ”Love Is Lord” – 17 points
  3. Volodimir Tkachenko- ”Byti tam de ti” – 16 points
  4. Viktor Romanchenko- ”Na krayu propasti” – 16 points
  5. Natalia Valevska- ”Love Makes You Beautiful” – 14 points
  6. neAngely- ”Courageous” – 14 points
  7. Illaria- ”I’m Alive” – 14 points
  8. Evgeny Litvinkovich- ”Strelyanaya ptitsa” – 12 points
  9. Shanis- ”Moya dusha” – 10 points
  10. Stas Shurins- ”Why” – 9 points
  11. Lissa Wassabi- ”No Fear” – 9 points
  12. Anatoly Shparev- ”Waiting For You” – 8 points
  13. Tatiana Shirko- ”Let Go” – 6 points
  14. Roman Polonsky- ”Wanted Dead Or Alive” – 6 points
  15. Marietta- ”It’s My Life” – 5 points
  16. Denis Lyubimov- ”Love” – 5 points
  17. Anna-Maria- “5 Stars Hotel” – 4 points
  18. Tania BerQ- ”Believe Me” – 4 points
  19. Anna Hodorovska- ”Yesli yest lyubov” – 3 points
  20. Uli Rud- ”Tsvetok” – 2 points

neAngely came a disappointing 6th place. Shame! Anyway, here is Ukraine's entry...

...and here's the studio version! 

Ukraine: Entrant for Copenhagen to be decided this morning!

Ukraine will kick off the 2014 national final season this morning, as they will be selecting their representative for Copenhagen! It seems like it's gonna be a three horse race between NeAngely, Victoria Petryk and Nataliya Valevska.

This bloggers favourite is NeAngely and I hope they will win, but I reckon that Victoria Petryk could challenge the duo. Her song is very good and with a bit of work, could be fantastic. Plus her vocals are always super. However I have a feeling that Nataliya Valevskacould may become victorious... we will find out very soon anyways! I'm so excited - Ukraine rarely disappoint.
  • Anna-Maria - 5 Stars Hotel
  • Roman Polonskij - Wanted Dead Or Alive
  • ULI RUD - Tswetok (Flower)
  • Marietta - It’s My Life
  • Stas Shurins - Why
  • Anatoli Shparyov - Waiting For You
  • Nataliya Valevska - Love Makes You Beautiful
  • Lissa Wassabi - No Fear
  • Volodymyr Tkachenko - Buty Tam De Ty (To Be Where You Are)
  • Shanis - Moya Dusha (My Soul)
  • Victoria Petryk - Love Is Lord
  • Evgen Litvinkovych - Strelyanaya Ptitsa (Wounded Bird)
  • NeAngely - Courageous
  • Illaria - I’m Alive
  • Tetyana Shyrko - Let Go
  • Tania BerQ - Believe Me
  • Maria Yaremchuk - Tick-Tock
  • Victor Romanchenko - Na Krayu Propasti (On The Brink Of The Abyss)
  • Anna Hodorkovska - Yesli Yest Lyubov (If There Is Love)
  • Denis Lyubimov - Love
You can watch the show here. The event will kick off at 11:15 CET and is expected to last about two hours. The national final season has started, y'all! It's going to be so much fun!!! 

Friday 20 December 2013

Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2014 running order revealed!

The running order for Melodifestivalen 2014 has been revealed. The producers have decided that YOHIO will kick off the first semi final, and the lovely Helena Paparizou will close it.

Anton Ewald will close the final semi final... and Alcazar will kick it off. I reckon it'll be between those four participants - but we haven't heard the songs yet so I guess anything could happen. Here is the running order, my friends:

Semi final 1: Malmö

  1. “To the End” – Yohio
  2. “Aleo” – Mahan Moin
  3. “Bröder” – Linus Svenning
  4. “Casanova” – Elisa Lindström
  5. “Bedroom” – Alvaro Estrella
  6. “Songbird” – Ellen Benediktson
  7. “Bygdens son” – Sylvester Schlegel
  8. “Survivor” – Helena Paparizou

