Wednesday 13 February 2013

Germany: Running order announced!

Unser Star Fur Malmo will be held tomorrow and a photograph of the stage as been released by the German brodcaster! It looks amazing, it's going to be an amazing event!

The running order was revealed a few hours ago and it looks like NRD are favoring Cascada the win, will they? I don't think so, unfortuatly, take a look why here! I am rooting for Betty Dittrich now, I adore her song and it would be perfect for Malmo however I wouldn't be too disappointed if Cascada wins either... Here is the complete running order:

1. Die Priester ft. Mojca Erdmann
2. Finn Martin
3. Mobilée
4. Blitzkids mvt.
5. Betty Dittrich
6. Ben Ivory
7. Saint Lu
8. LaBrassBanda
9. Nica & Joe
10. Mia Diekow
11. Söhne Mannheims
12. Cascada

Anke Engelke will host the contest, she did a great job in Dusseldorf! Loreen and Lena will perform and the show will only last 2 hours! My winner... <3

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