Thursday 14 February 2013

Germany: Cascada to Malmo!

Now it's official (thankfully)... Cascada will represent Germany in Malmo with Glorious! I can finally breath a sigh of relief as all the German radio stations wanted LaBrassBanda for some bizarre reason!

I don't know what to say... The show was full of ups and downs, voting wise! There was a small hitch in Natalie's (Cascada's front woman) performance as she messed up the lyrics at the start - but did that stop the Germans voting? Thankfully not! The stage looked amazing and I think this concept will now continue, it proved very successful indeed!

I didn't really understand the voting because all of the radio stations were giving their 12 points to LaBrassBanda but then a Patricia Kaas lookalike awarded the LaBrassBanda only 1 point and the audience cheered like crazy! Are you pleased with the result? I am shocked Betty Dittrich came 8th, how sad, and Saint Lu came 4th!

Remember Austria is selecting their entrant tomorrow night so we can do it all again and maybe I will do a live stream! For me, this was one of the best national finals EVER! Enjoy Glorious... <3

Danke Europe!

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