Semi final 2: Linköping

  1. “Love Trigger” – JEM
  2. “Hallelujah” – The Refreshments
  3. “Glow” – Manda
  4. “Efter solsken” – Panetoz
  5. “I Am Somebody” – Pink Pistols
  6. “Undo” – Sanna Nielsen
  7. “Set Yourself Free” – Little Great Things
  8. “När änglarna går hem” – Martin Stenmarck

Semi final 3: Göteborg

  1. “Echo” – Outtrigger
  2. “Red” – EKO
  3. “Yes We Can” – Oscar Zia
  4. “Burning Alive” – Shirley Clamp
  5. “All We Are” – State of Drama
  6. “En enkel sång” – CajsaStina Åkerström
  7. “Busy Doin’ Nothin’ ” – Ace Wilder
  8. “Around the World” – Dr. Alban & Jessica 

Semi final 4: Örnsköldsvik

  1. "Blame It On The Disco” – Alcazar
  2. “Fight Me If You Dare” – I.D.A
  3. “Hollow” – Janet Leon
  4. “Raise Your Hands” – Ammotrack
  5. "Hela natten” – Josef Johansson
  6. "Ta mig” – Linda Bengtzing
  7. “En himmelsk sång” – Ellinore Holmer
  8. “Natural” – Anton Ewald

Thursday 19 December 2013

Copenhagen 2014: Official logo revealed!

Last night, DR revealed the official logo for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Pernille Gaardbo, Executive Producer of the show, said:
"Eurovision diamond symbolises what the competition means to us: A hub that is at once sparkling and strong. Diamond has lots of different sides and shows the diversity and the richness that will be on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest," 
Do you like it? I think it's nice although I thought they would do much better than this. But it will probably grow on me. Here's a photograph of the merchandise for the upcoming edition too. 39 countries? Oh! 

#JoinUs: Theme art in 2014

Photographs from DR.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina: No participation in 2014...

WTF?! This is such a shame! BHRT, the Bosnian broadcaster, had a meeting today where they decided that they won't be returning to Eurovision next year after-all...

The broadcaster didn't give an official reason although it looks like financial problems played a part in this decision. I guess they couldn't find a suitable sponsor so can't take part. This blogger is devastated that they won't be in Copenhagen. It's a mighty shame. Bosnia announced that they would be participating a few weeks ago although they seem to have had a change of heart. Let's hope they can return for 2015!!!

Iceland: Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins final on 15th February!

Iceland will select their representative for Copenhagen on 15th February. Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins will once again be their selection method - with two semi finals beforehand. The semis will be held on 1st February and 8th February. I believe the songs are expected to be revealed in January.

The participant list was also revealed and the following will battle it out to represent Iceland:

  • Ásdís María Viðarsdóttir – Amor
  • Guðbjörg Magnúsdóttir - Aðeins ætluð þér
  • Sverrir Bergmann - Dönsum burtu blús
  • Vignir Snær Vigfússon - Elsku þú
  • Gréta Mjöll Samúelsdóttir - Eftir eitt lag
  • Pollapönk - Enga fordóma
  • Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir - Lífið kviknar á ný
  • Guðrún Árný Karlsdóttir - Til þín
  • Gissur Páll Gissurarson – Von
  • F.U.N.K. –  Þangað til ég dey

I really wanted Magni Ásgeirsson to try again... maybe next year, eh?

Italy: Full line-up of Sanremo announced!

The official line-up for Sanremo 2014 has been revealed by RAI. There are many familiar names returning this year - including the likes of Giusy Ferreri, Raphael Gualazzi and Arisa. This blogger simply cannot wait for Sanremo <3

Here are the participants:

  • Arisa -  Lentamente & Controvento
  • Noemi - Bagnati dal sole & Un uomo è un albero
  • Raphael Gualazzi feat Bloody Beetroots - Liberi o no & Tanto ci sei
  • Perturbazione - L’Unica & L’Italia vista dal bar
  • Cristiano De Andrè - Invisibili & Il cielo è vuoto
  • Renzo Rubino - Ora & Per sempre e poi basta
  • Giusy Ferreri - L’amore possiede il bene & Ti porto a cena da me
  • Francesco Sarcina - Nel tuo sorriso & In questa città
  • Frankie Hi NRG - Pedala & Un uomo è vivo
  • Giuliano Palma - Così lontano & Un bacio crudele
  • Ron - Un abbraccio unico & Sing in the rain
  • Francesco Renga - A un isolato da te & Vivendo adesso
  • Antonella Ruggiero - Quando balliamo & Da lontano
  • Riccardo Sinigallia - Prima di andare via & Una rigenerazion

It's very possible that one of them will go to Eurovision! Sanremo starts on 18th February and concludes on 22nd February.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Italy: Who will compete in Sanremo 2014?

