Monday 31 March 2014

Introducing 2014: Georgia!

The Shin and Mariko were internally selected to fly the Georgian flag in Copenhagen. Mariko Ebralidze is an experienced jazz singer and The Shin are a fusion jazz band that were formed in 1998. Three Minutes To Earth was released in mid-March. The song has received tons of criticism although I think it has charm - I do kinda like it... I'm defiantly in the minority though. The video-clip itself is very bizarre. I wonder if their performance in May will consist of mannequins.

Regarding Copenhagen, it's hard to say where this will finish. I don't think it will appeal to many people... although I'm confident the jury will appreciate it. Maybe they'll make the final? Semi-final two is incredibly hard to call, I think everyone stands a strong chance of qualify, and that includes Georgia.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Spain: Ruth Lorenzo presents her backing vocalists!

The Spanish performance in Copenhagen will feature Ruth, naturally, and four backing vocalists too in the form of Mey Green, Sandra Borrego, Aiwinnie Mybaby and Alana Sinkëy. It's no secret that Spain is one of my favourites this year. A few days ago, Ruth gave an amazing performance where she reenacted some of the moves she carried out in the official music video. Ruth has said though that this isn't the routine she'll use in Copenhagen..

Introducing 2014: Ukraine!

Ukraine was the first country to select their entry for Copenhagen. Maria Yaremchuk won the Ukrainian selection with Tick Tock. I thought it was a pretty strong national final - favourites of mine included neAngely and Victoria Petrik. Following the results, some acts questioned the fairness of the voting... and the majority of Eurovision fans were underwhelmed with the results, too. Maria Yaremchuk competed in the Ukrainian national final in 2013 with Imagine. She came 5th.

Maria and her team decided to give her song a major revamp. It's now extremely catchy, current and about a million times better than the original. I've always said this could be a dark horse... Can't wait to see this live on stage! Maria will no doubt achieve a respectable position in Copenhagen.

Saturday 29 March 2014

NuVidz: Elaiza, Amandine Bourgeois, Noemi, Cascada!

Fight Against Myself was Elaiza's second song in the German selection and I really like. The song has bags of personality. However, I prefer "Is It Right". Here's a stunning acoustic version. Aww I love Amandine Bourgeois! Her latest track is Ma Gueule. Very French - I could just imagine sitting in a cafe in Paris and hearing this song.. it's lovely! Oui! <3 Noemi is currently a coach on The Voice of Italy and last month, she took part in Sanremo with Bagnati dal sole. This song has been stuck in my head these last few days.. and if RAI didn't select Emma internally, maybe this would have been the Italian entry? Finally, we have a new single from Cascada! Blink could defiantly be a summer hit..

Malta: Selfie competition launched!

The Maltese broadcaster has launched a selfie competition on Facebook. The backdrop of Firelight's performance will features selfies. The lucky applicants will therefore have their faces seen by millions of people. There's only one rule - applicants must be at-least 18 years old.

Italy: Jalisse fails on The Voice of Italy!

Alessandra Drusian, the lead singer of Jalisse, decided to enter The Voice of Italy however she failed to make an everlasting impression as all four coaches as they didn't turn around for her - and therefore she was eliminated. One of the coaches, Pelù, tweeted “We 4 are fools” and they coaches clearly regretted not turning around for her after they saw it was her performing. Here's her audition. Meanwhile, did you see Sister Cristina Scuccia's blind audition!! #WOW!

Introducing 2014: Azerbaijan!

Dilara Kazimova won Böyük Səhnə, the Azerbaijani selection show, which was a big talent show in Azerbaijan. Dilara was a great choice. The song she'll perform in Copenhagen was released a couple of weeks later and is entitled Start A Fire. It features the Azerbaijani national musical instrument - balaban. I love it. Probably the best entry from Azerbaijan since 2010... and it isn't a typical Eurovision song. There's something rather beautiful about this. Throughout Böyük Səhnə, Dilara performed Hometown GloryMercy and Happy.

She's already entered the Azerbaijani selection in 2008 and 2010. She came runner-up on both occasions. In 2010, Dilara was the lead singer of Milk & Kisses. Will Azerbaijan qualify in Copenhagen? Hell yeah! Some people are even predicting that Azerbaijan could win in Copenhagen....

