Wednesday 31 October 2012

Belarus: Semi Final cancelled, finalists confirmed!

10 finalists will take place in the grand final on 7th December and because of that, Belarus will be the first country to decide their entry for 2013 (that's if they don't change it, like in 2012)/ But they have cancelled the semi final - I think this is because the quality is rather (or very) low. 

Here are the 10 acts, where one will represent Belarus in Malmo:

01. Max Lorens
02. Alyona Lanskaya (NF 2012)
03. Alexey Gross
04. Daria
05. Nuteki band
06. Stanislav Satsura
07. Uzari (NF 2012)
08. Yan Zhenchak
09. Vitaly Voronko
10. Beaver Band

Most of the songs are not revealed yet however Alyone Lanskaya (who participated last year, and won) returns with the song Rhythm of Love - and I really like it! Enjoy...


  1. You wonder why they bother with national finals...
    I watched one of the audition videos, and I agree about the quality xD


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