Wednesday 17 October 2012

Breaking News: Anouk will represent The Netherlands!

The first artist to be announced for the 2013 edition is only ANOUK! Wow, such amazing news! Anouk has confirmed this news herself as-well as TROS! After several years of NL failing to make the grand final will they finally make it next year, and achieve a respectable result? Looks like it! But lets no go crazy - remember when we heard Anggun was going to represent France and we all thought she would win, look what happened their but her song was crap!

The "killer song" is expected to be released in late February and all I can say is that I'm really looking forward to it! Great choice from the Netherlands. Here is what Anouk said...

"To my fans… I will represent the Netherlands next year at the Eurosong festival… I’m looking forward to that… let’s hope for the best!”
Here is one of my favourite song from her, and I have many...

I adore this song - Best of luck Anouk!

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