Friday 28 March 2014

Introducing 2014: Albania!

Hersi (Herciana Matmuja) won the 52nd edition of Festivali i Këngës with Zemërimi i një nate. The Albanian selection was very strong and contained a number of excellent songs - Frederik Ndoci returned and so did Luiz Ejlli. My favourite was Klodian Kaçani. Wow His song was just amazing!! Klodian came runner-up to Hersi. After Festivali i Këngës, Hersi and her team decided to revamp her entry and translate it into English. Therefore the Albanian entry is One Night's Anger.

It's good, but I don't think it's strong enough to qualify, but maybe the juries will rank her high so she could squeeze through. Hersi is a fantastic vocalist though and I don't think "One Night's Anger" does her justice. I have another one criticism. I don't think the English revamp works.. the Albanian one had much more personality and class. Still, a very nice entry from Albania!

Thursday 27 March 2014

Introducing 2014: Germany!

Germany selected their representative through "Unser Song für Dänemark" this year. Several big names took part in the selection although the results shocked us all! Elaiza won with Is It Right. Elaiza were an unknown group before the selection and so they decided to take part in the newcomers category, which was a campaign to find upcoming musicians. Elaiza proved that a big name doesn't guarantee victory. I loved several songs in this national final - Unheilig were my favourites with Wir sind alle wie eins. I also loved Als wärs das erste Mal. Hope they try again next year...

Madeline Juno was also another favourite before the selection, although she didn't progress to the 2nd round and thus didn't get the chance to perform Error. Another missed opportunity! The German national final was probably my favourite this season... The superfinal was between Unheilig and Elaiza, and Elazia won with 55% of the vote. The German entry is great in my opinion, although I doubt it will make the top ten in Copenhagen. Maybe it'll do well though. It's a sweet song. "Is It Right" has already peaked at #4 in the German charts. Glück.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

San Marino: Valentina Monetta interview!

Valentina Monetta has already represented San Marino in 2012 and 2013, now she's back again - and her mission is to make the grand final! I was lucky enough to speak to her.

Jack: In June 2013, it was confirmed that you would represent San Marino for the third year in a row. Why did you want to participate in Eurovision again.

Valentina: Why not? It would have been a shame to interrupt such an adventure.

Jack: It must have been a hard choice when choosing your entry for Copenhagen - so why did you pick "Maybe (Forse)"?

Valentina: True, it hasn't been easy. I have decided with my production team. As last year our song was well liked , we believed it's good to go on with the same path. Maybe is an evlotuion of Crisalide.

Jack: Regarding Copenhagen, can you reveal any details about your performance?

Valentina: I can only say you will see me smiling a lot!

Jack: Have you had chance to listen to any of the other Eurovision entries this year? If so, do you have any favourites?

Valentina: Germany and Hungary.

Jack: Who would you consider as your biggest rival in Copenhagen?

Valentina: Hard to tell, at this moment.....

Jack: San Marino have unfortunately never qualified to the final, why do you think this is?

Valentina: Maybe because we are a small country and to reach the final, maybe more than just talent is needed??? I don't know....

Jack: What are you plans after Eurovision?

Valentina: To promote my new album Sensibilità and do many, many concerts.

Jack: Who would you like to see represent San Marino in 2015?

Valentina: There are many collegues of mine getting ready for that. Well, we'll see.

Jack: Here are a couple of questions to get to know you a little bit more... Where is your favourite place to holiday?

Valentina: I have fallen in love with a place in south-west of Sardinia. A laguna where I can relax while working, practising kite surf!

Jack: Do you have any hidden talents?

Valentina: I'm a creative person, I paint, create, plan, dance... many the things I would have wanted to done if I wasn't singing.

Jack: What has been the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Valentina: Ha ha ha, I can tell a funny event. When I was just starting with kite surf and not very good with my kite yet.. I took a flight for several meters on water and was ripped off my swimsuit.... giving a good view to several persons nearby, oops!

Jack: Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview, Valentina! I wish you the best of luck in Copenhagen and fingers crossed you will qualify!