Speculation is growing regarding who will compete in the 2014 edition of Sanremo. Apparently there are some big names in the mix!

It's possible Raphael Gualazzi and Enrico Ruggeri (both previous Italian representatives in ESC) will be back. Dolcenera, Max Gazzé and Annalisa are also heavily rumoured - but the name I'm most excited about is the fabulous Giusy Ferreri. She's one of my favourite Italian artists and it would be a dream to see her fly the Italian flag in Copenhagen. Some other names which are likely to compete include Noemi, Arisa and Roberto Dell'Era. I have also heard that Nina Zilli may be back - she could duet with Raphael Gualazzi.

The names will be revealed tomorrow afternoon! The newcomers were announced a few days ago, and they are...

  • (Antonio) Diodato - Babilonia
  • Filippo Graziani - Le cose belle
  • Rocco Hunt - Nu juorno buono
  • The Niro (aka Davide Combusti)  - 1969
  • Veronica De Simone - Nuvole che passano
  • Zibba (aka Sergio Vallarino)  - Senza di te
  • Bianca (aka Emma Fuggetta) - Saprai
  • Vadim (Valenti) - La modernità

Update - Nina Zilli has announced through her Facebook page that she won't enter Sanremo as she's too busy with her new album and other work projects. 

Sunday 15 December 2013

Lithuania: List of participants revealed!

Last night, a jubilee concert was aired to mark Lithuania's 20th anniversary in the contest. The show featured former Lithuanian representatives and the 2014 hopefuls performing several Eurovision songs. It was actually recorded a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, LRT also revealed the names that hope to represent country in Copenhagen and these are:

  • Vilija Matačiūnaitė
  • Sasha Song
  • Aistė Pilvelytė
  • Aleksandra Metalnikova
  • Julija Jegorova
  • Jurijus Veklenko
  • Juozas Butnorius
  • Justinas Lapatinskas
  • Vig Roses
  • Vaidas Baumila
  • Monika Linkytė
  • Pop ladies
  • Neringa Šiaudikytė
  • Martynas Kavaliauskas
  • Mia (Vilija Pilibaitytė)
  • Kristina Radžiukynaitė
  • Soliaris (Algimantas Minalga)
  • Tadas Vilčinskas
  • Ieva Zasimauskaitė
  • Gintė Sičiūnaitė

Sasha Song returns - he flew the Lithuanian flag in Moscow and came 23rd. Other familiar names include Monika Linkytè and Aistė Pilvelytė who have both participated in the Lithuanian selection before. 

NuVidz: Gaitana, Eva Boto, Anna Vissi, Nina Zizic!

It's all about the ladies this week, y'all! Firstly, the brilliant Gaitana's latest track is entitled Инопланетянин - which translates as Aliens. The video-clip is really beautiful and it's extremely catchy. Eva Boto recently turned 18 and released Na kozo pisano. The music video for this will be made and released next year sometime. I kathimerinotita mas is Anna Vissi's latest song - I really like it. The song actually went straight to number one in the Greek iTunes after its release. Wow! And finally, we have Nina Zizic! One of my favourite Montenegrin artists... she has released a song entitled Klik. It features Sky Wikluh.

Friday 13 December 2013

Slovenia: Decision won't be taken until 7th January!

Gosh! RTVSLO have announced that they won't take any decision regarding their participation in next years Eurovision until 7th January. It was previously expected we would know their decision by Sunday but that's not the case now...

I have also heard that Georgia may not take part! The broadcaster are having several financial problems, which may lead them to withdraw. Greece are also yet to confirm their participation officially...

Romania: Paula and Ovi to return to Eurovision?

Paula Seling and Ovi Jacobsen have been dropping hints indicating that they may be returning to the Eurovision stage. Last night, the duo posted a snippet on YouTube with the track they could be taking to Copenhagen! Are the set to return? I hope so!

