Friday 15 February 2013

Romania: 32 participants progress!

TVR, the Romanian broadcaster, has released the 32 names which have progressed to the live shows! Two semi finals are going to be held on 23rd and 24th February, with sixteen participants in each!

Natalia Barbu, Electric Fence and Luminta Anghel all qualified however poor Geta Burlacu didn't make it. She really doesn't have much luck does she when it comes to national selections! Geta had the best song in last years Moldovan national final, with Never Ever Stop, and didn't get anywhere - she has a really unique voice, I can't see why the Romania didn't like her? Ah well... We still have a pretty good bunch among this lot!

Personally, I would look out for Natalia Barbu - she has a solid song, awesome vocal and knows how to put on a show! Electric Fence, runners up from last year, also made it #YAY! Take a look at who made it:

01: Cristian Prajescu – The Best Thing In Life Is To Love
02: Diana Hatea – I Believe In Love
03: Phaser – Pour Toi Et Pour Moi
04: Narcis Iustin Ianau – Seven
05: Tudur Turcu – Hello
06: 9 Gardens – All For Naught
07: Natalia Barbu – Confession
08: FreeStay – Criminal Mind
09: Casa Presei – Un Refren
10: The Zuralia Orchestra – Sukar Transylvania
11: Edict – Buddy Buddy
12: Diana Matei – Ma Ma He
13: Luminta Anghel – Unique
14: Maximilian Munteanu – Broken Heart
15: Letitia Moisescu – We Are One
16: Tamara Sofi – Firebird
17: Georgiana Moraru – Wake Me Up
18: Cristina Haios – Final De Razboi
19: Station 4 – Your Heart Is Teling Me So
20: Ovidiu Anton – Run Away With Me
21: Alin Vaduva – Storyline
22: Mosquito – Feel The Same
23: Electric Fence – Emilia
24: Brigitta & Mihai (Featuring TIPS) – One Heart
25: Claudia Mirei – I Feel So High
26: Spin & Cezar Dometi – Silver Lining
27: Liviu Catalin Mititelu – La Donna Di Nero
28: Anthony – Dream Girl
29: Andrei Leonte – Paralysed
30: Cezar Florin Ouatu – It’s My Life
31: Elena Cirstea Muttart – Spinning
32: Renee Santana – What Is Love
Romania will choose their entry on 9th March! All songs will officially be released on Monday but many are already online...

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