Saturday 20 October 2012

Junior Eurovision 2012 - My Reviews!

Each country has selected their entry now for the upcoming Junior Eurovision so I have decided to do some reviews on each entry! Enjoy...

1. Belarus!
The show will be opened by one of the worst songs, which is a shame - and its also a shame that Egor has to sing such a horrible song as he has a really good voice. The interesting element here is that he sings the song partly in Italian! I would rate this song at 4/10...

2. Sweden!
One of the most beautiful songs in the competition, if not the most beautiful! Such a charming number with an awesome singer who can really hold a tune. Sweden was very brave sending this over their normal main-stream pop tracks. Lova deserves to do well 1st December but I don't think she will. I give her a 8/10....

3. Azerbaijan!
This year see's the first Azeri entry in Junior ESC and they have started with a very cool number. I like the song 
however I do feel that there is something important missing. But they are breaking the rules - they sing in 100% English 
and the rules for JESC is that they sing in the national lingo and they don't.... I give it 6/10.

4. Belgium!
I'm afraid that Belgium will be sending one of the worst songs to the contest this year. Such a boring song - 
OMG! Belgium's usually choose well for JESC but this is an exception. I think he isn't a bad singer but does need some
improvement. Oh well - next year Belgium... 4/10.

5. Russia!
One of  my favourite songs in the completion this year! Such a great singer - and she represented Moldova last year with 
an even better song! This girl has something special and I would really love to see her go to the real Eurovision some
day. I believe this is the hot favourite to win and that's no surprise! 9/10...

6. Israel!
They make their debut to the contest this year and they do that with an awesome song! is the group who will
represent their country in Amsterdam this year. I think its a contender to win if they pull this off live and I really think
that they will put their mark on the competition this year. 9/10 is my ranking...

7. Albania!
Another country who will debut to the JESC is Albania! And they do that on a very bad song and singer. Such
a horrible song and she should not be singing, not yet anyway. Such a cheap song and I think it will do very badly and
jeez it deserves to! I will only give this 2/10...

8. Armenia!
A very strange entry from the Armenians this year! It's not great however there is some charm - I like music but their voices
are awful! Armenia have had some very good entries in Junior Eurovision however I am afraid that this is not one of them.
They can do much better and I think this could even come in last... 3/10

9. Ukraine!
My personal favourite! Such a fantastic voice for a little girl and the song has power - she has passion! The title
is Nebo - yep, the same title as Croatia in ESC :D. Because they have a good draw I really think this will do well, possibly
even make the top 3! Well done Ukraine... 10/10

10. Georgia!
The Georgians always seem to go for these kind of entries in JESC - and it's no surprise as they do so well with them. Georgia
has even won the contest twice  in 2008 and 2011! Will they win again this year? Who knows - this is a song which many will like
but I don't like it - I find it so annoying! HAHA 6/10

11. Moldova!
Another horrible song! Boring melody, average vocals - it just has nothing to offer. Moldova has been great in JESC however
2012 won't be a highlight for the country. And after that crazy song from Georgia - this will get lost, and thank god! I
rate it at 3/10.

12. The Netherlands!
The host country here! I find this very annoying and old fashioned but I know this will do very well. They have a great draw, their 
hosting the contest and I can see that it will appeal to many people! Still, it could be worse, Albania/Belgium won't closing the show. 
I would say 7/10...

That's what I think, how about you?

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