Friday 28 December 2012

Switzerland: Lys Assia starts Twitter!

Who would've thought it? Lys Assia now has Twitter!

The 88 year old started Tweeting today! What a woman, HAHA, - who else at 88 years of age Tweets? How old is the Pope again? She said some exiting news will be revealed very soon, maybe on New Years Day! I wonder what that could be... I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I did but I have a really sore throat.

Fans have been asking her questions, mainly regarding ESC... Take a look here! I have a feeling her "big news" will be something to do with ESC and San Mario - we will see!

I will not post All In Your Head as it does her no favours! So enjoy her attempt from last year... <3

I love you Lys Assia!

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