If you're having trouble following the national final season (as it is very hectic), then hopefully this little breakdown will help you. I'll keep this post updated with links :-)

 The final song for Eurovision was presented today. Adio by Knez - which translates to Goodbye, Kinda ironic as we officially say goodbye to the 2015 Eurovision national final season.... :-)
 After the English version got shed loads of negative feedback, Voltaj confirmed they will sing a bilingual version of their song in Vienna. Fantastic choice! De la capăt / All Over Again.

 Goodbye To Yesterday also gets an official video-clip. I think Tallinn 2016 is very possible, really..
 Daniel Kajmakoski has completely changed his song and for the better. Is Autumn Leaves a qualifier? I hope the backdrop will be similar to the official video.
 Even though the song was leaked last night, the official video of San Marino's song has been presented. Chain Of Lights. Aren't they adorable?
 Lisa Angell released the official video-clip for her entry, N'oubliez pas. Watch here.
 Australia's song was released today and it's Tonight Again. Me like!

 Polina Gagarina's entry, A Million Voices, has been released. It's absolutely fantastic and my new favourtie.. Moscow 2016? Let's hope she won't get booed in Vienna.
 I'm Alive has finally been revealed. Wow. Elhaida Dani hasn't disappointed us.. much better than Diell
 Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini's entry has leaked onto YouTube before its official premier tomorrow morning. Opps. Their song is entitled Chain of Lights and can be listened to here.
 So Serbia are going to be singing in English after all. Bojana Stamenov's video-clip is so much fun!! Beauty Never Lies,
 The final act to be announced for Eurovision 2015 has been revealed and it's Elnur Hüseynov. The singer returns to represent Azerbaijan with Hour Of The Wolf
 Eduard Romanyuta's I Want Your Love gets an official video-clip.. it's interesting. 
 Meanwhile, the official video-clip for Hope Never Dies was revealed too. 

 Norway opted for A Monster Like Me by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett. Yes it's another duet but it's brilliant. I still yearn for pizza though.... ;-)
 The minute Måns Zelmerlöw won Melodifestivalen with Heroes, Sweden's odds with the bookies were drastically shortened. Stockholm 2016?

 The Makemakes will represent Austria on homesoil with I Am Yours. Somehow I don't think Austria will do the double...
 Switzerland's Mélanie René has released the music video for Time to Shine. The song has had some minor changes.
 And finally, the official video-clip for Iceland's entry has been released too. Unbroken by Maria Olafs. Me gusta!

 Finally an uptempo song! Israel's Nadav Guedj revealed his song tonight.. Loving this one! Listen to Golden Boy here..
 Don't Deny, the Armenian entry, has been premiered. What do you think about Genealogy's song?
 Trijntje Oosterhuis has released the video-clip for Walk Along
 The official version of Uzari & Maimuna's song has been revealed. I didn't like the song at all to start with, but now I kinda love it! Time
 Polina Gagarina has been officially confirmed as the Russian representative with the song A Million Voices. It will be presented on Sunday 15th March..
 The battle of the Warriors continue - as Nina Sublatti's song has been revamped and you can watch the finished product here

 Loïc Nottet's Rhythm Inside has been presented. Very impressed.. could Belgium be a contender this year?
 Meanwhile, Hope Never Dies by Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta has finally been revealed. Welcome back, Czech Republic!

 It was announced Monika Kuszyńska will fly the Polish flag with In The Name Of Love. Nice song but I wish it was Doda.
 Russia will be represented by Polina Gagarina and her song is entitled Secret Poison. It will be revealed soon.. can't wait!
 Amber's Warrior has undergone a minor revamp and the official video-clip was presented today. Watch it here.

 Romania selected Voltaj with De la capăt. Oh I adore this song!

 Leonor Andrade won Festival da Canção 2015 with Há um mar que nos separa. Another year in the semis for Portugal?
 The duo Electro Velvet have been announced as the British representatives with the song Still In Love With You. I fear the UK are heading for last place again.......

 Andreas Kümmert won the German national final however he said Eurovision and the big stage isn't for him and therefore gave his victory to runner up Ann Sophie. She will fly the German flag with Black Smoke..