Paula and Ovi represented Romania in Oslo, and achieved a very respectable third place. They would be a brilliant choice. And judging from the teaser, it's a great song! Listen to it here! Nothing is official yet but it appears they have been in talks with the broadcaster for some time...

Germany: Big names make the final line-up!

NRD have revealed the seven names that'll participate in Unser Song für Dänemark. It's a really strong line-up.These guys will battle it out to represent Germany in Denmark. Remember though, anther act will be selected soon from the "newcomer" category.

Here are the lucky acts.

  • Das Gezeichnete Ich
  • Madeline Juno
  • MarieMarie
  • Oceana
  • Santiano
  • The Baseballs
  • Unheilig 

Unheilig is easily the biggest name here - I just hope their song will live up to expectations! Germany will select their entry on 13th March (that's exactly 3 months today). Oh, and I've just heard each act will perform two songs in the final. Love it!

Thursday 12 December 2013

Estonia: Familiar names in Eesti Laul 2014!

The final line-up of Eesti Laul has been announced and its going to be an awesome season! There are many returning names - including Lenna and Sandra Nurmsalu.

Here is the full list of participants:

  • August Hunt – Kus On EXIT?
  • Brigita Murutar – Laula Täis Taevakaar
  • Kõrsikud – Tule Ja Jää
  • Lauri Pihlap - Lootus
  • Lenna – Supernoova
  • Maiken - Siin Või Sealpool Maad
  • Maltised – Elu
  • MiaMee - Fearful Heart
  • Nimmerschmidt – Sandra
  • Nion – Muud Pole Vaja
  • Norman Salumäe – Search
  • Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui Tuuled Pöörduvad
  • Sofia Rubina – City Lights
  • State of Zoe - Solina
  • Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band – Maybe-Maybe
  • Tanja – Amazing
  • The Titles – Flame
  • Traffic – Für Elise
  • VÖÖRAD – Maailm On Hull
  • Wilhelm – Resignal

Sandra Nurmsalu was Urban Symphony's front woman for Estonia in 2009. I'm delighted to see that she's back. Sven Lõhmus has written the song she'll compete in Eesti Laul with and he also wrote Rändajad. I'm expecting great things! Lenna also returns with a beautiful song entitled Supernoova.

Ukraine: Preparations well underway!

NTU have confirmed that the Ukrainian national final will be held in the daytime, once again. It will start at approx 11:15 CET and is expected to last about 2 hours.

The official name of the selection is ‘Фінал Національного відбору на Міжнародний пісенний конкурс “Євробачення 2014″ ‘(Final of the National Selection for the International Song Contest “Eurovision 2014). 20 acts will battle for the Ukrainian ticket, who are you rooting you?

  • Anna-Mariya – “5 Star Hotel”
  • Roman Polonskij – “Wanted Dead Or Alive”
  • ULI RUD – “Tswetok” (“Flower”)
  • Marietta – “It’s My Life”
  • Stas Shurins – “Why” (Winner of Star Factory)
  • Anatoli Shparyov – “Waiting For You”
  • Nataliya Valevska – “Love Makes You Beautiful”
  • Lissa Wassabi – “No Fear”
  • Volodymyr Tkachenko – “Buty Tam De Ty” 
  • Shanis – “Moya Dusha” 
  • Victoria Petryk – “Love Is Lord” 
  • Evgen Litvinkovych – “Strelyanaya Ptitsa”
  • NeAngely – “Courageous” 
  • Illaria – “I’m Alive”
  • Tetyana Shyrko – “Let Go” 
  • Tania BerQ – “Believe Me”
  • Maria Yaremchuk – “Tick-Tock” 
  • Victor Romanchenko – “Na Krayu Propasti” 
  • Anna Hodorkovska – “Yesli Yest Lyubov”
  • Denis Lyubimov – “Love"

The final will be held in just 9 days! 

Russia: National final postponed until March!

I always thought this might happen. The Russian broadcaster has announced that "due to high interest" the submission deadline has been extended until 28th February, with the grand final being held sometime in March.

The original date for the Russian national final was 31st December. Rumours have it that there are many big names interested in entering the Russian final... Hmm! That's interesting. Anyways, we won't find out for sometime! The new date of the national final is to be decided.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Spain: Auryn won't be heading to Copenhagen!

