Monday 3 June 2013

Belgium: "Eurosong" returns for 2014!

Sorry I haven't been round much recently, I've had a hectic weekend and there isn't much to post anyway this time of year - but today I can bring y'all news from Belgium! The country which makes lovely
chocolates... <3

It's been announced by VRT that they are planning on bringing back "Eurosong" - but with a bit of a revamp. The selection will be stretched over several weeks. The last time VRT hosted a national final was in 2008, when Ishtar won "Eurosong", which infuriated many ESC fans! I hope Belgium will provide us with some great songs next year, they are getting back on track now! VRT was the broadcaster which selected Iris in 2012 and Tom Dice in 2010. Belgium has two main broadcasters thus they take it in turn to select Belgium's entry - RTBF has the "odd years" and VRT has the "even years". VRT spokesman Björn Verdoodt informed...
“Eurosong will be back but it is a completely new formula, we do not expect a copy of the previous format. It will be a show that will be spread out over several weeks”.
This is a fantastic song from their 2011 selection!

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