Friday 20 September 2013

The Netherlands: Anouk backs Shirma Rouse!

It's been reported that Anouk has been asked to write the Dutch entry for next year, and she's apparently planning on producing a song for Shirma Rouse and Eurovision. Shirma was one of Anouk's backing vocalists in Malmo and is currently a contestant on The Voice of Holland.

Hopefully Anouk will get her wish and Shirma will fly the Dutch flag in 2014 as she is utterly amazing. This is what Anouk had to say:
“She is fantastic. It is not normal to be so good. She has a very good presence, she’s really a sweetheart and very likeable."
If this does happen, the song is possibly going to be R&B... something like that would be awesome. But with Anouk anything is possible!!! ^^

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