For a few weeks now, it has been rumoured that Auryn would represent Spain in Copenhagen although the band have announced they have no plans to enter Eurovision.

The band confirmed this on Los40.com today and the reason for they won't participate is because of their busy schedule. Auryn have recorded a special Christmas show at the TVE studios - and plan to tour Latin America. So, who's going to represent Spain in Copenhagen? Hopefully we'll find out very soon!

Hungary: The 30 qualifiers have been announced!

The 30 qualifiers for "A Dal 2014" have revealed by the Hungarian broadcaster, MTVA, this evening. It's a pretty strong line-up - and there are many familiar names in the mix too! András Kállay-Saunders, Dénes Pál, Laura Cserpes, Lilla Polyák and Gigi Radics are all returning to the competition.

Here are the lucky qualifiers:
  • András Kállay Saunders – Running
  • Bálint Gájer – Elmaradt pillanatok
  • Belmondo – Miért ne higgyem
  • Bogi – We All
  • Dénes Pál – Brave New World
  • Depresszió – Csak a zene
  • Extensive – Help Me
  • Fool Moon – It Can’t Be Over
  • Gabi Knoll – Sweet Memories
  • Gigi Radics – Catch Me
  • Group n Swing – Retikül
  • Heni Dér – Ég veled (Next Please)
  • Hien – The Way I Do
  • HoneyBeast – A legnagyobb hős
  • Ibolya Oláh – Egy percig sztár
  • Joni – Waterfall
  • Laura Cserpes – Úgy szállj
  • Leslie Szabó – Hogy segíthetnék
  • Lil C – Break Up
  • Lilla Polyák – Karcolás
  • Linda Király – Everything
  • Music Fabrik – This Is My Life
  • Mystery Gang – Játssz még jazzgitár
  • New Level Empire – The Last One
  • Noémi Takács – Minden mosoly
  • Saci Szécsi & Böbe Szécsi – Born To Fly
  • Tamás Vastag – Miss One Smile
  • To Beat or Not to Beat – Camon Babe (Meg akarom mondani)
  • Viktor Király – Running Out Of Time
  • Zsuzsanna Batta – Marge – Morning Light
One entry has already been revealed! Enjoy...

Oh, and another! :)

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Finland: 12 finalists announced!

The Finnish hopefuls have been revealed! YLE, the Finnish broadcaster, revealed the 12 names during a special press conference this morning. No familiar names here.

Here are this years hopefuls:

  • Lauri Mikkola - Going down
  • Clarissa feat. Josh - Top of the world
  • Madcraft - Shining Bright
  • Mikko Pohjola - Sängyn reunalla
  • Jasmin Michaela - Kertakäyttösydän
  • Hukka ja Mama - Selja
  • Hanna Sky - Hope
  • MAKEA - Painovoima
  • Dennis Fagerström - My little honey bee
  • Softengine - Something better
  • Lili Lambert - Let me take you there
  • MIAU - God/Drug

Y'all can listen to snippets of the songs here!

Monday 9 December 2013

Albania: Festivali i Këngës running order revealed!

The running order of the 52nd edition of Festivali i Këngës has today been revealed! It has also been announced that Enkel Demi and Diellza Kolgeci will host the event. Here's the running order!

First night:
  1. Luiz Ejlli
  2. Rezarta Smaja
  3. Etmond Mancaku & Entela Zhula
  4. Lindi Islami & Venera Lumani
  5. Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija
  6. Renis Gjoka
  7. Sajmir Braho
  8. Hersi Matmuja
Second night:
  1. Blerina Braka
  2. Marjeta Billo
  3. Xhejsi Jorgaqi
  4. Klodian Kaçani
  5. Frederik Ndoci
  6. Besiana Mehmedi & Shkodran Tolaj
  7. Orges Toçe
  8. Grupi LYNX
Third night - THE FINAL:
  1. Hersi Matmuja
  2. Besiana Mehmedi & Shkodran Tolaj
  3. Luiz Ejlli
  4. Frederik Ndoci
  5. Orges Toçe
  6. Klodian Kaçani
  7. Lindi Islami & Venera Lumani
  8. Blerina Braka
  9. Xhejsi Jorgaqi
  10. Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija
  11. Grupi LYNX
  12. Marjeta Billo
  13. Sajmir Braho
  14. Rezarta Smaja
  15. Etmond Mancaku & Entela Zhula
  16. Renis Gjoka

Albania's selection will kick off on 26th December with the grand finale on 28th December. All participants will compete in the final this year.

