Thursday 27 March 2014

Introducing 2014: Germany!

Germany selected their representative through "Unser Song für Dänemark" this year. Several big names took part in the selection although the results shocked us all! Elaiza won with Is It Right. Elaiza were an unknown group before the selection and so they decided to take part in the newcomers category, which was a campaign to find upcoming musicians. Elaiza proved that a big name doesn't guarantee victory. I loved several songs in this national final - Unheilig were my favourites with Wir sind alle wie eins. I also loved Als wärs das erste Mal. Hope they try again next year...

Madeline Juno was also another favourite before the selection, although she didn't progress to the 2nd round and thus didn't get the chance to perform Error. Another missed opportunity! The German national final was probably my favourite this season... The superfinal was between Unheilig and Elaiza, and Elazia won with 55% of the vote. The German entry is great in my opinion, although I doubt it will make the top ten in Copenhagen. Maybe it'll do well though. It's a sweet song. "Is It Right" has already peaked at #4 in the German charts. Glück.

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