Monday, 28 October 2013

Switzerland: Around 150 songs sent into SRF!

Wow, this is impressive! SRF has revived around 150 entries and if you want, you can watch them all here.There's some familiar names too - including Daria Kinzer (Croatia 2011) and Annet Arteni (Cyprus 2006). I'll review the songs more in a few days when I've listened to them more - so part three of my little series will continue then.

It's worth mentioning that voting will open 4th November... Switzerland's other two broadcasters, RTS and RSI, will choose their songs more internally. 18 participants will battle it out in-front of a jury, and then the best 6 will make the live final. SRF has received songs from the UK, Netherlands, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Finland, France, Poland... and more too probably which I'm yet to discover. Unfortunately Lys Assia won't enter this year, as she couldn't find the "right song".

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