Thursday 14 February 2013

Germany: "Unser Star Für Malmö" tonight!

Who will represent Germany in Malmo? Well will all know that answer tonight as it's their national final! Many fans are divided between several songs so it will be interesting to see what the Germans pick...

Today is going to be pretty busy with the Slovenian and Cypriot song being premiered! I am hoping for Cascada and Bettry Dittrich to win but then Saint Lu is also great! I will be watching tonight, will you? The show will start at 20:15 CET and finish at 22:15 CET...

The line-up is amazing, all songs are great! It's actually the first open national final in many years! Loreen and Lena will perform and Anke will host - sounds like the perfect show! Here are the finalists...
1. Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann - Ave Maris Stella
2. Finn Martin - Change
3. Mobilée - Little Sister
4. Blitzkids mvt. - Heart on the line
5. Betty Dittrich - Lalala
6. Ben Ivory - The Righteous Ones
7. Saint Lu - Craving
8. LaBrassBanda - Nackert
9. Nica & Joe - Elevated
10 Mia Diekow - Lieblingslied
11. Söhne Mannheims - One love
12. Cascada - Glorious...
Here is a webcast! Could the priests make it? Will Cascada flop? Will there be a surprise? I hope to see one of these in Malmo, personally... Good Luck Germany! :) 

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