Sunday 7 October 2012

Lys Assia, Chiara Dubey and Magdalena Tul for Switzerland? REVIEWS!

Wow! 3 songs have been released today, all of which could represent Switzerland...

Lys Assia and New Jack - All in your head:

Lys is trying her luck this year with 3 rappers (as we know!) but today her song was released. And it made me... speechless! She really wants to get to Eurovision again and good luck to her. Its a horrible song and the fact that she is with these rappers makes me laugh! I wish her all the best and I predict that she very well may fly the Swiss flag in Malmo. Watch it here.

Chiara Dubey - Bella Sera:

Like Lys, she has returned for a second year in a row! Her song is in Italian and amazing, so touching. It proves you don't always need a power ballad to feel amazing. She is such a lovely person as she has even been talking to me over Facebook. I would really like it if she could make it to Sweden in May but I'm not sure that she will. Still I have hope, watch it here.

Magdalena Tul - Give it up:

This comes as a major surprise! She represent Poland in 2011 but came last in the semi - still, she is not going to give up! She returns with an English song and it has some kind of rock vibe. This was only released about 1 hour ago so I haven't really had time to make a proper judgement. I do like it however I feel it may get lost! Good luck anyway Magda, go and rock it! Watch it here.

3 wonderful ladies here! Good luck to them all! :)

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  1. I like these three songs, but my favorite is Man Meadow - "How does it feel", they participated in Polish NF twice, they are from Sweden!!


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