Monday, 4 March 2013

Israel: Final line-up complete, Judah Gavra joins them!

Israel will select it's entry in a few days time - and now we have our ten finalist! Judah Gavra quaffed from the second chance round last night, and deservedly so...

The quality is very high! Many great songs indeed. My favourite is Kathleen Reiter! Her song is so beautiful, it would really make an amazing Israeli representation in Malmo. I think she has a chance, she has been drawn to perform last on Thursday, is this a sign? One can hope!

Judah Gavra is proving to be a favourite around Europe - I wonder why... I think he could win, he's drawn first so that won't help but who knows? I've hardly predicted any winners this season! Here is the running order for Thursdays final...
  1. Judah Gavra – Hayom
  2. Moran Mazuz – Give me a sign
  3. Ron Weinreich – Love is one
  4. Shani Zamir – Forever
  5. Hila Ben David – Beautiful
  6. Ran Sandler – Find a way
  7. Meital de Razon & Asi Tal – Toda la noche
  8. Moran Mazor – Rak bishvilo
  9. Vladi Blayberg – We are free
  10. Kathleen Reiter – Ad elay...
The final is due 8th March. My favourite, enjoy... <3

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