Valentina: Thank you, Jack! Enjoy your life!

Introducing 2014: Greece!

The Greek national final was held on 11th March with four participants. The line-up was very strong... Crystallia was my favourite. A stunning ballad - and her live vocals were just amazing. A missed opportunity if you ask me. Anyway, Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd won with Rise Up. Which is not a bad choice. The song is energetic, fun and y'all can be sure everyone will be dancing to this in Copenhagen. It's much better than their entry last year anyway..

Freaky Fortune are a well known musical duo and Riskykidd is the rapper. I think Greece will probably make the top-ten in Copenhagen. And I would be happy to see Greece at the top of the leaderboard, it is really a great song. But there is one aspect of the song that I'm not too keen on and that's the rapping. But that's just personal opinion. Of-course some people love the rapping. A very respectable effort from Greece.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Australia: Jessica Mauboy to perform in 2nd semi-final!

The Australians love Eurovision so therefore the EBU invited SBS, the Australian broadcaster, to choose and provide the interval act for the 2nd semi-final. Which was a lovely idea. Today it was announced that Jessica Mauboy will be the interval act, and technically represent Australia! She was runner-up on Australian Idol 2006. Meanwhile, it's also been confirmed that she'll perform an uptempo song. Wouldn't it be amazing if Australia really did participate in Eurovision? Maybe the UK would get a few points, then!

Introducing 2014: Belarus!

On 10th January, the Belorussian national final was held where TEO won! It wasn't the strongest national final... in-fact there was only one song that I liked. Nuteki should have won with Save Me. But they didn't much to my disappointment  - maybe they will try again next year? Teo's national final performance was pretty average but the song itself has potential.  I hope they are working on a better performance for Copenhagen. The studio version of the song is okay - watch the official video-clip here. It's a pretty catchy song, actually! It has charm.

The original lyrics contained a reference to Google Maps however this has been changed as references to companies and brands violate the EBU rules. So this reference was therefore replaced with new lyrics - "all the maps". But there are no changes to the song itself.. Will it qualify? I don't think so...

Monday 24 March 2014

Introducing 2014: Ireland!

Following an eventful national final, it was decided that Can-Linn feat. Kasey Smith would represent The Emerald Isle. It's fair to say Linda Martin and Billy McGuinness had a little disagreement and y'all can relive that here! Can-Linn feat. Kasey were the clear favourites to win without a doubt so it was no surprise when they won. I also liked Patricia Roe's song. Anyway, Can-Linn are a music group who produced "Heartbeat" and Kasey will perform the song in Copenhagen. Can-Linn is Irish for "sing together". Kasey is a former member of the group Wonderland and also tried to represent Ireland the year before, with Kiss Me.

Ireland are one of my favourites this year! Heartbeat is a wonderful song and I really want this to do well in Copenhagen. I don't like the dancers though, and maybe Kasey should move about a little bit on stage? Her vocal in the Irish national final were very strong. The song has a traditional Irish theme that is combined with pop. It's also very catchy! Will Ireland qualify? Yes, I hope so anyways..

Copenhagen 2014: Semi-final running order decided!

The running order for both semi finals was revealed earlier! Romania and Hungary have brilliant draws! This means Romania will close the 2nd semi final for the second year in a row. Ironic. Montenegro have a very good draw too - they'll hopefully make it and Portugal also stands a chance of qualifying. Israel could be in danger... and maybe Sweden are in danger too?Like last year, the producers decided this draw. We don't know when the finalists will perform though... that'll be decided after all the finalists are known. Fingers crossed Molly has a good draw!!

Semifinal 1:
  1. Armenia
  2. Latvia
  3. Estonia
  4. Sweden
  5. Iceland
  6. Albania
  7. Russia
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Ukraine
  10. Belgium
  11. Moldova
  12. San Marino
  13. Portugal
  14. The Netherlands
  15. Montenegro
  16. Hungary
Semifinal 2:
  1. Malta
  2. Israel
  3. Norway
  4. Georgia
  5. Poland
  6. Austria
  7. Lithuania
  8. Finland
  9. Ireland
  10. Belarus
  11. F.Y.R. Macedonia
  12. Switzerland
  13. Greece
  14. Slovenia
  15. Romania

Sunday 23 March 2014

Introducing 2014: Estonia!

