Saturday 2 February 2013

Norway: All finalists known!

The last Norwegian semi final has just ended and we know the full line-up for the final...

Watch the Icelandic final here or the Maltese selection here. Adelen isn't bad but overall Norway is very weak this year, I will check the qualifiers later but they wasn't up to much in studio Here is the full lineup for next weeks grand final (in bold the qualifiers fro tonight!):
  • Gromth and Emil Solli-Tangen - Alone
  • Datarock - The Underground
  • Vidar Busk - Paid My Way
  • Margaret Berger - Feed You My Love
  • Fjellfolk - Ulvetuva
  • Annsofi - I'm With You
  • Adelén - Bombo
  • Sirkus Eliassen - I Love You Te Quiero
  • Gaute Ormåsen - Awake
Stay Tuned for news from Hungary, Iceland, Sweden and eventually Malta! 


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