Wednesday 3 July 2013

Spain: Are TVE going to select Diana Navarro?

It's July and there are already rumours about who may fly the Spanish flag in next years contest! A name which keeps appearing is Diana Navarro - one of the best vocalists in Spain!

She's been on the scene for about 10 years and has even announced her interest in representing Spain in Eurovision, if asked. Diana has a fantastic voice, and she's very beautiful too - in many ways, she's reminds me of Pastora Soler. This could be exactly what Spain needs to do, if they want to ensure another respectable placing after the disaster this year. ESDM only came 25th, out of 26, which was a massive disappointment for the group. Another thing which could ensure Diana's participation is that her record company is Warner Spain, this is where TVE have selected the previous two Spanish representatives as they both have an "annual deal".

Here's one of her most popular songs, what do y'all think?

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