My little introduction series starts with Estonia...

This years Estonian representative was selected through Eesti Laul, once again, where ten acts qualified for the grand final on 1st March. My favourite was Sandra Nurmsalu with Kui tuuled pöörduvad - although she only came 5th. Instead Tanja won with Amazing. Tanja Mihhailova is a 33 year-old singer who has been a member of several bands throughout her career. She's also appeared in a few Estonian TV shows.

The song she'll represent Estonia with in Copenhagen is amazing! One of the best songs this year... it's modern and catchy! The choreography in the national final has been criticized, as some people are saying she's copying Loreen. I don't agree with that. I wonder if she'll use this choreography in Copenhagen? Probably as it makes the performance more memorable.. Tanja is a fantastic vocalists - how does she hit those notes when being swung in the air? Chances at Eurovision? It'll probably qualify but then who knows...

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Copenhagen 2014: Stage plans revealed!

The Heads of Delegations have meet in Copenhagen this week and some details regarding the stage were revealed. It appears the stage is going to be gigantic but sketches are yet to be revealed.

Christer Björkman, the Swedish Head of Delegation, was very impressed with the sketches and said:
Sketches promise a lot. It’s back to big! A gigantic both stage wise and lighting wise. It is Moscow size
The greenroom will be situated in the arena itself, like Baku 2012, and organizers have said they will take advantage of the high ceilings.

Russia: "Shine" revealed!

The long-awaited Russian entry is here! I guess the Tolmachevy Twins have been busy in the studio these past few days so that's why the songs release date was slightly postponed.. and it was even reported that we wouldn't get to hear their entry until the end of the month. But thankfully that's not true as "Shine" was revealed this afternoon. Listen here. I really like the song itself but I think Russia could have difficulties qualifying this year... A video-clip will be released in April.

Due to the current problems with Russia and Ukraine, this entry has caused more interest than any other song this year. The lyrics are rather interesting, too - especially this section:
Living on the edge closer to the crime cross the line a step at a time 
Now maybe there's a place maybe there's a time maybe there's a day you'll be mine 
Naturally, this has sparked a lot of interest regarding because the lyrics could be considered as a political message. Due to the current situation with Crimea. "Maybe there's a day you'll be mine" is especially interesting. I'm not saying that these lyrics are political, personally I don't think they are, although you can defiantly see why some people would think this.


Tuesday 18 March 2014

Austria: Conchita Wurst's song revealed!

Conchita Wurst's song for Copenhagen has been released. It's a brilliant entry from Austria. I'm very impressed! A lovely strong ballad and not the Wurst by any means! haha! Listen to it here. I'm sure Austria will qualify and maybe even achieve a top ten result? A winner?

Monday 17 March 2014

Ukraine: Remastered version of "Tick-Tock" revealed!

The new version of "Tick-Tock" has just been released! Wow! A complete transformation - Ukraine are almost guaranteed a top ten finish in Copenhagen with this. The original version wasn't bad, it was just rather dull and boring. There have also been some lyrical changes... it's so much better now! Bravo Ukraine! <3

Copenhagen 2014: Basim to perform 23rd in the final!

The Head of Delegation meeting has taken place today in Copenhagen, where a random draw decided when Basim will perform in the grand final. Denmark will perform at #23 in the running order.

In order to keep things fair, the host country's running order will be decided by a random draw. Could Denmark win for the 2nd year in a row? His vocals are pretty good and the song is incredibly catchy.... Hmm. The rest of the draw will be decided by DR's producers and that will be revealed in the weeks to come. Meanwhile. the final draw will be decided once all the finalists are chosen.

Russia: Song details revealed!

The deadline is tomorrow and Russia is one of the only countries left to reveal their song. The other is Austria, but they are revealing their song tomorrow! On Saturday, it was made official that the Tolmachevy Twins would indeed represent Russia but no information on the song was given. Until today!

