Sunday 19 April 2015


Valentina Monetta famously gave San Marino its first ever qualification last year. Are Michele and Anita going to have the same fate? Or will San Marino stay in the semis? Here's what we think..

Ana: Every time I listen to this song, I miss Valentina Monetta. I find it boring and dated. It’s like if they had only two days to prepare their entry and send it. Definitely, this deserves to stay in the semi final and ask Valentina to come back next year. 3/10

Ilkar: What to say? This starts well and sounds interesting. The feeling is a bit gone by the time the chorus kicks in and it turns to something very familiar and already heard. The kids will charm the TV audience anyways so let's all switch on the light on our cellphone and join the chain of lights, ok? 7,5/10

Jack: San Marino's 2014 entry became one of my favourites (along with Emma and Ruth) and I loved Maybe even more after Vale qualified - so whoever would represent San Marino this year would have big shoes to fill.  I feel it's a respectable effort from San Marino but not one of my favourites, if this makes sense. We're yet to see this performed live too.... I fear it may crumble live as they are both still very young. Will San Marino qualify for the 2nd year in a row? Maybeeeee. 4.5/10

Jess: I really do like this song! Michele & Anita voices work so well together! 8/10

John: "If we all light a candle" ? The most ill-advised lyric of the century crops up here but, being the forgiving type, I will concede to liking other aspects of this song (after hearing it several times). If it fails abysmally it will likely have more to do with it being the San Marino entry than anything else. Overall a pleasant sound.  6/10


Let's remind ourselves of Anita's and Michele's Junior Eurovision entries...

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