Monday 20 April 2015


San Marino wasn't the only country to qualify for the first time last year - Montenegro did too, and it seems Knez's entry is going to continue this trend. Maybe. Here's what we think about Adio..

Ana: I was missing Balkan sounds when suddenly Montenegro appeared. It’s obvious that Željko Joksimović is behind this and it sounds great. I also love the fact that he sings in his own language. If Knez can pull it off live, in m opinion, Montenegro deserves the top 10. 9/10

Ilkar: This has all Joksimović trademarks: great orchestration and instruments, slow start that grown into a boombastic climax in the end. Great singer. Wonderful backing voices arrangement. What's there not to like if you like some Balkan pathos and ethnic vibe? Very similar to his previous ones but that's his style, why should he write something that's not him just because it's Eurovision? .5/10

Jack: Excellent! Željko Joksimović clearly composed the song and all of his efforts have been very successful in Eurovision - will Montenegro's 2015 entry continue that trend? Hope so. I really love this one. It's also wonderful that Knez is singing in native tongue.. if only other countries followed the same philosophy. Yes, I'm looking at YOU Serbia!! I wish Montenegro the best of luck! 9.5/10

Jess: I have to say I really do like this song, Knez is such a great singer! 7/10

John: Montenegro has sent a typical euro “joke song” to Eurovision once too often. Last year they sent a classy ballad but have really excelled themselves this year with a marvellous song by artist Knez. Fast becoming one of my favourites of 2015, I sincerely hope this effort will be appreciated and rewarded. 8/10

OUR VERDICT - 42.5/50

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