Friday 7 June 2013

Poland: Decision to be taken in October/November!

Magdalena Tul, Poland's most recent representative. 
Poland hasn't participated for two years now, after blaming financial reasons for their withdrawal - but will they return and send an entry to Denmark? We'll have to wait!

The EBU have promised to work hard on bringing non-active counties back into the contest - I hope they manage to persuade Poland to come back. I've loved most of their songs and I do miss them - but like their Central European neighbours, they're always underrated. I wouldn't like to guess, I thought they were set to return last year but I was wrong. Slovakia will announce their participation plans, in September! TVP informed...
The Board of TVP will make decision not earlier then in October – November 2013.
I've got a feeling they won't come back - I don't think their that bothered about ESC anymore. On another negative note, it's unlikely Andorra will be back because their budget won't allow but nothings official yet! Enjoy Poland's most recent offering...

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