Wednesday 13 February 2013

Malmo 2013: Here is the first sketch of the stage!

SVT has released a rough sketch of this years Eurovision stage! There is going to be a large catwalk and a circular main performance area!
This looks very similar to the Oslo stage and the Dusseldorf stage - not that it's a bad thing but it seems like the Swedes are copying their design, from this blueprint anyway! The catwalk is supposed to bring the audience and artists closer together - achieving a more intimate feel to the show! The Swedish broadcaster is planning a spectacular show for Europe and indeed the world!

Martin Österdahl, the executive producer stated...
The fans make the party. They are a big part of the show and will take the floor this time. To maximize the experience, and for them to get closer to the stage, we removed the seats!
I can't wait to see the stage for real now! What do you think of it? Here it is...

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