 Guy Sebastian has been announced as the Australian representative. His song will be revealed within the next two weeks... 
 The Greeks selected Maria Elena Kiriakou for Vienna with One Last Breath.

 Edurne released Amanecer today - are Spain onto a winner or will they flop?  

 Hungary completed tonight's national final marathon and Boggie was victorious with Wars for Nothing.
 Elsewhere in Europe, Ukrainian Eduard Romanyuta won the Moldovan national final with I want your love. Eeeeek. This is proving to be a controversial choice.....
  Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät controversially won Finland's UMK leaving fan favourites Satin Circus behind in 2nd place. Aina mun pitää!
 And Slovenia was the first country to select their entry tonight. Maraaya won with Here For You.

 Ireland opted for 16 year old Molly Sterling to perform Playing With Numbers in Eurovision. Love it!

 Elhaida Dani won't perform Diell in Vienna as the composer withdrew it due to personal reasons... A new song is in the making already and shall be revealed within the next few weeks!

 The Latvians opted for Aminata with Love Injected - a great choice if you ask me. The Baltic nations are really bringing it this year!! 

 Stig Rästa & Elina Born won Eesti Laul with Goodbye To Yesterday, as predicted. Tallinn 2016?
 The Lithuanian marathon concluded tonight and the winners are Vaidas Baumila and Monika Linkyté. They'll represent Lithuania with This Time.

 16 year old Nadav Guedj won The Next Star and therefore will be the Israeli entrant. His song is going to be revealed soon...

 Serbia selected Bojana Stamenov with the song Ceo svet je moj tonight. They defiantly made the right choice! It seems the song will be translated into English.. sigh!
 As expected, Il Volo won Sanremo and therefore will fly the Italian flag in Vienna. Their song was confirmed on 19th February and it is Grande Amore. Are Italy the ones to beat?

 Maria Olafsdóttir won Icelandic's final with Unbroken

 Armenia has chosen super-group Genealogy for Eurovision and the members will be revealed in due course. The song is called Don't Deny. 

 Anti Social Media have just won DMGP and therefore the right to represent Denmark with The Way You Are - although they didn't win the televote, and that has caused some controversy and rightly so!

 Cyprus selected One Thing I Should Have Done by Giannis Karagiannis to represent them. This is the one thing Cyprus should not have done.... ;-)

 The Czech broadcaster announced that both Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta will represent the country. Their song is going to be premiered in March.
 The beautiful Mélanie René won the Swiss national final with Time to Shine, as fan favourites Timebelle came a very respectable 2nd place.

 Lisa Angell has been announced as the French act out of the blue with N'oubliez pas.

 As expected, Nina Sublatti won the right to represent Georgia with Warrior. This blogger was lucky enough to speak to her prior to her winning the national final and you can read what she had to say here.
 The Spanish representative for Vienna has been internally selected and it's EDURNE who will have the honour. Her song will be entitled Amanecer and is going to be revealed soon.

 As expected, Elhaida Dani won the right to represent Albania in Vienna with Diell. The song is due to have a major makeover within the coming months.

 Uzari & Maimuna won Belarus's national final, much to everyone's surprise, and will perform This Time in Austria! Meh was my first reaction but it might grow on me.. Maybe.

 Trijntje Oosterhuis's entry has been premiered and you can listen to it here. Why-ay-ay-ay!

 Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini have been chosen to represent San Marino. Both have JESC experience and their song is going to be revealed in March.

 Fan favourite Amber won the Maltese national final with Warrior, much to this bloggers delight!

 The first national final for Eurovision 2015 has just concluded and Daniel Kajmakoski won the right to represent FYR Macedonia with Lisja esenski.

 Trijntje Oosterhuis has been confirmed as the Dutch singer for 2015. Her song is going to be composed by Anouk and will be revealed soon.

 Belgium is the next country to reveal their artist and it's The Voice winner Loïc Nottet who has the honour. Selection details will be released soon.

 Montenegro is the first country to announce their representative for Vienna and it's Knez. His song will be revealed later..... 

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