Friday 13 September 2013

The Netherlands: Anouk releases a controversial new song!

Anouk is fantastic. Her new song is fantastic although it has hit headlines over in The Netherlands for being quite controversial - it's entitled "Wigger". Some Dutch columnists are very annoyed with her choice of words in this song. 

A wigger is "white person who is inspired by black culture" and it doesn't take a genius to work out what it rhymes with. It may not be politically correct but Anouk has defended it on her Facebook page. Anouk has four children and three of them have "brown sugar skin" - she was married to Remon Stotijn for nine years, a Dutch singer born in Suriname - although they have divorced now. Anouk's proud to be a wigger and hence she's wrote a song about it! Whether you like Anouk or not, you have to admire her. 

She's uploaded a lyric video to her YouTube account and it's clocked over 70,000 hits in just three days. Enjoy it here....

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