Saturday 23 February 2013

Romania: Natalia Barbu didn't qualify!

Romania kicked of their selection tonight - it was a great show and I'm mostly pleased with the results but... Natalia Barbu didn't make it! WTF?!

I loved that song! I know she looked nervous tonight (and sounded it) but she did a great job - that song was perfect for ESC! But Electric Fence advance so all is not lost, they are my favourites now! Luminița Anghel gave a faultless vocal performance and I wouldn't be surprised if she won now - but they need to make the performance stand out, it was pretty bland!

Tomorrow is the second semi final, where 16 acts will battle for four places in the final! For now, check out tonight's qualifiers...

  • Casa Presei – Un refren
  • FreeStay – Criminal mind
  • Luminița Anghel – Unique
  • Cezar – It’s my life
  • Electric Fence – Emilia!
  • Tudor Turcu – Hello

Oh, why do they need FOUR presenters? It makes no senses  The grand final is due for 9th March. I loved her, shame she didn't make it... *SIGHS*


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