Monday 25 February 2013

Germany: Expert's opinion says "Glorious" is not plagiarism!

At last we can put this debate to bed - I'm fed up of everyone saying it's a copy when it's clearly not! NRD, the German broadcaster, called in plagiarism expect Matthias Pogoda to see weather Glorious really is a copy of Loreen's Euphoria!

She concluded that both songs are similar but there is no plagiarism here - thank god! After Cascada won the German national final, a couple of weeks ago, a German newspaper stated that the song was a clear copy of last years Swedish winner! I think it's a good idea NRD decided to get an expert opinion - now all this controversy can hopefully be put to bed! Pogodoa confirmed...

"Glorious’ and ‘Euphoria’ are merely similar in style and there are no copyright concerns"

Enjoy the acoustic version...

Source -NRD

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