Monday 31 December 2012


2012 has been an amazing year for ESC!

There was lots of speculation that the contest would be held elsewhere as Baku does pose lot's of danger however the EBU decided to take the decision to hold the contest in Baku, and Azerbaijan were amazing hosts! Loreen won Sweden it's 5th victory and Euphoria has entered charts all across the globe! Unfortunately Poland and Armenia decided to withdraw (but Armenia returned this year).

42 countries were represented in Baku! My personal favourites were Spain, Sweden, Italy, UK, Azerbaijan, Finland, Albania, Estonia, Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Croatia... there were SO MANY! 2012 was truly an amazing year! I have also had a great year personally and have started singing, stay tuned! Here are a few of the greatest moments... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! <3

And to finish off.... <3

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