Russia's entry is be entitled "Shine" and it is composed by a tn international team consisting of Philip Kirkorov, Dimitri Kontopoulos, John Ballard, Ralph Charlie and Gerard James Borg. I'm sure this years Russian song will be overshadowed with what's happening in Ukraine and Crimea. The burring question on everyone's lips is will Ukraine and Russia exchange points this year! The song will be released tomorrow.

Sunday 16 March 2014

Belgium: Axel Hirsoux wins the Belgian selection!

The last national final of the 2014 has just ended with Axel Hirsoux winning the Belgian national final! He will therefore have the honour of representing Belgium in Copenhagen. His voice is incredible and the song is very powerful... It was clearly Ruslana's favourite!

An international jury also featured in the show, and Ruslana gave an amazing performance. She also made a statement regarding the current situation in Crimea. But back to the results, I'm very shocked and upset that Sil only came 5th. She deserved much better. Her song was beautiful... Shakespeare's Sister's Marcella Detroit cowrote Sil's song actually, which is another reason why I loved it. Udo came last - which is not a surprise at all... Alex is a very deserving winner anyway. The reaction has been mixed though as some people are saying the song was so beautiful that it made them cry, while others say it's cringey and old fashioned. Here are tonight's results:
  1. Axel Hirsoux - Mother / 234
  2. Bandits - One / 90
  3. Eva Jacobs - Nothing Is Impossible / 89
  4. Yass - Need You Tonight / 77
  5. Sil - What’s The Time In Tokyo? / 38
  6. Udo - Hero (In Flanders Fields) / 32
Anyway, this is the last national final of the 2014 season! Which sucks.. Here's the Belgian entry!

Azerbaijan: Dilara reveals "Start A Fire"!

The song that will represent Azerbaijan has been revealed. Dilara Kazimova was announced as the winner of "Böyük Səhnə" a couple of weeks ago and expectations have been high. I think Azerbaijan are the ones to watch to be honest - a beautiful song. I cannot wait to see this be performed live in Copenhagen! Another fantastic entry from Azerbaijan... ENJOY!

Albania: Revamped version of "One Night's Anger" released!

Hersi has been working hard since winning Festivali i Këngës and today the revamped version of "One Night's Anger" was revealed. Listen to it here. The song was also been translated into English, which I think is a bad decision. It's a lovely song but the Albanian version had more edge. A great entry from Albania, nevertheless.

Portugal: Suzy selected with "Quero ser tua"!

This is a controversial decision.... Suzy has won the right to represent Portugal in Copenhagen although the audience didn't show any appreciation for the winner, they just booed her and waked out. Something about the composer buying votes - but there's no solid evidence of that. Anyway, I like it. A very catchy song although I fear Portugal will be stuck in the semis, again...

Catarina Pereira came 2nd (she was my personal favourite) and Rui's dull ballad came third. He deserved a better song me thinks. Not a bad choice from Portugal.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Norway: Carl Espen wins "Melodi Grand Prix"!

What a fantastic result! Carl Espen will fly the Norwegian flag - one of the best songs this year without a doubt. Many fans are saying Norway could win the whole thing in Copenhagen... I defiantly think he has a shot. Oslo 2015?

When I heard "Silent Storm" for the first time, I knew there was something rather special about it. Linnea Dale came 2nd, her song was very pleasant. Meanwhile, Mo and Knut also made the super-final. The results:
  1. Carl Epsen – Silent Storm / 53,712
  2. Linnea Dale – High Hopes / 39,086
  3. Mo – Heal / 37,405
  4. Knut Kippersund Nesdal – Taste Of You / 27,757
It's worth remembering that Portugal will chose their entry at some point tonight. And wasn't Azerbaijan going to reveal their song? But for now, let's enjoy Silent Storm!

Moldova: Christina Scarlet is chosen for Copenhagen!

Moments ago, Christina Scarlet won the Moldovan selection. She was my favourite and therefore I'm very happy with Moldova's choice. Boris won the televote however the jury thankfully opted for Christina instead and she was declared the winner. Justice is served! Lucia S. came third. Stay tuned for results from Norway! Enjoy the Moldovan entry here.

Malta: "Coming Home" video-clip published!