Saturday 7 December 2013

Ukraine: Final line up revealed, Victoriya Petryk returns!

The Ukrainian broadcaster has revealed the 20 acts, that'll compete in the national final on 21st December! Victoriya Petryk (who representing Ukraine in Junior Eurovision in 2008) will compete and I'm also pleased to see NeAngely made it!

Here's the final line-up:

  • Victor Romanchenko
  • Anna Khodorkovskaya
  • Anatoly Shparev
  • NeAngely
  • Stas Shurins
  • Tatyana Shirko
  • Illaria
  • Lissa Wassabi
  • Vladimir Tkachenko
  • Olga Shanis
  • Victoriya Petryk
  • Tania BerQ
  • Evgeniy Litvinkovich
  • Anna Maria, Marietta
  • Mariya Yaremchuk
  • Denis Lyubimov
  • Roman Polonskiy
  • Natalia Valevskaya

Ukraine will be the first country to select their entry for Copenhagen, in just two weeks time! Wahoo! 

Friday 6 December 2013

NuVidz: Robin Stjernberg, Ruth Lorenzo, Leona Lewis, Maya Sar!

Robin Stjernberg's latest track is Pieces. It's a pretty nice song - and Robin does have a fantastic voice. Much better than his Eurovision attempt, in my opinion... Many rumours are suggesting that Ruth Lorenzo will represent Spain in Copenhagen - and her new song is entitled  Love is Dead. Wow! Just wow. Ruth is an absolutely outstanding vocalist and would be a perfect Spanish representative. Leona Lewis goes all festive with her new song. A lovely homemade video and she's preforming on The X Factor UK this week. Yipee! Take a look at  One More Sleep. Finally, Maya Sar teamed up with Marijan Brkic Brk released  O meni nikom ne pričaj. I've only just discovered this awesome song! Maya should actually represent Bosnia again soon, in my humble opinion!

Thursday 5 December 2013

Belarus: Alexey Gross disqualified!

Alexey Gross was chosen to compete in the Belorussian national final - however it's now come to light that the song he was planning to compete with, is not actually his but a complete copy of another song. Oh the drama!

The song he was going to participate with, If I Could Do It All Again, was actually sung by the lovely Raquela in the 2011 Maltese national final. Alexey commented that he didn't know this song had competed in the Maltese national selection, and that the news came as a major surprise to him. He promises to be back in 2015 - and that he'll be there to win. But for now, only 14 acts will compete in the Belorussian national final (which is set for 10th January).

You can listen to his version below here and Raquela's version here!


Wahooooo!! It's now official! Poland will be sending a representative to Copenhagen next year. I'm thrilled :D

TVP, the Polish broadcaster, are yet to announce how their 2014 representative will be selected but we should get more information on that pretty soon. Next years contest will mark Poland's 20th anniversary in Eurovision - as they debuted back in 1994 with To nie ja

Poland withdrew in 2012 and then didn't participate in the 2013 edition either because of financial problems. Welcome back Poland! <3

Norway: MGP final to be held on 15th March!

Norway's 2014 representative will be selected on 15th March - this has been confirmed by the Norwegian broadcaster, NRK.

Melodi Grand Prix will have a totally new look next year - as it's being revamped!!! Very exciting. There will be three semi finals on 7th, 8th and 9th of March, where 15 acts will battle it out for a place in the grand final. Stian Malme, producer of the show commented...
It will be 55 years since Norway first entered the Eurovision Song Contest, and I believe that the Norwegian national selection is still a vital scene to showcase new, Norwegian music. Our goal is to give our viewing audience a great musical experience filled with new Norwegian pop music, sure to please many. We are proud to have Jenny Skavlan and Erik Solbakken as hosts for the second year in a row.
The hosts have also been revealed - Erik Solbakken and Jenny Skavlan will have the honour!

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Germany: Unheilig announce their plans to enter German selection!

