Tuesday 19 February 2013

Malmo 2013: Postcards to be shot all over Europe!

The Swedish broadcaster, SVT, has decided to film the postcards in each and every country participating! This is a wonderful idea - normally the postcards are very "touristy" but this year they will include artists in their home country introducing themselves to the viewers!

The reason behind it is so viewers can see "their" artists portrayed in their own country, according to Sven Stojanovic! It's so viewers feel they know, or at least have a better idea, of who the artist is performing before they take to the stage! The Creative Director and co-producer, Mr Stojanovic, off Eurovision 2013 also stated...
"We will welcome all countries viewers and make them feel involved with the programs. In a way, we extend a hand to Europe – where viewers get to see “their” artist portrayed in their own country. We want the programs to constantly move back and forth, from Malmö to Europe, and back to Malmö"
Filming is completed in Iceland and the production team will soon be moving on to Italy and France! I hope this concept will continue, it will be more interesting than seeing the same thing over and over again like in previous editions. Each country will get their own "butterfly" which will come alive during the show! Great work Sweden! This is what postcards are normally like...

Photograph from escXtra! 

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