Monday, 21 October 2013

NuVidz: Celine Dion, Nathalie, Witloof Bay, Sinplus!

The Canadian star, Celine Dion, releases a new uptempo number entitled Somebody Loves Somebody. This isn't her usual style but she still does an awesome job. Meanwhile in Italy, Nathaie is back on the music scene with an enchanting song - Anima di vento. The video-clip is so weird but I do like it very much. She was one of the favourites to represent Italy in 2011 although the special jury at Sanremo didn't pick her. You'll ever love or hate this next one - Witloof Bay release Elle S'en Va. I think it's great and the 2011 Belgian representatives will release a new album too. I might pop over to Belgium just to buy it ;) Sinplus release Phoenix from the Ashes and their new album will come out in January!

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