Unheilig, one of Germany's most successful bands, have announced that they are entering to German selection - as they hope to represent their country in Copenhagen.

The group confirmed their desire to represent Germany in Eurovision on their official website today - click here for more information. This blogger is delighted to read that they hope to go to Eurovision as they've released some awesome songs throughout the years. The official participants list will be revealed after the new year and I hope Unheilig will make the final cut!

Israel: Internal selection to select artist!

It has been confirmed that IBA, the Israeli broadcaster, will select their 2014 representative through an internal selection. Once the artist has been selected, there will be a national final to determine the song that goes to Copenhagen.

The Israeli final will consist of three songs - one chosen by the public whilst the other two will be submitted by the chosen act. So, who's gonna represent Israel then? I am hoping for Shany Zamir!!! <3

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Latvia: 24 songs released... LISTEN HERE!

Yesterday the Latvian broadcaster released the 24 songs that will compete in the semi finals. I've managed to listen to them all an my favourites are easily Stay, Here I am again and Pressure.

Y'all can listen to the songs here. The artists will be announced at a later date, although one video has already made YouTube, which we know is sung by Niko. And it's brilliant as well! Some really nice songs here actually. But then, the Latvian NF was great last year too - they just choose the worst song on offer. I might review my favourite songs when I've listened to them more. Here are the song titles (with song writers in brackets):
  • Is it possible 
  • Pēdējā vēstule 
  • Just stop
  • Pressure 
  • I'm happy 
  • Stay
  • Here I am again
  • Bučas 
  • You are the reason 
  • Going all the way 
  • Lights on
  • This moment and tomorrow
  • If I could (Let away)
  • I can breathe
  • I've got
  • Revelation 
  • I need more
  • Cake to bake
  • Breather slow
  • Pa vidu tu  
  • I need a soul-twin
  • What if I was
  • Dejo Tā 
  • Take away
Latvia's selection kicks of on 1st February! At the moment, it's Stay for the epic win from me!! <3

Sunday 1 December 2013

Switzerland: 6 participants advance to the Swiss national final!

18 acts showcased their talent in yesterdays "Expert Check" and the professional jury selected 6 acts that'll compete in the national final.

This blogger did manage to see a few of the performances. My favourite was Gosia however her vocals weren't great, and that's probably the reason she didn't advance.

  • 3 For All – Together Forever
  • Nino Colonna – La luce del cuore
  • Yasmina Hunzinger – I Still Believe
  • Christian Tschanz – Au paradis
  • Natacha & Stéphanie – Une terre sans vous
  • Sebalter – Hunter Of Stars

I think my favourite now is either 3 For All or Christian Tschanz. The national final will be held on 1st February. I'll review all the songs in depth pretty soon.

Saturday 30 November 2013

Malta: 20 finalists revealed!

Last night, the Maltese finalists were announced through Xarabank - a popular Maltese show! Unfortunately I missed it so I haven't heard any of the songs but judging from the reactions I've seen online, there are great songs this year!

These are the lucky acts which have made the live shows:

  • Amber – Because I have you
  • Andreana – Now and forever
  • Chris Grech – Oblivion
  • Christabelle - Lovetricity
  • Corazon – Ten
  • Daniel Testa – One last ride
  • Davinia – Brand new day
  • Debbie Stivala – Pin the middle
  • Deborah C – Until we meet again
  • Fabrizio Faniello - Just no place like home
  • Firelight – Coming home
  • Franklin – Love will take me home
  • Jessika - Hypnotica
  • Miriam Christine – Safe
  • Pamela – Take me
  • Raquel Galdes - Invisible
  • Romina Mamo – Addictive
  • Ryan Paul Abela – City lady
  • Sophie – Let the sunshine in
  • Wayne William – Some kind of wonderful

Only snippets of each song was revealed last night... the semi-final will take place on 7th February! Then the grand final will follow the day after. I'm delighted to see that Chris Grech and Davinia are back!

Off-topic - y'all can watch the expert check in Switzerland here.

Friday 29 November 2013

Belarus: 15 finalists revealed, final set for 10th January!

Belorussian broadcaster, BTRC, has tonight revealed the 15 acts that'll compete to represent Belarus in Copenhagen. Over 100 acts submitted their offerings in the hope to make the national final.

