Tuesday 26 March 2013

Montenegro: "Igranka" proving more popular than expected!

The Montenegrin music-video has already had 740,000 views on YouTube - that's extraordinary! It comes as a shock because I didn't think this would be received well among fans. It's storming ahead of all other participants this year, take a look here - almost doubling Austria, which is the second most watched video-clip this year.

Igranka has also been nominated for a MTV award, and to vote for it just click here! It's one of my favourites, I especially love the chorus  Well done "Who See?" - I'm sorry for doubting you! I am thinking they can make the final, why? People will vote for it, and the duo and Nina have both promised a surprising performance in Malmo! They promised it will not disappoint! Could we be heading to Podgorica in 2014?

Na-na-na-na igranku...

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