The official video-clip of "Coming Home" has been released. Firelight have given the song a slight revamp, which has improved it even more. I love this video-clip - it's really sweet. The ending is especially nice. Enjoy.

Portugal: National final tonight!

Five acts are in the running to fly the Portuguese flag in Copenhagen. It's a decent line-up. My favourite is Catarina Pereira! She would be brilliant choice. Suzy's song is nice too - I wouldn't be too disappointed if she was to win... Although I have a feeling Rui will win. But the song is very underwhelming. Or maybe Zana could be a dark horse? We'll find out tonight, anyways!

  1. Rui Andrade - Ao teu encontro
  2. Catarina Pereira – Mea culpa
  3. Zana - Nas asas da sorte
  4. Raquel Guerra - Sonhos roubados
  5. Suzy - Quero ser tu

Norway: Representative to be selected tonight!

The grand final of "Melodi Grand Prix" will be held this evening. Norway always have great national selections and this year is no exception. I'm really looking forward to watching this tonight But who's going to be crowned the winner? My preference would be Carl Espen. His haunting ballad is without a doubt the big favourite to take the trophy tonight... My 2nd favourite is Linnea Dale. I have high hopes for her, too!

I predict Elisabeth Carew and Mo will make the super-final, but the winner should defiantly be between Carl Espen and Linnea Dale. The show will start at 19:55 CET and can be watched here. I'll defiantly be tuning in. This is tonight's running order - and doesn't Carl have a great draw?
  1. El Cuero – Ain’t no Love (in This City No More)
  2. Elisabeth Carew – Sole Survivor
  3. Knut Kippersund Nesdal – Taste of You
  4. Dina Misund – Needs
  5. Mo – Heal
  6. Linnea Dale – High Hopes
  7. Charlie – Hit Me Up
  8. Carl Espen – Silent Storm
  9. Oda & Wulff – Sing

Moldova: "O Melodie Pentru Europa" final tonight!

Two semi finals have taken place this week where the sixteen finalists were chosen. I don't know what Moldova will opt for, and there isn't much on offer I'm afraid. These are the acts who remain in the competition:

  • Cristina Scarlat – Wild Soul
  • Curly - Your recovery
  • Diana Staver – One and all
  • Aurel Chirtoaca – Urme de iubiri
  • Edict – Forever
  • Lucia S - Frozen
  • Mikaella – Follow your dreams
  • Margarita Ciorici & Metafora – Vis
  • Boris Covali – Perfect Day
  • FLUX Light – Never Stop No
  • Doinița Gherman – Energy
  • Anna Cernicova - Dragostea divină
  • Diana Brescan – Hallelujah
  • Tatiana Heghea – I’m Yours
  • Felicia Dunaf – The Way I Do
  • Paralela 47 – Fragmente

If I had to predict a winner, I'd go for either Boris or Cristina Scarlat. I think Boris would've been much better with Flying. That song is much stronger, in my opinion... sigh.

Friday 14 March 2014

San Marino: Valentina Monetta releases her third Eurovision entry!

San Marino's entry has been revealed and I'm really impressed. Valentina is representing the landlocked country for the third year in a row, after failing to qualify in Baku and Malmo. I really hope her luck will change this year. The song was officially presented moments ago during a special TV program and you can listen to it here!

Valentina Monetta was announced as the Sammarinese representative back in June 2013 and expectations have been high. The song was composed by Ralph Siegel and it was penned by Mauro Balestri. After writing several songs for the contest, it was decided "Maybe (Forse)" would go to Eurovision because it plays on Valentina’s jazz strengths. It appears the English version will be used in Copenhagen. "Maybe (Forse)" will naturally feature on Valentina's next album. The reception from ESC fans has been mixed. Some folk are saying it's dated but I think it's really lovely. A stunning video-clip, too. Good luck Valentina! This song is defiantly one of the best entries this year. Will it be third time lucky for Valentina and San Marino?! Maybe...

Latvia: "Cake to Bake" video-clip released!

Awww, I've always had a soft spot for this song! It's a really lovely video-clip - it features Aarzemnieki playing their instruments in the countryside and at a campfire where everyone is dancing around like there's not a care in the world. This really is such an infectious song and I would love to see Latvia make the final in May. ENJOY!

