Saturday 9 February 2013

Norway: MGP climaxes tonight!

After three semi finals, the Norwegians will finally select their entry tonight! It's not been the strongest of selections but there are a few songs I like...

My favourites are Adelén and Margaret Berger! These are both great for different reasons - I would be happy with either of these winning. Bombo is going to be interesting tonight as Adelén doesn't have the best voice, but I don't care! I Feed You My Love rocks - she reminds me of Evanescence and I like the electro elements! If I had to make a prediction... Margaret Breger will win.

I really hope those stupid bunnies singing I Love You Te Quiro won't win... It's Do The Monkey all over again *shivers*! Who will win? The show start 19:55 (local time), will you be watching? Here is the full line-up:
  1. Vidar Busk Paid My Way
  2. Fjellfolk – Ulvetuva
  3. Adelén – Bombo
  4. Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen – Alone
  5. Gaute Ormåsen – Awake
  6. Lucky Lips – Sweet and Heavy
  7. Datarock – Underground
  8. Annsofi – I’m With You
  9. Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love
  10. Sirkus Eliassen – I Love You Te Quiero
Enjoy the best Norway has to offer...

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