No names I recognise here:

  • Matvei Bondarenko
  • Yuri Vashchuk
  • Alexey Gross
  • Daria
  • Janette
  • Max Lorens & Didyulya
  • Anastasia Malashkevich
  • Artem Mikhalenko
  • Alina Moshchenko
  • “NAPOLI”
  • “Nuteki”
  • Natalia Odintsova
  • Elena Siniavskaya
  • Natalia Tamelo

The final will take place on 10th January - the winner will be decided by televote and a professional jury.

Spain: Have TVE chosen Ruth Lorenzo for Eurovision?

Ruth Lorenzo is apparently going to represent Spain, according to the online magazine El Corte Inglés - the site which exclusively reported El Sueño de Morfeo would represent Spain in Malmo. TVE have seemingly been in negations with her for sometime...

Ruth has previously stated that she'd happily go to Eurovision for UK, but now it appears she could be representing her homeland instead. She competed in The X Factor UK a few years ago and came 5th, respectively. It looks like Ruth will be flying the Spanish flag as her songs release date has been delayed and her website has been updated. 

The Spanish representative will be officially revealed very soon! 

Thursday 28 November 2013

Lithuania: LRT aim to produce a high quality selection!

Lithuania's participation in Copenhagen will mark their 20th entry in Eurovision and thus LRT are aiming to produce an awesome show! The hosts have also been announced - and they are Arūnas Valinskas and Simona Nainė.

An ‘anniversary concert’ will be held on 14th December, then the selection will properly kick off the week after and will air every week until early February. Lithuania will choose their representative on 8th February! Some artists have already announced that they'll compete in the selection. These include: Sasha Son, Aistė Pilvelytė and Pop Ladies.

20 acts will compete in the selection, with the best 6 making the grand final! I'm very excited about this! ;-)

France: Destan, Joanna and Twin Twin announced as French hopefuls!

France will hold a national final on 26th January where three participants will showcase their offerings in the hope to represent France - and now these participants are known!

I've had a quick look on YouTube and they all have potential - but I think my favourite is Joanna. She has such a strong voice but Destan also look great. Twin Twin look interesting, to say the least, but with the right song they could be awesome. It's going to depend on the song. On 2nd March, the French representative will be revealed by Natasha St. Piere.

Talking of France - I've recently come across this, wow...

Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2014 line-up complete!

Today SVT revealed the remaining 16 names that'll compete in Melodifestivalen 2014! We have some familiar names too today, including Anton Ewald, Alcazar and Linda Bengtzing!

These acts will participate in the third semi final:

  • State of Drama with "All we are"
  • dr. alban & Jessica Folcker with "Around the world!
  • Shirley Clamp with "Burning alive"
  • Ace Wilder with "Busy doin’ nothin’"
  • Outtrigger with "Echo"
  • CajsaStina Åkerström with "En enkel sång"
  • EKO with "Red"
  • Oscar Zia with "Yes we can"

...and these are the acts which will compete in the forth semi:

  • Alcazar with "Blame it on the disco"
  • Ellinore Holmer with "En himmelsk sång"
  • I.D.A with "Fight me if you dare"
  • Josef Johansson with "Hela natten"
  • Janet Leon with "Hollow"
  • Anton Ewald with "Natural"
  • Ammotrack with "Raise your hands!"
  • Linda Bengtzing with "Ta mig"

All 32 acts have know been revealed. The fun begins on 1st February with the first semi final... 

Tuesday 26 November 2013

NuVidz: Lily Allen, neAngely, Abi Sampa, Kurt Calleja!

Lily Allen has covered the beautiful Somewhere only we know. This is like the prefect Christmas song, it's lovely... I'm not normally a massive fan of hers but this does tug at the heart strings. neAngely are aiming to represent Ukraine in Copenhagen with Courageous. It is fantastic!!! Ukraine will select their song on 21st December and I hope this wins. Abi Sampa has covered Wake Me Up <3 she's amazing! Abi brings an Eastern influence in her music. She was a contestant on The Voice UK 2013 however didn't make the live shows. Finally, Kurt Calleja, Malta's 2012 representative, has unveiled a new song called Love On Mars. Sweet video and a really cool song!

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