Armenia: Aram Mp3 presents his Eurovision entry!

Aram Mp3 has released Not Alone! This is the song he'll represent Armenia with in Copenhagen. I've only heard the song twice and I think it's brilliant already. This song could easily be in the British charts - it's that good. Great lyrics too. Well done Armenia! Remember, Valentina will officially reveal her song this evening!

Italy: Video-clip of "La Mia Città" presented!

The official video-clip of the Italian entry has been released moments ago. It mainly features Emma wearing some interesting outfits but it's a very pleasant video anyway. Watch it here. Emma performed in the German national final last night, and many people were underwhelmed with her performance.

Spain: Official video-clip of "Dancing in the Rain" released!

Ruth Lorenzo has released the official video-clip of "Dancing in the Rain". The song has undergone a couple of changes too.. but they aren't major changes. More English lyrics have been added - but Ruth has thankfully left some of the lyrics in Spanish. You can watch the official video here.

It's a beautiful video-clip too. Ruth is joined Giuseppe Di Bella, a professional dancer. The video was filmed in an abandoned warehouse. Meanwhile, Ruth's been a busy lady as she performed this Whitney Houston classic on a popular Spanish TV show!

Georgia: "Three Minutes to Earth" released!

Mariko and The Shin have presented their Eurovision entry. It's a very interesting piece of music to say the least but it does have its charm and I really like it. A very unique song! However, it isn't very "contest friendly" and I think Georgia will struggle to qualify. Listen here...

Thursday 13 March 2014

Germany: Elaiza are the winners!

Elaiza has won the right to represent Germany! Brilliant! The song they'll take to Copenhagen is entitled "Is It Right". Such a sweet song. They came from the wildcard round and were practically unknown in Germany before the contest. Unheilig were runners-up. Their second song was fantastic, and was without a doubt the best song of the night. The audience were definitely behind Elaiza more though as she always received a massive applause.

I would have preferred Unheilig but I'm just happy the Germans didn't opt for Santiano. Ewww. Emma performed her Eurovision entry and I wasn't too impressed. The performance looked kinda messy and her voice was all over the place. She needs to work hard before Copenhagen otherwise the Italians could receive a very disappointing result come May. Meanwhile, Santiano and MarieMarie also made the top four. I think Germany have chosen a really catchy and fresh song. It's a shame Unheilig didn't win but hey ho. Enjoy.

Copenhagen 2014: Three songs to be presented tomorrow!

The Netherlands: "Calm After The Storm" released!

I think The Netherlands are now my favourites! The Common Linnet's released their Eurovision entry this morning and it really is a beautiful piece of music. An acoustic version was released last night although I prefer the official ESC version. It has more hook. The lyrics are great and both of their voices completely suit this song. I'm really impressed with this! Listen here!

Germany: "Unser Song für Dänemark" tonight!

Germany's act will be chosen tonight. Eight participants, and sixteen songs, are in the running although Unheilig seems to be the big favourite. I hope they win - "Als wär's das erste Mal" is one of my favourite songs at the moment. Their other song is yet to be released.

I'm sure Germany will produce an excellent show tonight. Each act will perform two songs tonight and this is how it works. In the first round, each artist will perform one song and televoting will select the top four artists and then they'll proceed to the second round. The second round consists of each act performing their second song and then the two most popular acts will proceed to the final round. The two remaining acts will perform both of their songs and the German public and a jury will decide the winner. Emma will perform "La Mia Citta" - can't wait for that! I think the winner will either be Unheilig or maybe Madeline Juno? "Error" has received a lot of support from German radio stations... The Baseballs are also pretty popular - maybe they'll be the winners? But I want Unheilig. Here's an acoustic version of Als Wär's Das Erste Mal. It's pretty amazing! These are the acts:
  • Das Gezeichnete Ich
  • Madeline Juno
  • MarieMarie
  • Oceana
  • Santiano
  • The Baseballs
  • Unheilig
  • Elaiza

Wednesday 12 March 2014

The Netherlands: Acoustic version of "Calm After The Storm" performed live!

