Saturday 16 February 2013

Latvia: "Dziesma" concludes tonight!

Latvia will select their entry tonight... After two semi finals last week - 12 songs qualified for tonight's grand finale! The show is going to be a long one, I can promise you that, remember last year? It lasted like four hours!

I would choose Samanta Tina, yes I'm predictable, but her song is so good! I also wouldn't be too upset with PeR or Niko! Because the Latvian broadcaster allowed international songwriters this year and the quality has been so much better. I would like to wish Michael James Down the best of luck tonight, he has two songs in the selection - I Need  A Hero and One. 

Here is the line-up:

  • Ieva Sutugova - Cold Heart
  • Dāvids Kalandija & Dināra - Fool In Love
  • PeR - Here We Go
  • Marta Ritova - I Am Who I Am
  • Niko - One
  • Pieneņu Vīns - The One
  • Sabīne Berezina - Upside Down
  • Antra Stafecka - When You Are With Me
  • PeR - Sad Trumpet
  • Liene Candy - Higher And Higher
  • Samanta Tīna - I Need A Hero
  • Headline - Love...

Italy will also reveal their representative tonight though Sanremo but that won't happen until about midnight so I can give my full attention to Latvia! My winner... <3 VOTE FOR SAMANTA TINA!

A quick recap here...

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