Wednesday 19 June 2013

Denmark 2014: Where will the contest be held?

There are four cities in the race to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. It was five, until Aalborg withdrew last minute. So where is the contest going to be held?

Copenhagen looks the best bet - thanks to it's Parken Stadium which can seat up to 50,00, that's where the 2001 contest was held. I think it'll be Copenhagen but last year I was sure it was gonna be Stockholm, everyone did, and looked what happened... If not Copenhagen, then I reckon Herning stands a good chance. Herning's Boxen can hold up to 15,000 - it also hosted the Danish national final this year. And it did a grand job! Maybe Fredericia will play host? It's possible as there is a town next door which has a large number of hotels and transport links. I would love Horsens to host the 2014 contest though - Eurovision in a prison would be amazing. It would have a glass ceiling and prison blocks as commentary boxes. I love that idea - I just think it'll be so much fun!

We will find where it's gonna be in a few months. If I had to take an educated guess, I'd go with Copenhagen even though I'd like the prison!

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