The Common Linnets have tonight revealed an acoustic version of "Calm After The Storm". They performed it during De Wereld Draait Door, a popular Dutch TV program. During the program, a number of short clips were played from some of the chosen entries for Eurovision 2014 and they seemed most impressed with Sweden, Romania and the United Kingdom. Ilse looked horrified when the Latvian song was played ;-)

The official Eurovision version will be released tomorrow morning on a Dutch radio show! I'm excited to hear it! Watch the acoustic performance here.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Greece: Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd are the winners!

Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd have won the Greek national final. I'm not disappointed as their song is incredibly catchy and fun! There were several interval/opening acts but it was to celebrate Greece's 40th anniversary. A number of popular Greek artists performed and it was really great. The show was brilliant and I'm satisfied with the outcome!

I'm pretty sure Greece will make the top ten this year... "Rise Up" is a bouncy number and I'm sure it'll get people moving in Copenhagen. My favourite was Crystallia, and her vocals were amazing, unlike Josephine's. #OUCH! If the Greek broadcaster publish the full results - I'll update this post. But for now.. RISE UP!

NuVidz: Linnea Dale, Arisa, Rui Andrade, Mariya Yaremchuk!

My favourite act in this years Norwegian national final is Linnea Dale. She's talented and beautiful. Here's the official video-clip of High Hopes. Although I don't think Norway will opt for this. They'll probably go for either Mo or Carl Epsen. Arisa won Sanremo with Controvento - and if Emma wasn't chosen internally, this song would have probably been the Italian entry for Copenhagen. It's such a brilliant song. Arisa has said in an interview that should would love to represent her country in Eurovision. Let's hope RAI take note for 2015! Meanwhile, Rui Andrade is the big favourite to win the Festival da Canção on Saturday with Ao teu encontro. A pleasant ballad but I do think it's a little boring... his voice is phenomenal and I just think the song lets him down. But that's just my opinion. I've heard that Mariya Yaremchuk was considering changing her song for Copenhagen although I don't know if that's true. With the current political situation in Ukraine, anything could happen. But a ballad in Russian, ironically, could fly the Ukrainian flag. Enjoy БЕЗ ТЕБЯ! We'll have all the entries for Eurovision 2014 by this time next week so we don't have long to wait. :)

Greece: National final tonight!

The Greek entry will be chosen tonight. There are four acts in the running and one will indeed represent Greece in Copenhagen. My favourite is Crystallia and I also like Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd. Kostas Martakis seems to be very popular in Greece however I don't think his song is strong enough - it seems to be rather boring and it doesn't really go anywhere... Despina Vandi and Giorgos Kapoutzidis will host the event and it's expected to start at 20:00 CET. You can watch the show here.
  • Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd – Rise up
  • Mark Angelo feat. Josephine – Dancing night
  • Krystallia – Petalouda stin Athina 
  • Kostas Martakis – Kanenas de me stamata 

Sunday 9 March 2014

Montenegro: Sergej Ćetković presents "Moj Svijet"!

The Montenegrin entry has been released and y'all can listen to it here. A beautiful Balkan ballad. Maybe a little bit old fashioned but it's still a fantastic song. One of the classier songs this year and if there's any justice, he'll qualify.

Sweden: Anton Ewald reacts to his poor result!

Oh dear! Someone is sounding like a sore loser... Anton as been speaking to Expressen where he blamed the jury for his poor result. Anton came dead last with only 18 points. Which did surprise me. Although his song was terribly boring and his voice was poor - I still didn't think he'd come last. But what's done is done. Don't get me wrong, he's a brilliant performer and is easy on the eye but a good singer?... nah. Anton's already said he won't try again next year.

He said:
“The jury are schlager nerds who have been around for a long time. I’m not cozy and tight enough with them."

FYR Macedonia: English version to be used in Copenhagen!

It has been confirmed that Tijana Dapcevic will sing the English version of her song in Eurovision - a wise decision I guess. The song has been receiving lots of positive feedback, and is proving to be one of the favourites. A Macedonian version was also released on 22nd February, although most fans favoured the English version. It defiantly has more hook.
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